Danielle Hutch is a friend of Eli Dingle. They were previously linked romantically. She stays with the Dingles until Debbie Dingle finds her with cocaine and she's arrested. She begins working for the McFarlanes, a criminal family, and warns Jasmine to stay away from them. She helps the Dingles rescue Aaron from the McFarlanes. Danielle arrives in the same prison wing as Debbie who has been charged for murdering Shane. Eli visits Danielle and she explains that the McFarlanes framed her after she helped the Dingles. Eli talks Danielle into fighting Debbie and they both get sent to hospital. Eli and Marlon defeat the guards looking over Debbie and Danielle and, although Debbie refuses to go with them, Danielle escapes but is caught before her bus can leave.

List of AppearancesEdit



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