1991 was Emmerdale's 20th year.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
11518Tuesday 1st JanuaryDavid LaneJohn Darnell9,910,00043
21519Thursday 3rd JanuaryDavid LaneJohn Darnell10,490,00037
31520Tuesday 8th JanuaryDavid LaneJohn Darnelln/kn/k
41521Thursday 10th JanuarySally WainwrightRomey Allisonn/kn/k
51522Tuesday 15th JanuarySally WainwrightRomey Allison10,440,000n/k
61523Thursday 17th JanuaryJon GauntRomey Allison9,470,00058
71524Tuesday 22nd JanuaryJon GauntRomey Allison11,180,00027
81525Thursday 24th JanuaryJim CampbellMervyn Cumming9,850,00041
91526Tuesday 29th JanuaryBarrie ShoreMervyn Cumming11,250,00031
101527Thursday 31st JanuaryBarrie ShoreMervyn Cumming10,940,00036
111528Tuesday 5th FebruaryBarrie ShoreMervyn Cumming11,110,00040
121529Thursday 7th FebruaryDavid LaneJohn Darnell11,510,00038
131530Tuesday 12th FebruaryDavid LaneJohn Darnell11,930,00027
141531Thursday 14th FebruaryRob GittinsJohn Darnell10,360,00041
151532Tuesday 19th FebruaryRob GittinsJohn Darnell10,680,00034
161533Thursday 21st FebruaryDavid Joss BuckleyDavid Richards10,290,00036
171534Tuesday 26th FebruaryDavid Joss BuckleyDavid Richards10,800,00033
181535Thursday 28th FebruaryDavid LaneDavid Richards10,390,00037
191536Tuesday 5th MarchDavid LaneDavid Richards10,300,00030
201537Thursday 7th MarchSally WainwrightRic Mellis9,990,00034
211538Tuesday 12th MarchSally WainwrightRic Mellis10,310,00033
221539Thursday 14th MarchPeter DillonRic Mellis9,410,00038
231540Tuesday 19th MarchPeter DillonRic Mellis10,230,00025
241541Thursday 21st MarchJim CampbellMichael Kerrigan9,150,00035
251542Tuesday 26th MarchJim CampbellMichael Kerrigann/kn/k
261543Thursday 28th MarchJimmie ChinnMichael Kerrigann/kn/k
271544Tuesday 2nd AprilJimmie ChinnMichael Kerrigan9,550,00036
281545Thursday 4th AprilBarrie ShoreTim Dowd10,070,00033
291546Tuesday 9th AprilBarrie ShoreTim Dowd9,630,00029
301547Thursday 11th AprilRob GittinsTim Dowd9,570,00030
311548Tuesday 16th AprilRob GittinsTim Dowd9,280,00036
321549Thursday 18th AprilDavid Joss BuckleyRic Mellis9,400,00034
331550Tuesday 23rd AprilDavid Joss BuckleyRic Mellisn/kn/k
341551Thursday 25th AprilJon GauntRic Mellisn/kn/k
351552Tuesday 30th AprilJon GauntRic Mellis9,740,00027
361553Thursday 2nd MayJim CampbellMichael Kerrigan8,620,00032
371554Tuesday 7th MayJim CampbellMichael Kerrigan9,560,00024
381555Thursday 9th MayJimmie ChinnMichael Kerrigan8,290,00037
391556Tuesday 14th MayJimmie ChinnMichael Kerrigann/kn/k
401557Thursday 16th MayShirley CooklinRitta-Leena Lynnn/kn/k
411558Tuesday 21st MayEric WendellRitta-Leena Lynn8,370,00031
421559Thursday 23rd MayDavid Joss BuckleyRitta-Leena Lynn8,720,00029
431560Tuesday 28th MayPeter DillonRitta-Leena Lynn9,250,00025
441561Thursday 30th MayDavid Joss BuckleyRic Mellis8,240,00036
451562Tuesday 4th JunePeter DillonRic Mellis9,270,00026
461563Thursday 6th JuneDavid LaneRic Mellis8,780,00035
471564Tuesday 11th JuneDavid LaneRic Mellis9,710,00025
481565Thursday 13th JuneJimmie ChinnMichael Kerrigan9,020,00031
491566Tuesday 18th JuneJimmie ChinnMichael Kerrigan9,880,00022
501567Thursday 20th JuneRob GittinsMichael Kerrigan8,600,00030
511568Tuesday 25th JuneRob GittinsMichael Kerrigan10,510,00016
521569Thursday 27th JuneBarrie ShoreTim Dowd8,930,00023
531570Tuesday 2nd JulyBarrie ShoreTim Dowd9,530,00016
541571Thursday 4th JulyJoe BoyleTim Dowd7,010,00037
551572Tuesday 9th JulyJoe BoyleTim Dowd8,860,00024
561573Thursday 11th JulyJim CampbellRitta-Leena Lynn8,910,00023
571574Tuesday 16th JulyJim CampbellRitta-Leena Lynn9,340,00020
581575Thursday 18th JulyDavid Joss BuckleyRitta-Leena Lynn9,110,00023
591576Tuesday 23rd JulyDavid Joss BuckleyRitta-Leena Lynn9,670,00020
601577Thursday 25th JulyJimmie ChinnRic Mellis8,780,00022
611578Tuesday 30th JulyJimmie ChinnRic Mellis9,620,00016
621579Thursday 1st AugustJon GauntRic Mellis8,550,00019
631580Tuesday 6th AugustJon GauntRic Mellis10,730,00019
641581Thursday 8th AugustDavid LaneJohn Darnell9,750,00022
651582Tuesday 13th AugustDavid LaneJohn Darnell10,690,00018
661583Thursday 15th AugustJim CampbellJohn Darnell9,820,000n/k
671584Tuesday 20th AugustJim CampbellJohn Darnell9,790,00021
681585Thursday 22nd AugustRob GittinsTerry Iland10,080,00019
691586Tuesday 27th AugustNick SaltreseTerry Iland10,190,00022
701587Thursday 29th AugustBarrie ShoreTerry Iland9,100,00029
711588Tuesday 3rd SeptemberNick SaltreseTerry Iland9,110,00031
721589Thursday 5th SeptemberRob GittinsSimon Meyers8,650,00036
731590Tuesday 10th SeptemberRob GittinsSimon Meyers9,660,00032
741591Thursday 12th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleySimon Meyers9,510,00033
751592Tuesday 17th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleySimon Meyers9,200,00039
761593Thursday 19th SeptemberDavid LaneChris Clough9,220,00038
771594Tuesday 24th SeptemberDavid LaneChris Clough10,670,00031
781595Thursday 26th SeptemberDenise BarehamChris Clough9,260,00040
791596Tuesday 1st OctoberJim CampbellChris Clough11,170,00028
801597Thursday 3rd OctoberJim CampbellTerry Iland10,400,00033
811598Tuesday 8th OctoberJim CampbellTerry Iland10,790,00031
821599Thursday 10th OctoberEric WendellTerry Iland10,820,00029
831600Tuesday 15th OctoberJoe BoyleTerry Iland11,020,00032
841601Thursday 17th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyLorne Magory11,110,00031
851602Tuesday 22nd OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyLorne Magory11,780,00027
861603Thursday 24th OctoberJimmie ChinnLorne Magory11,550,00030
871604Tuesday 29th OctoberJimmie ChinnLorne Magory12,240,00028
881605Thursday 31st OctoberRob GittinsTim Dowd11,480,00032
891606Tuesday 5th NovemberRob GittinsTim Dowd11,870,00027
901607Thursday 7th NovemberDavid LaneTim Dowd11,710,00030
911608Tuesday 12th NovemberDavid LaneTim Dowd12,540,00027
921609Thursday 14th NovemberDavid Joss BuckleyChris Johnston11,160,00038
931610Tuesday 19th NovemberDavid Joss BuckleyChris Johnston11,260,00033
941611Thursday 21st NovemberMartin WorthChris Johnston12,180,00027
951612Tuesday 26th NovemberMartin WorthChris Johnston11,940,00032
961613Thursday 28th NovemberJoe BoyleRomey Allison12,130,00029
971614Tuesday 3rd DecemberChris OuldRomey Allison12,160,00028
981615Thursday 5th DecemberRob GittinsRomey Allison11,600,00031
991616Tuesday 10th DecemberRob GittinsRomey Allison12,520,00027
1001617Thursday 12th DecemberNick SaltreseMervyn Cumming10,760,00036
1011618Tuesday 17th DecemberNick SaltreseMervyn Cumming10,720,00034
1021619Thursday 19th DecemberDavid LaneMervyn Cumming10,890,00032
1031620Tuesday 24th DecemberDavid LaneMervyn Cummingn/kn/k
1041621Tuesday 31st DecemberJim CampbellOliver Horsbrugh10,590,00040

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Alan TurnerRichard ThorpFull year978525
1Sarah ConnollyMadeleine HowardFull year9719216
3Jack SugdenClive HornbyFull year9610323
4Seth ArmstrongStan RichardsFull year939857
5Christopher TatePeter AmoryFull year9217713
6Kim TateClaire KingFull year9016914
6Elsa FeldmannNaomi LewisUntil December9015218
8Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year except February8713134
9Frank TateNorman BowlerFull year8517511
10Nick BatesCy ChadwickFull year844348
11Michael FeldmannMatthew VaughanFull year8211721
12Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year8114968
13Elizabeth FeldmannKate DoveFull year8011422
14Kathy Merrick/TateMalandra BurrowsFull year785435
14Rachel HughesGlenda McKayFull year7827010
16Archie BrooksTony PittsFull year7344220
17Eric PollardChristopher ChittellFull year except February7027124
18Henry WilksArthur PentelowUntil August6315061
19Mark HughesCraig McKayFull year except July6122017
20Caroline BatesDiana DaviesMarch to August, October to December5359632
21Zoe TateLeah BracknellUntil June, October to November and from December4611019
22Dolly SkilbeckJean RogersUntil August43110711
22Alice BatesKimberly HewittFebruary to July and from September4343 -
24Lynn WhiteleyFionnuala EllwoodFrom August3110334
25Charlie AindowDavid FleeshmanFebruary to March, August to October244130
25Carol NelsonPhilomena McDonaghFrom September2424 -
27Bill MiddletonJohnny CaesarJanuary to April, July, September to November2223325
28Robert SugdenChristopher SmithJanuary to February, April to June and from September1916026
29Tony CharltonStephen RashbrookUntil January, March, May to July184127
30Kate SugdenSally KnyvetteJuly and August only1322315
31Amos BrearlyRonald MagillUntil January, October and from December914681
32Samuel SkilbeckBenjamin WhiteheadFebruary and May to July633531
33Peter WhiteleySam WalkerOctober and December6935


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Who lives whereEdit

Main Street

Demdyke Row

Connelton Lane


Who works whereEdit

Awards and NominationsEdit

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Emmerdale in the 1990s

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