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1989 was Emmerdale's 18th year. This year was notable in that the show was renamed from Emmerdale Farm to simply Emmerdale.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
11313Wednesday 4th JanuaryPeter DillonHenry Fostern/kn/k
21314Thursday 5th JanuaryPeter DillonHenry Fostern/kn/k
31315Wednesday 11th JanuaryPatrea SmallacombeGarth Tucker11,990,00023
41316Thursday 12th JanuaryPatrea SmallacombeGarth Tucker11,980,00024
51317Wednesday 18th JanuaryDavid LaneGarth Tucker11,460,00026
61318Thursday 19th JanuaryDavid LaneGarth Tucker11,730,00024
71319Wednesday 25th JanuaryDave ParkerGarth Tucker12,240,00023
81320Thursday 26th JanuaryDave ParkerGarth Tucker11,360,00030
91321Wednesday 1st FebruaryCharles HodgesGarth Tucker12,230,00023
101322Thursday 2nd FebruaryCharles HodgesGarth Tucker11,930,00029
111323Wednesday 8th FebruaryGary HopkinsBob Carlton11,210,00032
121324Thursday 9th FebruaryGary HopkinsBob Carlton11,740,00028
131325Wednesday 15th FebruaryJames RobsonBob Carlton8,790,000n/k
141326Thursday 16th FebruaryJames RobsonBob Carlton10,800,00034
151327Wednesday 22nd FebruaryDave ParkerBob Carlton11,450,00027
161328Thursday 23rd FebruaryDave ParkerBob Carlton11,440,00028
171329Wednesday 1st MarchJackie NeweyTom Kingdon11,970,00020
181330Thursday 2nd MarchJackie NeweyTom Kingdom10,850,00027
191331Wednesday 8th MarchJackie NeweyTom Kingdom11,430,00020
201332Thursday 9th MarchJackie NeweyTom Kingdom10,400,00031
211333Wednesday 15th MarchPeter J HammondTom Kingdom11,280,00024
221334Thursday 16th MarchPeter J HammondTom Kingdom11,180,00025
231335Wednesday 22nd MarchBarry WoodwardRobert Gabrieln/kn/k
241336Thursday 23rd MarchBarry WoodwardRobert Gabrieln/kn/k
251337Wednesday 29th MarchDavid Joss BuckleyRobert Gabriel10,670,00020
261338Thursday 30th MarchDave ParkerRobert Gabriel9,710,00032
271339Wednesday 5th AprilAndrew HoldenRobert Gabriel11,740,00019
281340Thursday 6th AprilAndrew HoldenRobert Gabriel11,050,00023
291341Wednesday 12th AprilPeter DillonJeremy Summers10,820,00020
301342Thursday 13th AprilPeter DillonJeremy Summers10,800,00021
311343Wednesday 19th AprilJames RobsonJeremy Summers10,510,00020
321344Thursday 20th AprilJames RobsonJeremy Summers9,990,00027
331345Wednesday 26th AprilJackie NeweyJeremy Summers11,030,00018
341346Thursday 27th AprilJackie NeweyJeremy Summers10,080,000n/k
351347Wednesday 3rd MayBarry WoodwardDavid Richards8,950,00029
361348Thursday 4th MayBarry WoodwardDavid Richards8,730,00031
371349Wednesday 10th MayDavid Joss BuckleyDavid Richards10,610,00019
381350Thursday 11th MayDavid Joss BuckleyDavid Richards10,900,00017
391351Wednesday 17th MayJimmie ChinnDavid Richards9,220,00020
401352Thursday 18th MayDavid LaneDavid Richards8,880,00024
411353Wednesday 24th MayBarrie ShoreMike Barnes8,830,00019
421354Thursday 25th MayBarrie ShoreMike Barnes9,910,00014
431355Wednesday 31st MayDavid Joss BuckleyMike Barnes9,920,00022
441356Thursday 1st JuneDavid Joss BuckleyMike Barnes9,100,00027
451357Wednesday 7th JunePeter J HammondMike Barnes9,920,00022
461358Thursday 8th JunePeter J HammondMike Barnes8,540,00033
471359Wednesday 14th JuneBarry WoodwardJohn Darnell6,960,00040
481360Thursday 15th JuneBarry WoodwardJohn Darnell8,130,00025
491361Wednesday 21st JuneDave ParkerJohn Darnell9,040,00020
501362Thursday 22nd JuneDave ParkerJohn Darnell8,290,00024
511363Wednesday 28th JuneJackie NeweyJohn Darnell9,390,00020
521364Thursday 29th JuneJackie NeweyJohn Darnell8,490,000n/k
531365Wednesday 5th JulyJames RobsonJohn Darnell8,020,00032
541366Thursday 6th JulyJames RobsonJohn Darnell8,650,00028
551367Wednesday 12th JulyPeter DillonDiarmuid Lawrencen/kn/k
561368Thursday 13th JulyPeter DillonDiarmuid Lawrencen/kn/k
571369Wednesday 19th JulyBarrie ShoreDiarmuid Lawrence9,100,00014
581370Thursday 20th JulyBarrie ShoreDiarmuid Lawrence8,840,00020
591371Wednesday 26th JulyJames RobsonDiarmuid Lawrence9,220,00021
601372Thursday 27th JulyJames RobsonDiarmuid Lawrence8,290,00025
611373Wednesday 2nd AugustJimmie ChinnBob Carlton9,580,00017
621374Thursday 3rd AugustJimmie ChinnBob Carlton9,210,00018
631375Wednesday 9th AugustPeter DillonBob Carlton9,300,00021
641376Thursday 10th AugustPeter DillonBob Carlton9,090,00025
651377Wednesday 16th AugustBarry WoodwardBob Carlton10,150,00020
661378Thursday 17th AugustBarry WoodwardBob Carlton10,180,00019
671379Wednesday 23rd AugustJimmie ChinnTom Kingdon10,480,00017
681380Thursday 24th AugustJimmie ChinnTom Kingdon10,260,00019
691381Wednesday 30th AugustBarrie ShoreTom Kingdon10,210,00020
701382Thursday 31st AugustBarrie ShoreTom Kingdon9,810,00026
711383Tuesday 5th SeptemberDebbie CookBob Hird8,780,00033
721384Thursday 7th SeptemberDebbie CookBob Hird9,010,00031
731385Tuesday 12th SeptemberJohn OakdenBob Hird8,750,00040
741386Thursday 14th SeptemberJohn OakdenBob Hird9,040,00037
751387Tuesday 19th SeptemberDebbie CookTerence Daw9,290,00029
761388Thursday 21st SeptemberDebbie CookTerence Daw8,860,00036
771389Tuesday 26th SeptemberDebbie CookTerence Daw9,610,00029
781390Thursday 28th SeptemberDebbie CookTerence Daw8,900,00037
791391Tuesday 3rd OctoberAndrew HoldenTom Kingdon9,290,00045
801392Thursday 5th OctoberAndrew HoldenTom Kingdon9,400,00042
811393Tuesday 10th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyTom Kingdon9,600,00037
821394Wednesday 11th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyTom Kingdon10,490,00025
831395Tuesday 17th OctoberJackie NeweyBob Hird9,320,00044
841396Thursday 19th OctoberJackie NeweyBob Hird9,980,00037
851397Tuesday 24th OctoberJimmie ChinnBob Hird9,400,00044
861398Thursday 26th OctoberJimmie ChinnBob Hird8,850,00052
871399Tuesday 31st OctoberPeter DillonTerence Daw10,300,00033
881400Thursday 2nd NovemberPeter DillonTerence Daw9,640,00041
891401Tuesday 7th NovemberBarry WoodwardTerence Daw10,360,00039
901402Thursday 9th NovemberBarry WoodwardTerence Daw10,010,00044

Emmerdale in 1989Edit

# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
911403Tuesday 14th NovemberBarry WoodwardDavid Richards11,140,000n/k
921404Thursday 16th NovemberBarry WoodwardDavid Richards10,390,00041
931405Tuesday 21st NovemberJames RobsonDavid Richards11,600,00030
941406Thursday 23rd NovemberJames RobsonDavid Richards10,220,00040
951407Tuesday 28th NovemberBarrie ShoreStephen Butchern/kn/k
961408Thursday 30th NovemberBarrie ShoreStephen Butchern/kn/k
971409Tuesday 5th DecemberBarbara MachinStephen Butcher10,890,00032
981410Thursday 7th DecemberBarrie ShoreStephen Butcher10,850,00033
991411Tuesday 12th DecemberPeter DillonSue Butterworth10,920,000n/k
1001412Thursday 14th DecemberPeter DillonSue Butterworth10,750,00033
1011413Tuesday 19th DecemberDavid Joss BuckleySue Butterworth10,000,00044
1021414Thursday 21st DecemberDavid Joss BuckleySue Butterworth9,260,00053
1031415Thursday 28th DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyTim Dowdn/kn/k

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Amos BrearlyRonald MagillFull year10213642
1Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year10213312
3Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year10111392
3Kate SugdenSally KnyvetteFull year10113721
5Alan TurnerRichard ThorpFull year956698
6Henry WilksArthur PentelowFull year9413476
7Matt SkilbeckFrederick PyneUntil December9313642
8Seth ArmstrongStan RichardsFull year9280710
10Caroline BatesDiana DaviesUntil November905328
10Kathy MerrickMalandra BurrowsFull year903797
11Rachel HughesGlenda McKayFull year8511123
12Dolly SkilbeckJean RogersFull year829841
13Pete WhiteleyJim MilleaFull year6767 -
14Archie BrooksTony PittsUntil November6633415
14Mark HughesCraig McKayFull year669024
16Nick BatesCy ChadwickUntil August and from November6526610
17Lynn WhiteleyFionnuala EllwoodFull year except April6464 -
18Jackie MerrickIan SharrockUntil August6373113
19Bill WhiteleyTeddy TurnerFrom February4747 -
20Donald HintonHugh ManningFebruary to August4662321
20Eric PollardChristopher ChittellJanuary, April to November4617117
22Sandie MerrickJane HutchesonUntil May3860210
23Bill MiddletonJohnny CaesarJanuary to March, May to June, September to October and December3118524
24David HughesMartyn WhitbyMarch to April and from October2929 -
25Jack SugdenClive HornbyApril, August to September and from November2884516
26Jock MacDonaldDrew DawsonJanuary to February, June, September to October and December2023218
27Sarah ConnollyMadeleine HowardApril, August to September and from November182529
28Denis RiggRichard FranklinFebruary to April, June to July163626
29Samuel SkilbeckBenjamin WhiteheadJanuary, March, May, August and November1231427
30Frank TateNorman BowlerFrom November1010 -
31Robert SugdenRichard Smith and Christopher SmithFebruary, April and from November711718
31Chris TatePeter AmoryFrom November77 -
33Kim TateClaire KingFrom December44 -
33Zoe TateLeah BracknellFrom December44 -
34Phil PearcePeter AlexanderUntil January221014


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Who lives whereEdit

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Awards and NominationsEdit

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Emmerdale in the 1980s

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