Emmerdale Veterinary Centre is located on Hotten Road and owned by Paddy Kirk and Vanessa Woodfield. The surgery was opened by Zoe Tate on 25th May 1995.

In 2003, Nicola Blackstock told pet owners that there had been a breakout of rabies at the surgery after Paddy sacked her and hired Frances Marsden to cover her job although Frances quit after one day.

After being beaten up by Aaron Livesy, Paddy employed Rhona as a locum to cover for a few days. Marlon was delighted with her presence and they soon became a couple. Besotted with Rhona, Marlon persuaded Paddy to let her become a partner in the business. Working in such close proximity, Rhona and Paddy soon fell in love with each other and Rhona broke it off with Marlon. Quickly things became complicated when Rhona discovered she was pregnant with Marlon's child. Nicky Pritchard was hired to cover Rhona's maternity leave.

In 2012, Paddy was suspeded from pratising as a vet for a year after he accidentally punched a police officer. Locum Brett Harrison was hired to cover but he didn't last long as he tried it on with Rhona. Rhona's old friend Vanessa Woodfield started working as a locum in December and the following year she bought a 33.33% share in the business.

After their divorce in 2016, Paddy give Rhona Smithy Cottage in return for her share of the vets although promised Rhona she'd always have a job if she wanted it.


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