Caroline Mitchell has been a member of the Emmerdale writing team since 2004, penning 144 episodes. After studying the Northern Film School's MA in screenwriting, Caroline worked briefly in the story office at Coronation Street before working as a full-time storyliner at Emmerdale for 18 months. She moved on to the Emmerdale writing team in 2004 and has now completed around 100 episodes. She also writes for the stage and has a number of original drama projects in development. Before she started writing, Caroline's jobs included a stint as a ministerial assistant and various roles in the music industry.

Caroline is the sister of Kitty McGeever, who played Lizzie Lakely in Emmerdale between 2009 and 2013.

Episodes Written by Caroline MitchellEdit


2004 (9 episodes) Edit

2005 (18 episodes) Edit

2006 (16 episodes) Edit

2007 (15 episodes) Edit

2008 (6 episodes) Edit

2009 (6 episodes) Edit


2010 (8 episodes) Edit

2011 (11 episodes) Edit

2012 (13 episodes) Edit

2013 (11 episodes)Edit

2014 (10 episodes)Edit

2015 (6 episodes)Edit

2016 (7 episodes)Edit

2017 (8 episodes)Edit

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