Emmerdale historyEdit

  • 1992 - In the show's first five-hander, Lorraine Nelson reveals the truth about her father to her mother.
  • 2003 - Robert Sugden confesses to Elaine Marsden he was driving the car when it was crashed after Elaine spots a bruise on Robert's chest.
  • 2010 - Ryan Lamb is found guilty for the murder of his father Mark. Meanwhile, Nathan Wylde's kidnap comes to a head when his sister Maisie arrives and, full of hate and rage, confronts Nathan, threatening him with a piece of wood, forcing him to reveal that it was their mother Natasha, who arrives to the barn and confirms it. Natasha is then arrested.
  • 2014 - Ruby Haswell proposes to Ali Spencer.

Real worldEdit


Episodes were broadcast on 27th October on the following years:

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