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2000 was Emmerdale's 29th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
12632Tuesday 4th January 2000John ChambersJohn Darnell
22633Wednesday 5th January 2000Chris ThompsonJohn Darnell
32634Thursday 6th January 2000Pippa McCarthyJohn Darnell
42635Tuesday 11th January 2000Tim DynevorTim Dowd
52636Wednesday 12th January 2000Bill TaylorTim Dowd
62637Thursday 13th January 2000Mark IllisTim Dowd
72638Tuesday 18th January 2000Bill LyonsTim Dowd
82639Wednesday 19th January 2000UnknownJohn Anderson
92640Thursday 20th January 2000Martin JamesonJohn Anderson
102641Tuesday 25th January 2000Lesley KirkJohn Anderson
112642Wednesday 26th January 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillJohn Anderson
122643Thursday 27th January 2000Marvin CloseDaniela Neumann
132644Tuesday 1st February 2000Mark IllisDaniela Neumann
142645Wednesday 2nd February 2000Bill LyonsDaniela Neumann
152646Thursday 3rd February 2000Alan WilkinsonIan Bevitt
162647Tuesday 8th February 2000John ChambersIan Bevitt
172648Wednesday 9th February 2000Chris ThompsonIan Bevitt
182649Thursday 10th February 2000UnknownOliver Horsbrugh
192650Monday 14th February 2000Matthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
202651Tuesday 15th February 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
212652Wednesday 16th February 2000Marvin CloseJohn Michael Phillips
222653Thursday 17th February 2000Karin YoungJohn Michael Phillips
232654Friday 18th February 2000Chris ThompsonJohn Michael Phillips
242655Tuesday 22nd February 2000Bill LyonsJohn Darnell
252656Wednesday 23rd February 2000Bill TaylorJohn Darnell
262657Thursday 24th February 2000UnknownJohn Darnell
272658Tuesday 29th February 2000John ChambersJohn Darnell
282659Wednesday 1st March 2000Tim DynevorStephen Moore
292660Thursday 2nd March 2000Marvin CloseStephen Moore
302661Tuesday 7th March 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillStephen Moore
312662Wednesday 8th March 2000Karin YoungStephen Moore
322663Thursday 9th March 2000Matthew WestwoodSteve Goldie
332664Tuesday 14th March 2000Pippa McCarthySteve Goldie
342665Wednesday 15th March 2000Dave SimpsonSteve Goldie
352666Thursday 16th March 2000John ChambersSteve Goldie
362667Monday 20th March 2000Martin JamesonIan Bevitt
372668Tuesday 21st March 2000Mark IllisIan Bevitt
382669Wednesday 22nd March 2000Bill LyonsIan Bevitt
392670Thursday 23rd March 2000Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
402671Friday 24th March 2000Karin YoungOliver Horsbrugh
412672Tuesday 28th March 2000Pippa McCarthyIan Bevitt
422673Wednesday 29th March 2000Alan WilkinsonDiana Patrick
432674Thursday 30th March 2000John ChambersDiana Patrick
442675Tuesday 4th April 2000John ChambersDiana Patrick
452676Wednesday 5th April 2000Marvin CloseGraham Wetherell
462677Thursday 6th April 2000Tim DynevorGraham Wetherell
472678Tuesday 11th April 2000Chris ThompsonGraham Wetherell
482679Wednesday 12th April 2000Martin JamesonGraham Wetherell
492680Thursday 13th April 2000John ChambersGarth Tucker
502681Tuesday 18th April 2000Martin JamesonGarth Tucker
512682Thursday 20th April 2000Mark IllisGarth Tucker
522683Tuesday 25th April 2000Matthew WestwoodGarth Tucker
532684Wednesday 26th April 2000Karin YoungSteve Goldie
542685Thursday 27th April 2000Tim DynevorSteve Goldie
552686Monday 1st May 2000Bill TaylorSteve Goldie
562687Tuesday 2nd May 2000Alan WilkinsonSteve Goldie
572688Wednesday 3rd May 2000Chris ThompsonStephen Moore
582689Thursday 4th May 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillStephen Moore
592690Tuesday 9th May 2000Bill LyonsStephen Moore
602691Thursday 11th May 2000Chris ThompsonStephen Moore
612692Friday 12th May 2000Pippa McCarthyIan Bevitt
622693Tuesday 16th May 2000Martin JamesonIan Bevitt
632694Wednesday 17th May 2000Mark IllisIan Bevitt
642695Thursday 18th May 2000Tim DynevorDiana Patrick
652696Tuesday 23rd May 2000Bill TaylorDiana Patrick
662697Wednesday 24th May 2000Matthew WestwoodDiana Patrick
672698Thursday 25th May 2000John ChambersDiana Patrick
682699Tuesday 30th May 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan
692700Wednesday 31st May 2000Karin YoungHaldane Duncan
702701Thursday 1st June 2000Bill LyonsHaldane Duncan
712702Tuesday 6th June 2000Tim DynevorAlan Wareing
722703Wednesday 7th June 2000Bill TaylorAlan Wareing
732704Thursday 8th June 2000Mark IllisAlan Wareing
742705Tuesday 13th June 2000Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
752706Wednesday 14th June 2000Alan WilkinsonTim Dowd
762707Thursday 15th June 2000Pippa McCarthyTim Dowd
772708Tuesday 20th June 2000John ChambersTim Dowd
782709Wednesday 21st June 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
792710Thursday 22nd June 2000Chris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
802711Tuesday 27th June 2000Karin YoungOliver Horsbrugh
812712Thursday 29th June 20001Karin YoungPip Short
822713Thursday 29th June 20002Tim DynevorPip Short
832714Tuesday 4th July 2000Janys ChambersPip Short
842715Wednesday 5th July 2000John ChambersPip Short
852716Thursday 6th July 2000John ChambersHaldane Duncan
862717Monday 10th July 2000Bill LyonsHaldane Duncan
872718Tuesday 11th July 2000Matthew WestwoodHaldane Duncan
882719Wednesday 12th July 2000Matthew WestwoodHaldane Duncan
892720Thursday 13th July 2000Chris ThompsonAnne Ross Muir
902721Friday 14th July 2000Chris ThompsonAnne Ross Muir
912722Tuesday 18th July 2000Martin JamesonAnne Ross Muir
922723Wednesday 19th July 2000Martin JamesonAlan Wareing
932724Thursday 20th July 2000Pippa McCarthyAlan Wareing
942725Tuesday 25th July 2000Bill LyonsAlan Wareing
952726Wednesday 26th July 2000Mark IllisAlan Wareing
962727Thursday 27th July 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillTim Dowd
972728Tuesday 1st August 2000Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
982729Wednesday 2nd August 2000Bill TaylorTim Dowd
992730Thursday 3rd August 2000Tim DynevorTim Dowd
1002731Tuesday 8th August 2000Janys ChambersPip Short
1012732Wednesday 9th August 2000Karin YoungPip Short
1022733Thursday 10th August 2000John ChambersPip Short
1032734Tuesday 15th August 2000Bill TaylorOliver Horsbrugh
1042735Wednesday 16th August 2000Mark IllisOliver Horsbrugh
1052736Thursday 17th August 2000Martin JamesonOliver Horsbrugh
1062737Tuesday 22nd August 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
1072738Wednesday 23rd August 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan
1082739Thursday 24th August 2000Janys ChambersHaldane Duncan
1092740Tuesday 29th August 2000Alsion PennellsHaldane Duncan
1102741Wednesday 30th August 2000Karin YoungHaldane Duncan
1112742Thursday 31st August 2000Tim DynevorPhilip Wood
1122743Tuesday 5th September 2000Matthew WestwoodPhilip Wood
1132744Wednesday 6th September 2000Chris ThompsonPhilip Wood
1142745Thursday 7th September 2000Bill LyonsTerence Daw
1152746Tuesday 12th September 2000Bill TaylorTerence Daw
1162747Wednesday 13th September 2000John ChambersTerence Daw
1172748Thursday 14th September 2000Mark IllisTim Dowd
1182749Tuesday 19th September 2000Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
1192750Wednesday 20th September 2000Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
1202751Thursday 21st September 2000Bill TaylorTim Dowd
1212752Tuesday 26th September 2000Tim DynevorPip Short
1222753Wednesday 27th September 2000Janys ChambersPip Short
1232754Thursday 28th September 2000Karin YoungPip Short
1242755Monday 2nd October 2000Martin JamesonPip Short
1252756Tuesday 3rd October 2000Bill LyonsMike Adams
1262757Wednesday 4th October 2000Bill LyonsMike Adams
1272758Thursday 5th October 2000Chris ThompsonMike Adams
1282759Friday 6th October 2000Chris ThompsonMike Adams
1292760Monday 9th October 2000Bill TaylorTim O'Mara
1302761Tuesday 10th October 2000Janys ChambersTim O'Mara
1312762Wednesday 11th October 2000Chris ThompsonTim O'Mara
1322763Thursday 12th October 2000Chris ThompsonTim O'Mara
1332764Friday 13th October 2000Matthew WestwoodTim O'Mara
1342765Monday 16th October 2000Alison PennellsColin Cant
1352766Tuesday 17th October 2000Karin YoungColin Cant
1362767Wednesday 18th October 2000Tim DynevorColin Cant
1372768Thursday 19th October 2000Tim DynevorColin Cant
1382769Friday 20th October 2000Mark IllisColin Cant
1392770Monday 23rd October 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillDavid Kester
1402771Tuesday 24th October 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillDavid Kester
1412772Wednesday 25th October 2000Margaret SimpsonDavid Kester
1422773Thursday 26th October 2000Martin JamesonDavid Kester
1432774Friday 27th October 2000Martin JamesonDavid Kester
1442775Monday 30th October 2000Gill AdamsTim Dowd
1452776Tuesday 31st October 2000Alison PennellsTim Dowd
1462777Wednesday 1st November 2000Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
1472778Thursday 2nd November 2000Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
1482779Friday 3rd November 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillTim Dowd
1492780Monday 6th November 2000Janys ChambersChris Johnston
1502781Tuesday 7th November 2000Janys ChambersChris Johnston
1512782Wednesday 8th November 2000Bill TaylorChris Johnston
1522783Thursday 9th November 2000Bill TaylorChris Johnston
1532784Friday 10th November 2000Mark IllisChris Johnston
1542785Monday 13th November 2000Tim DynevorPip Short
1552786Tuesday 14th November 2000Tim DynevorPip Short
Wednesday 15th November 2000Chris Thompson
Martin Jameson
Pip Short
1572789Thursday 16th November 2000Martin JamesonPip Short
1582790Friday 17th November 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillAnne Ross Muir
1592791Tuesday 21st November 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillAnne Ross Muir
1602792Wednesday 22nd November 2000Matthew WestwoodAnne Ross Muir
1612793Thursday 23rd November 2000Matthew WestwoodAnne Ross Muir
1622794Friday 24th November 2000Stephen BennettAnne Ross Muir
1632795Monday 27th November 2000Janys ChambersJudith Dine
1642796Tuesday 28th November 2000Janys ChambersJudith Dine
1652797Wednesday 29th November 2000Mark IllisJudith Dine
1662798Thursday 30th November 2000Bill TaylorJudith Dine
1672799Friday 1st December 2000Bill TaylorJudith Dine
1682800Monday 4th December 2000Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
1692801Tuesday 5th December 2000Tim DynevorAlan Wareing
1702802Wednesday 6th December 2000Tim DynevorAlan Wareing
1712803Thursday 7th December 2000Margaret SimpsonAlan Wareing
1722804Friday 8th December 2000Alison PennellsAlan Wareing
1732805Monday 11th December 2000Janys ChambersDavid Kester
1742806Wednesday 13th December 2000Janys ChambersDavid Kester
1752807Thursday 14th December 2000Gill AdamsDavid Kester
1762808Friday 15th December 2000Martin JamesonDavid Kester
1772809Monday 18th December 2000Ken BlakesonDavid Kester
1782810Tuesday 19th December 2000Stephen BennettTim Dowd
1792811Wednesday 20th December 2000Margaret SimpsonTim Dowd
1802812Thursday 21st December 2000Lesley Clare O'NeillTim Dowd
1812813Friday 22nd December 2000Lynne SharpTim Dowd
1822814Monday 25th December 20001Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
1832815Monday 25th December 20002Chris ThompsonIan Bevitt
1842816Tuesday 26th December 2000Chris ThompsonIan Bevitt
1852817Wednesday 27th December 2000Mark IllisIan Bevitt
1862818Thursday 28th December 2000Tim DynevorIan Bevitt
1872819Friday 29th December 2000Alison PennellsIan Bevitt

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Awards and NominationsEdit

National Television Awards

British Soap Awards

British Academy Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 2000s

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