Edward Ruskin was the Reverend in Beckindale from 1960 until 1975.



Edward Ruskin was born in 1919. Edward became a vicar and later married Liz Ruskin. In 1960, Edward was transferred to Beckindale as the parish vicar.


Edward Ruskin wanted Amos Brearly to employ Alison Gibbons as a barmaid at The Woolpack. Amos was reluctant but later agreed. Ruskin often was called to help over village matters.

In May 1975, Edward was asked to take over as vicar of a nearby parish and left Beckindale that month.

In 1983, Edward was temporarily posted back to Beckindale when Donald Hinton was away. He helped Seth Armstrong overcome his marriage difficulties with his wife Meg Armstrong. Edward then left the village for the last time.

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"Well it's alright, I'm not a ghost and I'm human enough to get thirsty meself, though I daresay not as often as most of you. Hello Mr Brearly, how's business?" (first line)

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