Diane 'Dee Dee' is Bernice Blackstock's youngest daughter.

After months of bed rest, Bernice gave birth to her second daughter on 21st September 2004, the day her mother Diane married Jack Sugden. The newlyweds immediately rushed down to Brighton to visit Bernice and the 8lb 4oz tot, whom Bernice and her partner Charlie named Diane after Bernice's mother.

By 2012, Bernice and Charlie's relationship had ended and Bernice left Charlie and Dee Dee and returned to Emmerdale. Diane visited Charlie and helped him with Dee Dee whilst he came to terms with the breakdown of his marriage. Bernice hoped that Dee Dee would move in with her and her new partner Steve Harland, but Charlie decided to move to Australia with Dee Dee instead. In September 2015 Bernice and her partner Lawrence White visited Dee Dee. In April 2017, Bernice and Gabby visited Dee Dee.

In November 2017, Dee Dee arrives unannounced in Emmerdale and reunites with Bernice, Gabby and Diane. Bernice and Gabby admit to Diane they exaggerated their life to make it seem glamorous to Dee Dee.

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