1995 was Emmerdale's 24th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
11935Tuesday 3rd January 1995Keith TempleDarrol Blake
21936Thursday 5th January 1995Kathleen PotterDarrol Blake
31937Tuesday 10th January 1995David LaneJohn Darnell
41938Thursday 12th January 1995Bill LyonsJohn Darnell
51939Tuesday 17th January 1995Bill LyonsJohn Darnell
61940Thursday 19th January 1995John ChambersJohn Darnell
71941Tuesday 24th January 1995David Joss BuckleyJeff Naylor
81942Thursday 26th January 1995David Joss BuckleyJeff Naylor
91943Tuesday 31st January 1995Andy LynchJohn Darnell
101944Thursday 2nd February 1995Marvin CloseJeff Naylor
111945Tuesday 7th February 1995Keith TempleDarrol Blake
121946Thursday 9th February 1995Geoff NewtonDarrol Blake
131947Tuesday 14th February 1995Geoff NewtonDarrol Blake
141948Thursday 16th February 1995Andy LynchDarrol Blake
151949Tuesday 21st February 1995John ChambersDarrol Blake
161950Thursday 23rd February 1995Bill LyonsJohn Darnell
171951Tuesday 28th February 1995Kathleen PotterJohn Darnell
181952Thursday 2nd March 1995David LaneJohn Darnell
191953Tuesday 7th March 1995David LaneJune Howson
201954Thursday 9th March 1995Colin McKeownJune Howson
211955Tuesday 14th March 1995Colin McKeownJune Howson
221956Thursday 16th March 1995Andy LynchJune Howson
231957Tuesday 21st March 1995David LaneMatthew Evans
241958Thursday 23rd March 1995John ChambersMatthew Evans
251959Tuesday 28th March 1995Andy LynchMatthew Evans
261960Thursday 30th March 1995Jan McVerryMatthew Evans
271961Tuesday 4th April 1995Jan McVerryJohn Darnell
281962Thursday 6th April 1995Colin McKeownJohn Darnell
291963Tuesday 11th April 1995Andy LynchJohn Darnell
301964Thursday 13th April 1995Marvin CloseJohn Darnell
311965Tuesday 18th April 1995David LaneSteven Shill
321966Thursday 20th April 1995Geoff NewtonSteven Shill
331967Tuesday 25th April 1995Graham CarlisleSteven Shill
341968Thursday 27th April 1995John ChambersSteven Shill
351969Tuesday 2nd May 1995John ChambersIan White
361970Thursday 4th May 1995Jan McVerryIan White
371971Tuesday 9th May 1995Andy LynchIan White
381972Thursday 11th May 1995Geoff NewtonIan White
391973Tuesday 16th May 1995Bill LyonsRichard Brammall
401974Thursday 18th May 1995David Joss BuckleyRichard Brammall
411975Tuesday 23rd May 1995Jan McVerryJohn Darnell
421976Thursday 25th May 1995David LaneJohn Darnell
431977Tuesday 30th May 1995David LaneJohn Darnell
441978Thursday 1st June 1995John ChambersJohn Darnell
451979Tuesday 6th June 1995Jan McVerrySteven Shill
461980Thursday 8th June 1995Jan McVerrySteven Shill
471981Tuesday 13th June 1995Geoff NewtonSteven Shill
481982Thursday 15th June 1995David Joss BuckleySteven Shill
491983Tuesday 20th June 1995Andy LynchGraham Wetherell
501984Thursday 22nd June 1995Bill LyonsGraham Wetherell
511985Tuesday 27th June 1995Jan McVerryGraham Wetherell
521986Thursday 29th June 1995Julie JonesGraham Wetherell
531987Tuesday 4th July 1995Andy LynchJohn Michael Phillips
541988Thursday 6th July 1995UnknownJohn Michael Phillips
551989Tuesday 11th July 1995Graham CarlisleJohn Michael Phillips
561990Thursday 13th July 1995John ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
571991Tuesday 18th July 1995Geoff NewtonJohn Darnell
581992Thursday 20th July 1995David LaneJohn Darnell
591993Tuesday 25th July 1995David LaneJohn Darnell
601994Thursday 27th July 1995Julie JonesJohn Darnell
611995Tuesday 1st August 1995Bill LyonsSteven Shill
621996Thursday 3rd August 1995John ChambersSteven Shill
631997Tuesday 8th August 1995Jan McVerrySteven Shill
641998Thursday 10th August 1995Geoff NewtonSteven Shill
651999Tuesday 15th August 1995Julie JonesGraham Wetherell
Thursday 17th August 1995John ChambersGraham Wetherell
672002Tuesday 22nd August 1995Andy LynchPaul Wroblewski
682003Thursday 24th August 1995David LanePaul Wroblewski
692004Tuesday 29th August 1995Jan McVerryPaul Wroblewski
702005Thursday 31st August 1995Jan McVerryGarth Tucker
712006Tuesday 5th September 1995Andy LynchGarth Tucker
722007Thursday 7th September 1995Bill LyonsGarth Tucker
732008Tuesday 12th September 1995Bill LyonsGarth Tucker
742009Thursday 14th September 1995David LaneIan White
752010Tuesday 19th September 1995Tim DynevorIan White
762011Thursday 21st September 1995Gary BrownIan White
772012Tuesday 26th September 1995John ChambersIan White
782013Thursday 28th September 1995John ChambersPaul Annett
792014Tuesday 3rd October 1995John ChambersPaul Annett
802015Thursday 5th October 1995David LanePaul Annett
812016Tuesday 10th October 1995Bill LyonsPaul Annett
822017Thursday 12th October 1995Andy LynchGarth Tucker
832018Tuesday 17th October 1995Catherine HayesGarth Tucker
842019Thursday 19th October 1995Graham CarlisleGarth Tucker
852020Tuesday 24th October 1995Graham CarlisleGarth Tucker
862021Thursday 26th October 1995David LaneJohn Michael Phillips
872022Tuesday 31st October 1995John ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
882023Thursday 2nd November 1995Bill LyonsJohn Michael Phillips
892024Tuesday 7th November 1995Andy LynchJohn Michael
902025Thursday 9th November 1995David LanePaul Wroblewski
912026Tuesday 14th November 1995Tim DynevorPaul Wroblewski
922027Thursday 16th November 1995Jan McVerryPaul Wroblewski
932028Tuesday 21st November 1995Catherine HayesPaul Wroblewski
942029Thursday 23rd November 1995Graham CarlisleGarth Tucker
952030Tuesday 28th November 1995David LaneGarth Tucker
962031Thursday 30th November 1995Andy LynchGarth Tucker
972032Tuesday 5th December 1995Tim DynevorGarth Tucker
982033Thursday 7th December 1995Bill LyonsPaul Annett
992034Tuesday 12th December 1995John ChambersPaul Annett
1002035Thursday 14th December 1995John ChambersPaul Annett
1012036Tuesday 19th December 1995Jan McVerryPaul Annett
1022037Thursday 21st December 1995Jan McVerryPaul Wroblewski
1032038Tuesday 26th December 1995John ChambersGraham Wetherell
1042039Thursday 28th December 1995Andy LynchPaul Wroblewski

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1David GloverIan KelseyFull year10013128
2Alan TurnerRichard ThorpFull year97120812
3Biff FowlerStuart WadeFull year9515116
4Betty EagletonPaula TilbrookFull year9213222
5Terry WoodsBilly HartmanFrom February9191 -
6Frank TateNorman BowlerFull year905321
7Tina DingleJacqueline PirieFull year899044
7Kim TateClaire KingFull year894914
9Seth ArmstrongStan RichardsFull year88132510
10Ned GloverJohnny LeezeFull year8612126
11Jan GloverRoberta KerrFull year8411528
11Kathy Tate/BatesMalandra BurrowsFull year except February848657
13Zak DingleSteve HalliwellFrom January818343
14Viv WindsorDeena PayneFull year781935
15Nellie DingleSandra GoughJanuary to December7676 -
16Vic WindsorAlun LewisFull year751932
16Butch DinglePaul LoughranFull year758640
18Eric PollardChristopher ChittellUntil January and from April745765
19Linda GloverTonicha JeronimoFull year749137
20Nick BatesCy ChadwickFull year except April7271017
20Christopher TatePeter AmoryFull year7246215
22Rachel HughesGlenda McKayFull year except May7052718
23Sarah SugdenAlyson SpiroFull year6851214
24Zoe TateLeah BracknellUntil October6631518
25Jack SugdenClive HornbyFull year except July6113642
26Sam DingleJames HootonFebruary to April and from July6060 -
27Britt WoodsMichelle HolmesFebruary to August and December only5858 -
28Luke McAllisterNoah HuntleyUntil August5513410
29Emma NightingaleRachel AmblerFrom January5252 -
30Roy GloverNicky EvansFull year425141
31Dolores SharpSamantha HurstJanuary, March, May and July to November356628
32Jessica McAllisterCamilla PowerUntil June and August only3410613
33Robert SugdenChristopher SmithUntil June and from December3131732
34Scott WindsorToby CockerellJanuary, March to May, August to September and from November2710521
35Kelly WindsorAdele SilvaApril to May and from July217433
36Victoria SugdenJessica HeywoodJanuary to February and from December193737
37Alice BatesRachel TolboysJanuary, March and from November1910436
38Caroline BatesDiana DaviesUntil January, June and November1867324
39Donna WindsorSophie JeffreyApril to May, July to September and from November166228
40Joseph TateOliver YoungAugust to September and from November1515 -
41Bernard McAllisterBrendan PriceUntil February14977
41Angharad McAllisterAmanda WenbanUntil February14959
43Amos BrearlyRonald MagillJune to July only6151739
44Annie SugdenSheila MercierJune to July only5159933
45Mandy DingleLisa RileyJuly, October and from December44 -
46Albert DingleBobby KnuttFrom December33 -


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Emmerdale in the 1990s