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Belle Lisa Dingle
Occupation Student
Born 25 December 1998
Residence Wishing Well Cottage
Father Zak Dingle
Mother Lisa Dingle
Sibling(s) Nathan Dingle (paternal half-brother)
Ben Dingle (paternal half-brother)
Butch Dingle (paternal half-brother)
Sam Dingle (paternal half-brother)
Cain Dingle (paternal half-brother)
Tina Dingle (paternal half-sister)
First appearance 25th December 1998
Last appearance 10th June 2014
Duration 1998-2014
Played by Emily Mather (1998-2005)
James Mather (1998-2000)
Eden Taylor-Draper (2005-2014)

Tinkerbelle Lisa "Belle" Dingle is the only child of Zak and Lisa Dingle as well as Zak's youngest child. As a baby, she was played by James and Emily Mather until the former left the role. The latter was also replaced by Eden Taylor-Draper in 2005 and has been played by her until June 2014.

Her main plotlines have included relationships with Will Wylde, Sean Spencer, Luke Salter, and Thomas King. There was also the storyline where she fell down the mineshaft with Daz Eden, the fact that she was a "gifted" child, and the time she almost suffered brain damage from drinking contaminated vodka. Her biggest storyline came at the start of 2014 when she got into an argument with her best friend, Gemma Andrews. She pushed Gemma, who hit her head and subsequently died. Consumed by guilt, Belle eventually handed herself in and was charged with murder.

Eden left the soap after the trial storyline, however ITV have said nothing about the future of Belle, or when she will return.


1998 -2012Edit

Belle was born on Christmas Day 1998 to Lisa and Zak Dingle. Lisa did not know she was pregnant and Paddy delivered Belle in the pig sty.

On Christmas Day 2005, Belle was left home with Shadrach who fell asleep. Daz then arrived and Belle annoyed him by constantly talking to him. After accidentally letting Daz's pet ferret out, she ran away from Daz who, previously, had said he would "kill her" if she touched his ferret. She fell down a mineshaft whilst running. Daz followed her in a rescue attempt, but they ended up both getting trapped there. Daz managed to keep Belle's head above water, as she had fallen unconscious, until they were found and rescued, much to Lisa's joy.

She was later excited when Alice gave birth to Samson and inadvertently named him by calling him "Sam's son." She was also ring bearer at Marlon's wedding to Donna.

Belle briefly moved in with Marlon before Alice died. She refused to have a bath so Toni Daggert challenged her to a duck race. Belle's duck won, meaning she didn't have to have a bath, but she soon found out about Alice's death when Zak told her.

Belle began skipping school and convinced Shadrach to cover for her. When Belle's teacher visited and complained about Belle's efforts, Shadrach claimed to be her father. Belle, Zak, and Lisa eventually went to a meeting at Belle's school where Belle complained about being bored but promised to try harder. Zak and Lisa had to attend another meeting when her teachers claimed she had disabled the "nanny guard" on the computer network. Belle said she hadn't realised, but they didn't believe her and she was suspended.

Zak tried to home school her, to no avail. Zak ended up inadvertendly teaching Belle to steal. Zak and Lisa then got Jasmine to teach Belle and she taught her Japanese.

The Home Education Inspector visited Belle and suggested she see an educational psychologist. Zak refused, but accepted when Belle began to have nightmares about Tom King's death, which she had witnessed. Jasmine took her to Home Farm to talk to Pearl. Later, Jasmine discovered that Belle had disappeared. When the psychologist came, Lisa had to convince Belle to sit down and she was pleased with the "easy" questions she received. Belle's test results then showed she was amongst the smartest 2% of children her age. The Inspector suggested she go to private school, but Lisa refused.

Zak and Lisa took Belle to sit her public school entrance exam. Belle liked the school, but admitted the exam hadn't gone well, so Zak took her for ice cream. Belle ended up getting 98% on the exam, enough for a place but not a full scholarship. The fees were £2,000, which they couldn't afford. Lisa didn't want her to go, but Zak did. However, Rosemary offered to pay the fees when she took a liking to Belle but Lisa refused. When Samson got meningitis, everybody ignored Belle's complaints that she wasn't feeling well but eventually got a doctor to check on her. Belle ended up having a bad case of the flu and Rosemary got her flowers and chocolates. Lisa then accepted Rosemary's offer to pay the fees.

On Belle's first day, she was assigned Ayesha as a "welcome buddy." They bonded immediately and Ayesha got Belle to tell the class about Shadrach, which the teacher disapproved of. Upon Belle's arrival home, she gave Lisa a note about a school trip to Germany. When Lisa refused, Belle guilted Rosemary into giving her a cheque, but Zak returned it. After an argument between Zak, Lisa, and Rosemary, Rosemary agreed to only pay the fees for Belle.

When Belle attended a spa day with her friends, Lisa offered Belle to throw a party for them. Belle admitted to Rosemary that she was embarassed about where she lived. Belle then threw a party at Mill Cottage instead. Rosemary told Belle she needed Zak and Lisa's permission, so Belle got Shadrach to pretend to be Zak on the phone. Belle then introduced Rosemary as her aunt. Lisa found out when she phoned Ayesha's mother to organise and sleepover and told Belle off. She later heard Lisa and Zak discussing removing her from private school.

When Zak ended his friendship with Rosemary, he told her to stay away from Belle. Lisa and Zak discovered that Belle could not receive a free place at the school and told Belle that Rosemary could no longer afford the fees. Zak tried recreational ways to earn the money but failed. Debbie lent them the money instead, allowing them to send Belle back to school.

Belle was the only person (par Grayson) to express genuine sorrow upon Rosemary's death.

They refused to borrow any more money from Debbie and began to sell stolen manure. Matthew took the money when he found out but Belle covered his car in manure. Zak made her apologise.

Belle found out that Zak had been fired but conceded that she didn't care, as Dingles weren't supposed to be "posh".

In November 2008, she auditioned for the choir but was slammed by Nicola De Souza, causing Ashley and Laurel Thomas to tell her that she was too young.

Later that month, she decided to try to see what it was like to be blind. That phase didn't last long.

In December 2008, she and her uncle Shadrach stole Christmas presents from under the Woolpack Christmas tree but eventually got found out.

In February 2009, she developed a friendship with Will Wylde, who had just moved to Home Farm with his family.

In April 2009, Zak leaves and does not come home for Easter as he was supposed to, which makes Belle upset and so she calls a Dingle Court in which Zak gets ex-communicated from the family. Zak returns a couple of days later after a bender and carrying an enormous brand new TV.

As Belle and Will's Friendship develops they grow closer and Belle comforts Will when he finds out the shocking news about his fathers' death.

Maisie Wylde and Nikhil Sharma announce that they are engaged and this news affects Will, when Belle comforts him he snaps at her. Belle is left devastated. Maisie later tells Nikhill that she is calling off the engagemet and is leaving the Village, with Will.

Will immediately goes to say goodbye to Belle, he gives her his Nintendo DS and they part good friends, Belle gives Will a goodbye kiss on the cheek and when he walks away she is left crying. Belle talks to her mum and Lisa encourages her to see him off. Belle rushes up to the taxi just as Maisie and Will are leaving, she shouts that she loves him and Will shouts that he loves her too, Belle is happy that he loves her and decides to let him leave.

In 2011, Belle overhears Amy Wyatt and Victoria Sugden talking about holding a party, and sees them stashing alcohol in the barn. She hides the drinks, and blackmails them to let her come along, but drinks too much cider, and throws up all over the floor, causing an angry Lisa to have to come and collect her.

Belle forms a friendship with Amy, and when Amy collapses, Belle rushes to get help, but is stopped by Amy, who tells her she is pregnant, but doesn't want anyone else to know. So Belle goes to the hospital with Amy, pretending to be her sister when the nurses are around, and skips classes to go and see Amy. However, the school phone Lisa to tell her that Belle never turned up at school, and when confronted, Belle tells Zak and Lisa she was with Amy, but doesn't say anything about being at the hospital. Later, Belle goes to see Amy, who has been discharged, but Amy grabs Belle and threatens her to stay away from Amy. Later on Amy has the baby and calls it Kyle, Belle is so excited to be an auntie and she buys a scrap book with pictures of him in it.

Belle forms a friendship with Sean a teenage troublemaker who recently arrived in the village. On her 13th birthday Belle and Sean kiss and the following day she gives him an Christmas present of an silver car key ring and says it reminds her of when he took her to the hospital to see baby Kyle. The following day Belle makes an excuse to go to the toilet at the woolpack but actually goes outside to see Sean when Zak comes to find her he sees Sean and Belle leaning in about to kiss and threatens him not to go near his daughter again which embarrasses Belle. Belle gives Zak the silent treatment and tells him to leave her alone. Eventually he sits her down and asks her if she likes Sean and Belle says yes then Zak goes on about how it isn't safe for her to be having a boyfriend at her age. But Belle turns round and lashes out at Zak and goes to her room. Later, Sean and Belle meet at the barn and go to the lake. Sean and Belle are later found by Debbie leaving Belle embarrassed.

2013 - 2014

At a New Year's Eve party Belle meets Luke salter an older boy. After discovering Luke had previously dated Gemma Andrews she leaves the party. A few days later Luke goes to Belle's house to meet her. He tells her he lied about being 18 and is really 15 which makes Belle feel better about him, they decide to keep their relationship quiet and they share their first kiss together. The pair continue to meet up behind Gemma's back until she sees them at the bus stop together where Gemma warns Belle how Luke is trouble. However they still keep sneaking around so Zak and Lisa don't find out she has a boyfriend as they would disapprove. Whilst Belle and Lisa are home alone Luke turns up out of the blue forcing Lisa into inviting him round for tea. When Luke comes round for tea he insists him and Belle go upstairs to work so they can be alone, however Zak sees through his lies and forces them both to do the washing up to keep them downstairs. As the pair leave for the bus stop Luke accuses Belle of being a tease. Luke explains he just wants time alone with here this is when Belle tells him that she will have a free house tomorrow if they skip school. The next day they are round Belle's house and Belle admits she hasn't had sex before but she soon sees the disappointment in his face and explains she does want to though - with him. They begin to kiss again before Lisa runs into the house dragging Luke out and telling him to get out. Belle argues with Lisa over Luke and tries to go after him but is soon stopped from leaving. The next day Sam takes Belle to school via Lisa's orders so she doesn't see Luke. When Belle gets to school she tells Gemma what's happened and then receives a text from Luke which ends her relationship with Luke as she realises he was only after one thing from her.

She later fell for Sean's best friend Thomas Kingmaking Sean jealous. Sean sent her a Valentine's Day card and although she originally thought it was from Thomas, once she found out it was from Sean, he lied and told her it wasn't, insulting her. Gemma gave Belle a makeover to impress Thomas after Sean laughed at her thinking he liked her. Thomas seemed to develop feelings for her. After she lied to her parents, they begin to punish her, especially after finding inappropriate pictures of her on her phone and evidence that Thomas took them. Belle then begins to change her behaviour so that she will get her phone and trust back. Zak decides to trust her again, angering Lisa. Later, however, she seems to have regained Lisa's trust in her. The flirting between her and Thomas grows as Sean becomes determined to gain Belle's affections again, even confessing to Sandy his hurt over her feelings for Thomas. As Sean stole a bottle of alcohol to impress her, he witnessed a kiss between her and Thomas, making him so angry he smashed the bottle and ignored Gemma. Thomas expresses his fear of her father to Belle and how he's worried what his reaction to him will be. Later, Marlon asks Thomas and Belle if they're together now to which they both reply defensively. Marlon upsets Thomas by saying he's like his dad which gets a bad reaction. Thomas runs home and Belle shouts at Marlon, later showing up on Thomas's door and making him feel better about his dad. They later come across Marlon again where Thomas apologises for overreacting. He also says that he and Belle are together now in answer to his question. After he asks Belle if it was okay for him to say that, she accepts his offer and they kiss. Thomas is thus seen constantly with his arm around her but she's shocked when he acts dismissive in front of her father. Belle is later happy when Sam announces he's moving in with Rachel Breckle.

Belle's new relationship with Thomas means she's beginning to abandon Gemma. Sean's jealousy over Belle and Thomas's relationship leaves him heartbroken, as Thomas begins to ignore him and Belle makes up excuses to avoid him. After a fight with Belle, Gemma sends Sean a suggestive picture of Belle which she had taken earlier in an attempt to get Thomas to notice her. Sean defends Belle and asks her if Thomas is making her do stuff so in a fit of rage she angrily announces she never fancied him. Upset, he puts the picture online. Belle finds out after Thomas, who saw the picture, angrily attacks Sean in defense of Belle. Upset, she cries to Zak before announcing she doesn't care what her parents do to her as her life is over, and she begins to ignore Thomas's calls.

Sean later shows up to apologise to Belle and she forgives him, announcing she's only mad at Gemma and not him. Sean tells her that Thomas is running away as Jimmy and Nicola  King are planning to send him away first. Belle finds Thomas, about to run away in Dan Spencer's van, and begs him to take her with him. When Paddy Kirk sees them, Thomas takes her and they drive off. Paddy announces that he saw Thomas "kidnap" Belle. Worried, Belle calls her mother the next day. Lisa tells her that Dan's van is where Thomas's father Carl King tried to rape Chas. Horrified, Belle tells Thomas who tells her to go to sleep and then returns her to the village. Belle defends him from Zak and Lisa and when he leaves, Lisa declares she has abandoned Belle, upsetting Zak who still loves her. Eventually, Lisa begins talking to Belle again. Belle once again grows closer to Sean as they comfort each other over Thomas's departure. After Sean's accident, Belle's constantly asking how he is. Sean later awkwardly asks Belle out, and she says yes. Belle and Sean make plans to sleep together, but Dom Andrews interrupts them, claiming that Sean got Gemma pregnant. Sean's devastated when Belle abandons him. A heartbroken Belle seeks advice from Debbie who tells Belle she needs to get revenge. Belle then tells everyone at school that Gemma had an abortion, leading to Gemma attacking Belle and the two of them fighting. Belle is then suspended, however, Dom tells Zak and Lisa that he will stop at nothing to see Belle expelled. Belle continues to seek advice from Debbie, at one point mildly threatening to harm Gemma, which Dom hears. In a meeting with her headmaster, Belle refuses to apologise to Gemma and, when told to think about it outside, she runs away. After hearing Zak threatening to give her a beating, she finds some of Debbie's leftover alcohol and tries to drink her troubles away. She comes across Sean who confronts her about hurting Gemma and calls her pathetic. She then runs into Debbie, drunk, who tells her to go home and sober up. However, when Debbie and Sarah arrive home they find Belle unconscious. Sarah fetches Cameron Murray to help and Debbie and Cameron take Belle to hospital. Debbie phones Zak and Lisa and they arrive with Sam and Marlon. They discover that Belle is in critical condition because the alcohol she drank was contaminated. Debbie confesses it may have been hers, leading to the others isolating her from the family. After hearing about Belle, Sean rushes to see her but Zak and Lisa push him out. As this is happening, Belle wakes up. Despite warnings that she may suffer long term effects, the doctors say she's going to be okay and was very lucky. Belle apologises to her mother, but Lisa says she let Belle down and apologises, too.

Lisa and Charity take Belle home eventually where Zak and Cain were waiting for her. Debbie then showed up with a present for Belle and even though Belle was glad to see her, Lisa sent Belle upstairs whilst the others told Debbie to stay away from her. Later, after a talk with Charity, Belle hugged Lisa and apologised again. Belle and Lisa then left on a short camping trip as Sean kept sending flowers to Belle and Zak thought she deserved some time away.

When Lisa and Belle returned, Belle meets with the headteacher to talk about her future at school. She runs into Sean and flirts with him. Belle later confesses to Lisa and Zak that she wants to be a doctor and they arrange for her to get work experience at the veterinary clinic. She's distraught when Gennie dies, and stays at home with Samson. Gemma tries to apologise to Belle with festival tickets, admitting her jealousy, but she refuses her. However, Belle later finds Gemma and apologises. They resume their friendship.

After discovering that Amy was in contact with Kyle, Belle encourages her to take a picture of him to "hold onto," insisting that she wouldn't be able to say no. Zak and Lisa told Belle that Amy hadn't revealed her real identity to Joanie Wright putting her chances of seeing Kyle in danger. Belle was furious and angrily confronted Amy.

In March 2014,Belle commits the accidental murder of Gemma Andrews.Belle and Gemma were arguing,which led to Belle pushing Gemma over and making Gemma hit her head on a rock,Gemma later died in hospital.


For her portayal of Belle, Taylor-Draper was awarded the 'Spectacular Scene of the Year' award at the 2006 British Soap Awards along with co-star Luke Tittensor for the storyline where Belle and Daz fall down a mineshaft. The following year, she won the title of 'Best Young Actor' at the Inside Soap Awards on 24 September 2007.

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