1997 was Emmerdale's 26th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
12147Wednesday 1st January 1997David LaneGraham Wetherell
22148Thursday 2nd January 1997John ChambersGraham Wetherell
32149Tuesday 7th January 1997John ChambersPaul Wroblewski
42150Wednesday 8th January 1997John ChambersPaul Wroblewski
52151Thursday 9th January 1997Jan McVerryPaul Wroblewski
62152Tuesday 14th January 1997David LaneJohn Michael Phillips
72153Wednesday 15th January 1997Greg SnowJohn Michael Phillips
82154Thursday 16th January 1997Andy LynchJohn Michael Phillips
92155Tuesday 21st January 1997Jan McVerryRichard Brammall
102156Wednesday 22nd January 1997Marvin CloseRichard Brammall
112157Thursday 23rd January 1997Bill LyonsRichard Brammall
122158Tuesday 28th January 1997Greg SnowTim Dowd
132159Wednesday 29th January 1997Bill LyonsTim Dowd
142160Thursday 30th January 1997Tim DynevorTim Dowd
152161Tuesday 4th February 1997Marvin CloseOliver Horsbrugh
162162Wednesday 5th February 1997Jan McVerryOliver Horsbrugh
172163Thursday 6th February 1997Andy LynchOliver Horsbrugh
182164Tuesday 11th February 1997John ChambersWill Brenton
192165Wednesday 12th February 1997John ChambersWill Brenton
202166Thursday 13th February 1997David LaneWill Brenton
212167Tuesday 18th February 1997David LaneGraham Wetherell
222168Wednesday 19th February 1997Greg SnowGraham Wetherell
232169Thursday 20th February 1997John ChambersTim Dowd
242170Tuesday 25th February 1997Tim DynevorPaul Wroblewski
252171Wednesday 26th February 1997John ChambersPaul Wroblewski
262172Thursday 27th February 1997John ChambersPaul Wroblewski
272173Tuesday 4th March 1997Andy LynchJohn Michael Phillips
282174Wednesday 5th March 1997Andy LynchJohn Michael Phillips
292175Thursday 6th March 1997Bill LyonsJohn Michael Phillips
302176Tuesday 11th March 1997Bill LyonsRichard Brammall
312177Wednesday 12th March 1997Greg SnowRichard Brammall
322178Thursday 13th March 1997David LaneRichard Brammall
332179Tuesday 18th March 1997Marvin CloseOliver Horsbrugh
342180Thursday 20th March 1997Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
352181Tuesday 25th March 1997John ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
362182Wednesday 26th March 1997UnknownSue Dunderdale
372183Thursday 27th March 1997Karin YoungSue Dunderdale
382184Monday 31st March 1997Jan McVerrySue Dunderdale
392185Tuesday 1st April 1997David LaneGraham Wetherell
402186Wednesday 2nd April 1997Bill LyonsGraham Wetherell
412187Thursday 3rd April 1997Jan McVerryGraham Wetherell
422188Friday 4th April 1997Larin Young
Jan McVerry
Graham Wetherell
432189Tuesday 8th April 1997Tim DynevorPaul Wroblewski
442190Wednesday 9th April 1997Andy LynchPaul Wroblewski
452191Thursday 10th April 1997John ChambersPaul Wroblewski
462192Tuesday 15th April 1997Marvin CloseJohn Michael Phillips
472193Wednesday 16th April 1997Greg SnowJohn Michael Phillips
482194Thursday 17th April 1997Marvin CloseJohn Michael Phillips
492195Tuesday 22nd April 1997John ChambersRichard Brammall
502196Thursday 24th April 1997John ChambersRichard Brammall
512197Tuesday 29th April 1997David LaneRichard Brammall
522198Wednesday 30th April 1997David LaneOliver Horsbrugh
532199Thursday 1st May 1997Jan McVerryOliver Horsbrugh
542200Tuesday 6th May 1997Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
552201Wednesday 7th May 1997Bill LyonsSue Dunderdale
562202Thursday 8th May 1997Bill LyonsSue Dunderdale
572203Tuesday 13th May 1997Bill LyonsSue Dunderdale
582204Wednesday 14th May 1997David LaneGraham Wetherell
592205Thursday 15th May 1997David LaneGraham Wetherell
602206Tuesday 20th May 1997Tim DynevorGraham Wetherell
612207Wednesday 21st May 1997Greg SnowPaul Wroblewski
622208Thursday 22nd May 1997Jan McVerryPaul Wroblewski
632209Tuesday 27th May 1997Marvin ClosePaul Wroblewski
642210Thursday 29th May 1997John ChambersWill Brenton
652211Tuesday 3rd June 1997John ChambersWill Brenton
662212Wednesday 4th June 1997John ChambersWill Brenton
672213Thursday 5th June 1997John ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
682214Tuesday 10th June 1997Jan McVerryJohn Michael Phillips
692215Wednesday 11th June 1997Bill LyonsJohn Michael Phillips
702216Thursday 12th June 1997Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
712217Tuesday 17th June 1997Karin YoungOliver Horsbrugh
722218Wednesday 18th June 1997Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
732219Thursday 19th June 1997Marvin CloseSue Dunderdale
742220Tuesday 24th June 1997David LaneSue Dunderdale
752221Wednesday 25th June 1997David LaneSue Dunderdale
762222Thursday 26th June 1997Greg SnowVivienne Cozens
772223Tuesday 1st July 1997Greg SnowVivienne Cozens
782224Wednesday 2nd July 1997Bill LyonsVivienne Cozens
792225Thursday 3rd July 1997Karin YoungAlan Bell
802226Tuesday 8th July 1997Marvin CloseAlan Bell
812227Wednesday 9th July 1997Jan McVerryAlan Bell
822228Thursday 10th July 1997John ChambersRichard Brammall
832229Tuesday 15th July 1997Tim DynevorRichard Brammall
842230Wednesday 16th July 1997David LaneRichard Brammall
852231Thursday 17th July 1997David LaneWill Brenton
862232Tuesday 22nd July 1997David LaneWill Brenton
872233Wednesday 23rd July 1997David LaneWill Brenton
882234Thursday 24th July 1997Karin YoungJohn Michael Phillips
892235Tuesday 29th July 1997Greg SnowJohn Michael Phillips
902236Wednesday 30th July 1997Marvin CloseJohn Michael Phillips
912237Thursday 31st July 1997Jan McVerryAdrian Bean
922238Tuesday 5th August 1997Bill LyonsAdrian Bean
932239Wednesday 6th August 1997John ChambersAdrian Bean
942240Thursday 7th August 1997John ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
952241Tuesday 12th August 1997John ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
962242Wednesday 13th August 1997Greg SnowOliver Horsbrugh
972243Thursday 14th August 1997Greg SnowVivienne Cozens
982244Tuesday 19th August 1997Tim DynevorVivienne Cozens
992245Wednesday 20th August 1997Tim DynevorVivienne Cozens
1002246Thursday 21st August 1997David LaneAlan Bell
1012247Tuesday 26th August 1997Bill LyonsAlan Bell
1022248Wednesday 27th August 1997Marvin CloseAlan Bell
1032249Thursday 28th August 1997Karin YoungWill Brenton
1042250Tuesday 2nd September 1997Karin YoungWill Brenton
1052251Wednesday 3rd September 1997Judith KlucasWill Brenton
1062252Thursday 4th September 1997Marvin CloseJohn Michael Phillips
1072253Tuesday 9th September 1997Greg SnowJohn Michael Phillips
1082254Wednesday 10th September 1997David LaneJohn Michael Phillips
1092255Thursday 11th September 1997John ChambersAdrian Bean
1102256Tuesday 16th September 1997Tim DynevorAdrian Bean
1112257Thursday 18th September 1997Jan McVerryAdrian Bean
1122258Friday 19th September 1997Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1132259Tuesday 23rd September 1997Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1142260Wednesday 24th September 1997Marvin CloseOliver Horsbrugh
1152261Thursday 25th September 1997Marvin CloseVivienne Cozens
1162262Tuesday 30th September 1997John ChambersVivienne Cozens
1172263Thursday 2nd October 1997John ChambersVivienne Cozens
1182264Friday 3rd October 1997Karin YoungAlan Bell
1192265Tuesday 7th October 1997Greg SnowAlan Bell
1202266Wednesday 8th October 1997David LaneAlan Bell
1212267Thursday 9th October 1997David LanePhill Hill
1222268Tuesday 14th October 1997David LanePhill Hill
1232269Wednesday 15th October 1997David LanePhill Hill
1242270Thursday 16th October 1997John ChambersStephen Butcher
1252271Tuesday 21st October 1997Bill LyonsStephen Butcher
1262272Wednesday 22nd October 1997Bill LyonsStephen Butcher
1272273Thursday 23rd October 1997Bill LyonsAdrian Bean
1282274Tuesday 28th October 1997Tom ElliottAdrian Bean
1292275Wednesday 29th October 1997Marvin CloseAdrian Bean
1302276Thursday 30th October 1997Marvin CloseLaurence Moody
1312277Tuesday 4th November 1997Greg SnowLaurence Moody
1322278Wednesday 5th November 1997Tim DynevorLaurence Moody
1332279Thursday 6th November 1997Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
1342280Tuesday 11th November 1997Greg SnowOliver Horsbrugh
1352281Wednesday 12th November 1997Greg SnowOliver Horsbrugh
1362282Thursday 13th November 1997David LanePaul Walker
1372283Tuesday 18th November 1997David LanePaul Walker
1382284Wednesday 19th November 1997Marvin ClosePaul Walker
1392285Thursday 20th November 1997Marvin CloseAlan Bell
1402286Tuesday 25th November 1997Tom ElliottAlan Bell
1412287Wednesday 26th November 1997Bill LyonsAlan Bell
1422288Thursday 27th November 1997Katharine HayPhill Hill
1432289Tuesday 2nd December 1997John ChambersPhill Hill
1442290Wednesday 3rd December 1997John ChambersPhill Hill
1452291Thursday 4th December 1997Bill LyonsStephen Butcher
1462292Tuesday 9th December 1997David MillardStephen Butcher
1472293Wednesday 10th December 1997David LaneStephen Butcher
1482294Thursday 11th December 1997Karin YoungAdrian Bean
1492295Tuesday 16th December 1997Tom ElliottAdrian Bean
1502296Wednesday 17th December 1997John ChambersAdrian Bean
1512297Thursday 18th December 1997Marvin CloseLaurence Moody
Tuesday 23rd December 1997Greg SnowLaurence Moody
1532300Wednesday 24th December 1997Tom ElliottOliver Horsbrugh
1542301Thursday 25th December 1997David LaneOliver Horsbrugh
1552302Friday 26th December 1997Katharine HayOliver Horsbrugh
1562303Tuesday 30th December 1997Karin YoungPaul Walker
1572304Wednesday 31st December 1997John ChambersPaul Walker

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Awards and NominationsEdit

National Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 1990s

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