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Created on 4th February 2010, this community was built by the fans, for the fans, and is dedicated to housing a useful and informative database for all subject matter related to the long-running ITV soap opera Emmerdale. Our goal is to collaborate with other fans in order to build a reliable, accurate resource with as much detailed information about episodes, characters, and story elements as possible. All are welcome to join in and contribute here, so long as edits are constructive, discussions are positive, and both are relevant to this series.

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Emmerdale, known as 'Emmerdale Farm' until 1989, is a popular and critically acclaimed long-running British soap opera, broadcast on ITV since 1972. It is set in the fictional village of Emmerdale (known as Beckindale until 1994) in the Yorkshire Dales, England and was created by Kevin Laffan. The series is produced by ITV Studios in Yorkshire and broadcast on the ITV network and was first broadcast on 16th October 1972.

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  • If you're new to the show, we recommend that you check out the General Information section first to get you up to speed with the creation, concept, general information and rough history of the show...
  • ...and then delve into the archives by reading up on past Emmerdale episodes and find out about the characters who currently live in the village and those from days past...
  • ...other than that we also recommend pages on the various cast and crew the show has had over the years if you want to dig into the magic behind the scenes.


Emmerdale - Funniest Scenes!15:09

Emmerdale - Funniest Scenes!



Debbie takes Chas hostage and points a gun at her.

23rd April 2013: There is worry all round as Zak's gun is missing and Jai explains that he saw Chas and Debbie driving together. At the same time, Chas becomes fearful when Debbie snatches her phone when she goes to call Lisa. Chas tells Debbie to drop her act, but she is genuinely fearful when Debbie gets Zak's gun out of the boot. Debbie forces Chas into the barn and makes her tie herself to a pipe as Chas fears for her life. Soon afterwards, Cain and Charity visit Robbie and Cain threatens him, wanting the truth about Debbie. Cain and Charity then head off in the car, fearful about what she might have done. In the barn, Debbie slaps Chas in the face, wanting a reaction. She then brings a scarf to cover her eyes and Chas is terrified as she hears the shell being inserted into the gun. When Charity and Cain arrive at the barn, Debbie reveals herself, gun in hand. Debbie gets ready to shoot Chas, telling her that she is not untouchable like she thinks. She is calm as she says it would be worth it, no matter what happens to her. However, Cain manages to talk her down.


David Metcalfe 2

David Metcalfe

David Metcalfe is the son of Eric Pollard and Lydia Holloway. Eric knew nothing of David until he arrived in the village in 2006.

David arrived in late 2006 and immediately turned the ladies' heads. He had come to the village to find his biological father, Eric Pollard. Eric had left David's mother before David was born and had also stolen £20,000 from her.

Before revealing his identity, he got a job at the Factory, attempting to find out more about his mystery father. He also struck up a flirty friendship with fun-loving Del and hoped some romance would come of it. David was disappointed when Del mistakenly thought her uncle Zak was his father and distanced herself. The truth then came out, and Eric was stunned to discover that David was claiming to be his son.

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"That's what I like about village life. It's the feeling of belonging, of continuity."
Dolly Skilbeck

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  • ...that it took the programme almost 29 years to reach its 3000th episode, but due to the show moving to six episodes a week soon afterwards, it only took 10 years to double the total?
  • ...that the programme has only ever had one Two-hander episode back in 2000 between Paddy Kirk and Mandy Dingle?
  • ...that Swedish band The Cardigans named their 1994 album 'Emmerdale' after becoming enamoured with the soap's name on a visit to the UK?
  • ...that the programme has only ever had one live episode, which was broadcast on 17th October 2012 as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations.



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