Cameron McAllister is a British television writer and producer, best known for producing television series such as Daylight Robbery, Jericho and ITV science-fiction drama Primeval.

He has also written for Hollyoaks, Mile High, Spooks: Code 9, Holby City, Emmerdale and in 2009 co-wrote an episode of New Tricks. Since 2009, Cameron has worked as a core writer on Emmerdale, penning 106 episodes.

Episodes Written by Cameron McAllisterEdit


2009 (4 episodes)Edit


2010 (15 episodes) Edit

2011 (15 episodes) Edit

2012 (15 episodes) Edit

2013 (14 episodes)Edit

2014 (10 episodes)Edit

2015 (15 episodes)Edit

2016 (12 episodes)Edit

2017 (6 episodes)Edit

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