Tenant House (also known as Tenant's Cottage and Annie's Cottage) is a house located in Church Lane. It is currently home to Megan and Eliza Macey and Megan's ex-partner Frank Clayton is a former resident, due to their breakup, which was caused by the malice of Charity Dingle and Megan Macey.

In 2007, Victoria Sugden caused an fire which gutted the house. Greg Doland, with the help of his son Jake rebuilt the house and moved in with his wife Melanie Doland and baby son Arthur. Faye and Ryan Lamb moved in in mid 2009 but they had both moved out less than two years later.

In 2012, Jai Sharma bought the house for Rachel Breckle, who was pregnant with their son Archie at the time. Rachel's ex-boyfriend Sam Dingle and his son Samson currently live in Tenant's Cottage after Rachel and Archie moved to Liverpool. Jai's ex-wife Megan Macey lives in the house with their young daughter Eliza.