1996 was Emmerdale's 25th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
Tuesday 2nd January 1996Bill LyonsGraham Wetherell
22042Thursday 4th January 1996Bill LyonsSteve Shill
32043Tuesday 9th January 1996Bill LyonsSteve Shill
42044Thursday 11th January 1996Catherine HayesSteve Shill
52045Tuesday 16th January 1996Graham CarlisleJohn Darnell
62046Thursday 18th January 1996Andy LynchJohn Darnell
72047Tuesday 23rd January 1996David LaneJohn Darnell
82048Thursday 25th January 1996David LaneJohn Darnell
92049Tuesday 30th January 1996John ChambersPaul Annett
102050Thursday 1st February 1996Tim DynevorPaul Annett
112051Tuesday 6th February 1996Tim DynevorPaul Annett
122052Thursday 8th February 1996Tim DynevorPaul Annett
132053Tuesday 13th February 1996Graham CarlisleSteven Shill
142054Thursday 15th February 1996Catherine HayesSteven Shill
152055Tuesday 20th February 1996Andy LynchSteven Shill
Thursday 22nd February 1996Jan McVerryGraham Wetherell
172058Tuesday 27th February 1996Bill LyonsJohn Darnell
182059Thursday 29th February 1996John ChambersJohn Darnell
192060Tuesday 5th March 1996David LaneJohn Darnell
202061Thursday 7th March 1996Tim DynevorJohn Darnell
212062Tuesday 12th March 1996Tim DynevorPaul Annett
222063Thursday 14th March 1996Bill LyonsPaul Annett
232064Tuesday 19th March 1996Andy LynchPaul Annett
242065Thursday 21st March 1996Catherine HayesPaul Annett
252066Tuesday 26th March 1996John ChambersGraham Wetherell
262067Thursday 28th March 1996Graham CarlisleGraham Wetherell
272068Tuesday 2nd April 1996David LaneGraham Wetherell
282069Thursday 4th April 1996Jan McVerryGraham Wetherell
292070Tuesday 9th April 1996John ChambersPaul Wroblewski
302071Thursday 11th April 1996Bill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
312072Tuesday 16th April 1996Andy LynchPaul Wroblewski
322073Thursday 18th April 1996Tim DynevorPaul Wroblewski
332074Tuesday 23rd April 1996Graham CarlislePaul Annett
342075Thursday 25th April 1996Catherine HayesPaul Annett
352076Tuesday 30th April 1996David LanePaul Annett
362077Thursday 2nd May 1996David LanePaul Annett
372078Tuesday 7th May 1996Tim DynevorGraham Wetherell
382079Thursday 9th May 1996David LaneGraham Wetherell
392080Tuesday 14th May 1996Graham CarlisleGraham Wetherell
402081Thursday 16th May 1996Jan McVerryGraham Wetherell
412082Tuesday 21st May 1996David Joss BuckleyPaul Wroblewski
422083Thursday 23rd May 1996Catherine HayesPaul Wroblewski
432084Tuesday 28th May 1996Andy LynchPaul Wroblewski
442085Thursday 30th May 1996Bill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
452086Tuesday 4th June 1996David Joss BuckleyPaul Wroblewski
462087Thursday 6th June 1996Tim DynevorPaul Annett
472088Tuesday 11th June 1996Catherine HayesPaul Annett
482089Thursday 13th June 1996Bill LyonsPaul Annett
492090Tuesday 18th June 1996David LaneGraham Wetherell
502091Thursday 20th June 1996John ChambersGraham Wetherell
512092Tuesday 25th June 1996Andy LynchGraham Wetherell
522093Thursday 27th June 1996Jan McVerryGraham Wetherell
532094Tuesday 2nd July 1996Jan McVerryPeter Walker
542095Thursday 4th July 1996Tim DynevorPeter Walker
552096Tuesday 9th July 1996John ChambersPeter Walker
562097Thursday 11th July 1996John ChambersPeter Walker
572098Tuesday 16th July 1996Catherine HayesPaul Wroblewski
582099Thursday 18th July 1996David LanePaul Annett
592100Tuesday 23rd July 1996Catherine HayesPaul Wroblewski
602101Thursday 25th July 1996Bill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
612102Tuesday 30th July 1996David LaneJohn Michael Phillips
622103Thursday 1st August 1996Glen McCoyJohn Michael Phillips
632104Tuesday 6th August 1996Tim DynevorJohn Michael Phillips
642105Thursday 8th August 1996Jan McVerryJohn Michael Phillips
652106Tuesday 13th August 1996Catherine HayesGarth Tucker
662107Thursday 15th August 1996John ChambersGarth Tucker
672108Tuesday 20th August 1996Andy LynchGarth Tucker
682109Thursday 22nd August 1996Andy LynchGarth Tucker
692110Tuesday 27th August 1996Andy LynchPaul Wroblewski
702111Thursday 29th August 1996Graham CarlislePaul Wroblewski
712112Tuesday 3rd September 1996Bill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
722113Thursday 5th September 1996Glen McCoyPaul Wroblewski
732114Tuesday 10th September 1996Tim DynevorGarth Tucker
742115Thursday 12th September 1996John ChambersGarth Tucker
752116Tuesday 17th September 1996David LaneGarth Tucker
762117Thursday 19th September 1996Catherine HayesGarth Tucker
772118Tuesday 24th September 1996Jan McVerryJohn Michael Phillips
782119Thursday 26th September 1996Jan McVerryJohn Michael Phillips
792120Tuesday 1st October 1996David LaneJohn Michael Phillips
802121Thursday 3rd October 1996David LaneJohn Michael Phillips
812122Tuesday 8th October 1996Catherine HayesOliver Horsbrugh
822123Thursday 10th October 1996Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
832124Tuesday 15th October 1996Glen McCoyOliver Horsbrugh
842125Thursday 17th October 1996Andy LynchOliver Horsbrugh
852126Tuesday 22nd October 1996David LaneGarth Tucker
862127Thursday 24th October 1996John ChambersJohn Darnell
872128Tuesday 29th October 1996Bill LyonsGarth Tucker
882129Thursday 31st October 1996Bill LyonsGarth Tucker
892130Tuesday 5th November 1996Bill LyonsJohn Michael Phillips
902131Thursday 7th November 1996Tim DynevorJohn Michael Phillips
912132Tuesday 12th November 1996John ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
922133Thursday 14th November 1996John ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
932134Tuesday 19th November 1996Andy LynchSue Dunderdale
942135Thursday 21st November 1996Graham CarlisleSue Dunderdale
952136Tuesday 26th November 1996David LaneSue Dunderdale
962137Thursday 28th November 1996Jan McVerrySue Dunderdale
972138Tuesday 3rd December 1996Catherine HayesOliver Horsbrugh
982139Thursday 5th December 1996Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
992140Tuesday 10th December 1996David LaneOliver Horsbrugh
1002141Thursday 12th December 1996David LaneOliver Horsbrugh
1012142Tuesday 17th December 1996Greg SnowStephen Garwood
1022143Thursday 19th December 1996Marvin CloseStephen Garwood
1032144Tuesday 24th December 1996Bill LyonsJohn Darnell
1042145Thursday 26th December 1996Andy LynchStephen Garwood
1052146Tuesday 31st December 1996David LaneGraham Wetherell

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Terry WoodsBilly HartmanFull year1001915
2Linda GloverTonicha JeronimoFull year9718819
3David GloverIan KelseyFull year962271
4Viv WindsorDeena PayneFull year9428814
4Biff FowlerStuart WadeFull year942453
6Frank TateNorman BowlerFull year926276
7Kathy Bates/GloverMalandra BurrowsFull year9195911
7Kim TateClaire KingFull year915857
9Ned GloverJohnny LeezeFull year8821010
9Butch DinglePaul LoughranFull year8817416
9Mandy DingleLisa RileyFull year889245
12Tina DingleJacqueline PirieUntil December871787
13Christopher TatePeter AmoryFull year8554920
13Zak DingleSteve HalliwellFull year8516813
15Vic WindsorAlun LewisFull year8427716
16Rachel HughesGlenda McKayFull year8361122
16Betty EagletonPaula TilbrookFull year832154
18Jan GloverRoberta KerrFull year8219711
19Alan TurnerRichard ThorpFull year8012882
19Eric PollardChristopher ChittellFull year8066018
21Zoe TateLeah BracknellFull year7939624
22Jack SugdenClive HornbyFull year75143925
23Seth ArmstrongStan RichardsFull year7414029
24Sarah SugdenAlyson SpiroFull year7258423
25Sam DingleJames HootonUntil October6512525
26Roy GloverNicky EvansFull year except November6311330
27Susan WildeLouise HeaneyMarch to October5252 -
28Kelly WindsorAdele SilvaFull year5012435
29Scott WindsorToby CockerellUntil September and November only4915334
29Sean RossiMark CameronFebruary to September4949 -
31Steve MarchantPaul OpacicMarch to April and September onwards4343 -
32Emma NightingaleRachel AmblerUntil May358729
33Alice BatesRachel TolboysFull year except September3213037
34Robert SugdenChristopher SmithMarch, May and July onwards3134633
35Nick BatesCy ChadwickUntil April2974120
35Joseph TateOliver YoungFull year except March and May284340
37Donna WindsorSophie JeffreyFull year except August and October248639
38James TateJake Meays/Elliott SuckleyFrom September2222 -
39Marlon DingleMark CharnockFrom October2121 -
40Tom BainbridgeJeremy Turner-WelchFrom October1919 -
41Andy HopwoodKelvin FletcherJuly to September and December onwards1717 -
42Sophie WrightJane CameronFrom October1515 -
43Lisa CleggJane CoxAugust to October and December onwards1313 -
44Victoria SugdenJessica HeywoodJanuary, July and from September114836
45Albert DingleBobby KnuttJanuary and December only5846
45Ashley ThomasJohn MiddletonFrom December55 -
47Caroline BatesDiana DaviesApril to May only367637
48Annie BrearlySheila MercierNovember only2160244


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Who lives whereEdit

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Awards and NominationsEdit

National Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 1990s

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