• 10th January - Bernice Thomas meets her long-lost sister, Nicola. (First appearance of the character)
  • 4th February - Bob Hope proposes to Viv Windsor.
  • 5th February - Bob Hope and Viv Windsor marry.
  • 21st February - Sean Reynolds' father Len arrives in the village following the death of Sean's mother Eileen. (First appearance of the character)
  • 19th March - Jack Sugden's trial begins.
  • 23rd March - Jack Sugden is found not guilty for the murder of his wife Sarah a few months earlier.
  • 18th April - Bernice and Ashley Thomas are told that they have lost their baby.
  • 31st May - Robert Sugden leaves the village to go to Spain.
  • 14th June - Diane Blackstock walks in on her daughter Bernice and Carlos Diaz in bed together.
  • 9th July - Jason Kirk finds Latisha Daggert in labor on the side of the road. Latisha manages to give birth to a son. She names the baby after Jason. (First appearance of Kirk and Latisha Daggert)
  • 16th July - Zak Dingle is diagnosed with testicular cancer.
  • 18th July - First appearance of Katie Addyman.
  • 26th July - Cain Dingle pushes Len Reynolds down a flight of stairs.
  • 6th August - Jack Sugden gets a call from Spain, explaining his son Robert has disappeared.
  • 7th August - Robert Sugden returns to the village after two months away.
  • 4th SeptemberChris Tate proposes to Charity Dingle.
  • 10th September - As part of Emmerdale's 3000th episode, Marc Reynolds, his sister Ollie, Eve Birch, Donna Windsor, Andy Sugden, his adoptive brother Robert and girlfriend Katie Addyman went on a night out in Hotten. While driving back to the village Marc ran over their headmistress Jean Strickland, who was killed instantly.
  • 24th September - Jean Strickland's funeral takes place.
  • 4th October - Nicola Blackstock jilts her fiancee Carlos Diaz at the altar when his affair with Nicola's sister Bernice is revealed.
  • 29th October - The teens of Emmerdale are followed around by an unknown individual. When Eve Birch is grabbed by the person, the teens chase the figure and are shocked to discover it is Sam Dingle.
  • 30th October - The teens question Sam Dingle why he has been following them. Sam explains that he has been living rough in the woods in a bid to escape from his brother Cain. He reveals that he has found it lonely and has been listening in on their conversations but assures them that he won't say a word to anyone about their secret.
  • 5th November - Marc Reynolds confesses to the police that he was responsible for causing Miss Strickland's death. Later, Eve Jenson confesses her involvement of the accident.
  • 6th November - Andy Sugden, Andy's adoptive brother Robert, Andy's girlfriend Katie Addyman, Ollie Reynolds and Donna Windsor all confess their involvement of the hit and run accident. Marc is charged with death by dangerous driving.
  • 16th November - Mandy Dingle returns to the village in an attempt to win back her ex-husband Paddy Kirk.
  • 26th November - Mandy Dingle accepts defeat after realising how happy her ex-husband Paddy Kirk is with his partner Emily and leaves the village.
  • 27th November - Chris Tate and Charity Dingle marry.
  • 28th NovemberKathy Glover brings her niece Alice back to the village.
  • 4th December - Marc Reynolds stows away on the back of a Tate Haulage truck in the hope of running away to the continent.
  • 20th December - Kathy Glover leaves the village after 16 years to live in Australia with her niece Alice and her mother Elsa (Last appearance of the character until 2005).
  • 25th December - Bernice Thomas gives birth to a baby girl, Gabby.
  • 28th December - Carlos Diaz leaves the village following the news that Ashley Thomas is the father of Gabby.

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