Eliza Macey is Megan Macey and Jai Sharma's daughter. Eliza is the half-sister to Mia Macey, Robbie Lawson and Archie Breckle.


2015-2016: Pregnancy and traumatic birthEdit

Megan discovered she was pregnant in August 2015 after seeing the lengths Jai would go to get custody of his young son, Archie Breckle, including planting drugs on Archie's mother, Rachel. Megan lied to Jai that she had suffered a miscarriage and planned to move away without telling Jai about his child but she couldn't get away fast enough and Jai learned about the pregnancy.

On 3rd March 2016, Megan went into labour whilst in the woods. Jai found Megan and transported her to Hotten General Hospital where she gave birth to their daughter. During the birth, the baby was starved of oxygen and Megan and Jai were told it was possible their daughter could have cerebral palsy as a result. Eliza spent her first weeks in the NICU, during which time she suffered a seizure, although Megan was allowed to take her home when she was three-weeks-old. Later that year, Megan began a relationship with ex-convict Frank Clayton, whom Eliza formed a strong bond with.

2017-2018: Diagnosis and social services involvementEdit

In October 2017, Eliza suffered a seizure whilst in the care of Jai's sister, Priya Kotecha, and Megan's business partner, Leyla Harding. Eliza was rushed to the hospital where numerous tests were performed, including a brain scan. Following another seizure, it was confirmed that Eliza did have epilepsy, specifically bilateral spastic diplegia - a mild form of cerebral palsy. As such, Eliza was prescribed medication to alleviate her condition.

On Eliza's second birthday, Jai discovered concerning bruises on his daughter's legs and rushed her to the hospital. As a medical reason couldn't be found for the bruising, social services became involved. Suspicion fell on Priya as she'd lost her temper with Eliza the day before and subsequently a social worker advised that Eliza wasn't to visit Jai and Priya's home, Holdgate Farm, until the issue had been resolved. Following the reoccurrence of the bruising two months later, it was discovered that the bruises were caused by a rare side effect from the slightest changes to Eliza's epilepsy medication.

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