Formerly Dingle Automotives, Windsor & Dingle and Windsor & Sudgen following a fire at the garage in 2012, the company was renamed. The garage dates back to 1998 when Lisa Dingle first set the business up. Previous owners include Scott Windsor and Jack and Robert Sugden. The business is currently owned by Debbie and Cain Dingle, with Dan Spencer working as a mechanic. Ross Barton was recruited in December 2013 but Debbie fired him after he slept with her mother, Charity Dingle. Cain then re-recruited Ross Barton in January 2014. Previous employees include Ryan Lamb, Aaron Livesy and Daz Eden.

On 20th February 2017 Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden held a commitment ceremony in the garage after their Woolpack ceremony got ruined.

The mechanics employed at the garage usually wear a uniform of blue overalls over their ordinary clothes. However, this rule is often flouted by Ross Barton, who doesn't wear anything underneath his overalls and frequently works topless, much to owner Debbie's annoyance. On 17th July 2017, Debbie used Ross's habit of being completely naked under his overalls against him when she deliberately trapped his sleeve in a car bonnet, leaving him stranded at the garage.

Current EmployeesEdit

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