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Home James Haulage
Location Pear Tree Cottage (2009-2014)
Home Farm (2014)
Mill Cottage (2014-2015)
Holy Scrap (2015-)
Owner Jimmy King
Charity Dingle
Former employees Edna Birch
Scarlett Nicholls
Tracy Shankley
Robbie Lawson

Home James Haulage (formerly Emmerdale Haulage) was founded in 2014 after Emmerdale Haulage was dissolved by Charity Dingle. She and previous business partner Jimmy King reformed the company under the name Home James Haulage.

Emmerdale Haulage was founded in 2009 by brothers Jimmy and Carl King after they went bankrupt. They stared with one truck and used Pear Tree Cottage as their office. In 2012 Charity Sharma wormed her way into the business after blackmailing her way to the Strikes contract that the brothers needed to stay afloat. They agreed to give her 20% of the business in return for the the contract. A few months later Carl decides to sell his 40% stake in the company but he did not sign the papers before he died and went to Jimmy in his will. Charity was not happy with this and she demanded that they be equal partners in the business. Charity gets an editional 30& of the business so she and Jimmy are equal partners. In 2014 Charity dissolved the company and restarted as Home James Haulage out of spite due to her divorce as her ex father in law Rishi was demanding his investment back.

Charity reformed as Home James Haulage, and moved the business up to Home Farm, where she lived. After the insurance company repossessed Home Farm , Charity and Jimmy moved the company down to Jimmy's house Mill Cottage, but Jimmy's wife Nicola King was not happy. Jimmy moved the company to it's current site, the porta-cabin in the Holy Scrap scrapyard.

Owners Edit

A list of owners and their shares in the company.

Date Share 1 (50%) Share 2 (50%)
2009-2012 Carl King Jimmy King
Date Share 1 (40%) Share 2 (40%) Share 3 (20%)
2012 Carl King Jimmy King Charity Dingle
Date Share 1 (80%) Share 2 (20%)
2012 Jimmy King Charity Dingle
Date Share 1 (50%) Share 2 (50%)
2012- Jimmy King Charity Dingle

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