2002 was Emmerdale's 31st year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
13081Tuesday 1st January 2002Chris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
23082Wednesday 2nd January 2002Sarah BagshawOliver Horsbrugh
33083Thursday 3rd January 2002Matthew CooperOliver Horsbrugh
43084Friday 4th January 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
53085Sunday 6th January 2002Margaret SimpsonHaldane Duncan
63086Tuesday 8th January 2002Bill LyonsHaldane Duncan
73087Wednesday 9th January 2002Alison PennellsHaldane Duncan
83088Thursday 10th January 2002Bill TaylorHaldane Duncan
93089Friday 11th January 2002Tim DynevorHaldane Duncan
103090Monday 14th January 2002Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
113091Tuesday 15th January 2002Karin YoungJohn Darnell
123092Wednesday 16th January 2002Janys ChambersTim Dowd
133093Thursday 17th January 2002Dave SimpsonTim Dowd
143094Friday 18th January 2002John ChambersTim Dowd
153095Monday 21st January 2002John ChambersAnne Ross Muir
163096Tuesday 22nd January 2002Tim DynevorAnne Ross Muir
173097Wednesday 23rd January 2002Peter KerryAnne Ross Muir
183098Thursday 24th January 2002Matthew CooperAnne Ross Muir
193099Friday 25th January 2002Alison PennellsAnne Ross Muir
203100Sunday 27th January 2002Bill LyonsAlan Wareing
213101Monday 28th January 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing
223102Tuesday 29th January 2002Carol CullingtonAlan Wareing
233103Wednesday 30th January 2002Matthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
243104Thursday 31st January 2002Ian FentonAlan Wareing
253105Friday 1st February 2002Julie WilkinsonPip Short
263106Tuesday 5th February 2002Janys ChambersPip Short
273107Wednesday 6th February 2002Janys ChambersPip Short
283108Thursday 7th February 2002Chris ThompsonPip Short
293109Friday 8th February 2002Karin YoungPip Short
303110Monday 11th February 2002Tim DynevorTim O'Mara
313111Tuesday 12th February 2002Ian FentonTim O'Mara
323112Wednesday 13th February 2002Julie WilkinsonTim O'Mara
333113Thursday 14th February 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
343114Friday 15th February 2002Janys ChambersTim O'Mara
353115Monday 18th February 2002Karin YoungCraig Lines
363116Tuesday 19th February 2002Margaret SimpsonCraig Lines
373117Wednesday 20th February 2002Bill TaylorCraig Lines
383118Thursday 21st February 2002Sarah BagshawCraig Lines
393119Friday 22nd February 2002Dave SimpsonCraig Lines
403120Monday 25th February 2002John ChambersJudith Dine
413121Tuesday 26th February 2002John ChambersJudith Dine
423122Wednesday 27th February 2002Bill LyonsJudith Dine
433123Thursday 28th February 2002Chris ThompsonJudith Dine
443124Friday 1st March 2002Matthew WestwoodJudith Dine
453125Monday 4th March 2002Matthew CooperJudith Dine
463126Tuesday 5th March 2002Dave SimpsonTim Dowd
473127Wednesday 6th March 2002John ChambersTim Dowd
483128Thursday 7th March 2002Karin YoungTim Dowd
493129Friday 8th March 2002Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
503130Monday 11th March 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing
513131Tuesday 12th March 2002Bill TaylorAlan Wareing
523132Wednesday 13th March 2002Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
533133Thursday 14th March 2002Alison PennellsAlan Wareing
543134Friday 15th March 2002Janys ChambersAlan Wareing
553135Monday 18th March 2002Margaret SimpsonPip Short
563136Tuesday 19th March 2002Peter KerryPip Short
573137Wednesday 20th March 2002Tim DynevorPip Short
583138Thursday 21st March 2002Bill LyonsPip Short
593139Friday 22nd March 2002Bill LyonsPip Short
603140Monday 25th March 2002Matthew WestwoodTim O'Mara
613141Tuesday 26th March 2002Margaret SimpsonTim O'Mara
623142Wednesday 27th March 2002Chris ThompsonTim O'Mara
633143Thursday 28th March 2002Chris ThompsonTim O'Mara
643144Friday 29th March 2002Karin YoungTim O'Mara
Monday 1st April 2002Alison PennellsCraig Lines
663147Tuesday 2nd April 2002John ChambersCraig Lines
673148Thursday 4th April 2002John ChambersCraig Lines
683149Friday 5th April 2002Bill LyonsCraig Lines
693150Monday 8th April 2002Dave SimpsonJudith Dine
703151Tuesday 9th April 2002Ian FentonJudith Dine
713152Wednesday 10th April 2002Tim DynevorJudith Dine
723153Thursday 11th April 2002Tim DynevorJudith Dine
733154Friday 12th April 2002Bill TaylorJudith Dine
743155Monday 15th April 2002Peter KerryTim Dowd
753156Tuesday 16th April 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillTim Dowd
763157Wednesday 17th April 2002Matthew CooperTim Dowd
773158Thursday 18th April 2002Janys ChambersTim Dowd
783159Friday 19th April 2002Janys ChambersTim Dowd
793160Sunday 21st April 2002Matthew WestwoodTim Dowd
803161Monday 22nd April 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillDuncan Foster
813162Tuesday 23rd April 2002Ian FentonDuncan Foster
823163Wednesday 24th April 2002Karin YoungDuncan Foster
833164Thursday 25th April 2002Janys ChambersDuncan Foster
843165Friday 26th April 2002Sarah BagshawDuncan Foster
853166Monday 29th April 2002Dave SimpsonOliver Horsbrugh
863167Tuesday 30th April 2002John ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
873168Wednesday 1st May 2002Peter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
883169Thursday 2nd May 2002Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
893170Friday 3rd May 2002Mark IllisOliver Horsbrugh
903171Monday 6th May 2002Matthew CooperAlan Wareing
913172Tuesday 7th May 2002Matthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
923173Wednesday 8th May 2002Margaret SimpsonAlan Wareing
933174Thursday 9th May 2002Bill TaylorAlan Wareing
943175Friday 10th May 2002Bill LyonsAlan Wareing
953176Monday 13th May 2002Dave SimpsonTim O'Mara
963177Tuesday 14th May 2002Alison PennellsTim O'Mara
973178Wednesday 15th May 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
983179Thursday 16th May 2002Bill LyonsTim O'Mara
993180Friday 17th May 2002Paul QuineyTim O'Mara
1003181Monday 20th May 2002Janys ChambersJudith Dine
1013182Tuesday 21st May 2002Matthew WestwoodJudith Dine
1023183Wednesday 22nd May 2002Karin YoungJudith Dine
1033184Thursday 23rd May 2002Ian FentonJudith Dine
1043185Friday 24th May 2002Sarah BagshawJudith Dine
1053186Monday 27th May 2002Peter KerryPip Short
1063187Tuesday 28th May 2002Tim DynevorPip Short
1073188Wednesday 29th May 2002Chris ThompsonPip Short
1083189Thursday 30th May 2002John ChambersPip Short
1093190Friday 31st May 2002Mark IllisPip Short
1103191Monday 3rd June 2002Karin YoungDuncan Foster
1113192Tuesday 4th June 2002Karin YoungDuncan Foster
1123193Wednesday 5th June 2002Sarah BagshawDuncan Foster
1133194Thursday 6th June 2002Mark IllisDuncan Foster
1143195Friday 7th June 2002Janys ChambersDuncan Foster
1153196Monday 10th June 2002Matthew CooperDuncan Foster
1163197Tuesday 11th June 2002Peter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
1173198Wednesday 12th June 2002Margaret SimpsonOliver Horsbrugh
1183199Thursday 13th June 2002Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1193200Friday 14th June 2002John ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
1203201Monday 17th June 2002Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
1213202Tuesday 18th June 2002Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
1223203Wednesday 19th June 2002Ian FentonAlan Wareing
1233204Thursday 20th June 2002Alison PennellsAlan Wareing
1243205Friday 21st June 2002Matthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
Monday 24th June 2002Dave Simpson
Lesley Clare O'Neill
Haldane Duncan
1263208Tuesday 25th June 2002Paul QuineyHaldane Duncan
1273209Wednesday 26th June 2002Bill TaylorHaldane Duncan
1283210Thursday 27th June 2002Tim DynevorHaldane Duncan
1293211Monday 1st July 2002John ChambersTim O'Mara
1303212Tuesday 2nd July 2002John ChambersTim O'Mara
1313213Wednesday 3rd July 2002John ChambersTim O'Mara
1323214Thursday 4th July 2002John ChambersTim O'Mara
1333215Friday 5th July 2002John ChambersTim O'Mara
Monday 8th July 2002Bill Taylor
Peter Kerry
Brian Morgan
1353218Tuesday 9th July 2002Chris ThompsonBrian Morgan
1363219Wednesday 10th July 2002Mark IllisBrian Morgan
1373220Thursday 11th July 2002Janys ChambersBrian Morgan
1383221Monday 15th July 2002Margaret SimpsonPip Short
1393222Tuesday 16th July 2002Matthew WestwoodPip Short
1403223Wednesday 17th July 2002Bill LyonsPip Short
1413224Thursday 18th July 2002Karin YoungPip Short
1423225Friday 19th July 2002Tim DynevorPip Short
1433226Monday 22nd July 2002Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1443227Tuesday 23rd July 2002Stephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
Wednesday 24th July 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
1463230Friday 26th July 2002Ian FentonOliver Horsbrugh
1473231Monday 29th July 2002Ian FentonPhilip Wood
1483232Tuesday 30th July 2002Paul QuineyPhilip Wood
1493233Wednesday 31st July 2002Alison PennellsPhilip Wood
1503234Thursday 1st August 2002Peter KerryPhilip Wood
1513235Friday 2nd August 2002Chris ThompsonPhilip Wood
1523236Monday 5th August 2002Margaret SimpsonMark Sendell
1533237Tuesday 6th August 2002Sarah BagshawMark Sendell
1543238Wednesday 7th August 2002Karin YoungMark Sendell
Thursday 8th August 2002Matthew Cooper
Matthew Westwood
Mark Sendell
1563241Monday 12th August 2002Mark IllisHaldane Duncan
1573242Tuesday 13th August 2002Bill TaylorHaldane Duncan
1583243Wednesday 14th August 2002Paul QuineyHaldane Duncan
1593244Thursday 15th August 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan
1603245Friday 16th August 2002Matthew CooperHaldane Duncan
1613246Monday 19th August 2002Tim DynevorDaniel Wilson
1623247Tuesday 20th August 2002Ian FentonDaniel Wilson
1633248Wednesday 21st August 2002Dave SimpsonDaniel Wilson
1643249Thursday 22nd August 2002Janys ChambersDaniel Wilson
1653250Friday 23rd August 2002Janys ChambersDaniel Wilson
1663251Monday 26th August 2002Karin YoungTim Dowd
1673252Tuesday 27th August 2002Sarah BagshawTim Dowd
1683253Wednesday 28th August 2002Bill LyonsTim Dowd
1693254Thursday 29th August 2002Chris ThompsonTim Dowd
1703255Friday 30th August 2002John ChambersTim Dowd
Monday 2nd September 2002Alison Pennells
Margaret Simpson
Pip Short
1723258Tuesday 3rd September 2002Janys ChambersPip Short
1733259Wednesday 4th September 2002Matthew WestwoodPip Short
1743260Friday 6th September 2002Karin YoungPip Short
1753261Monday 9th September 2002Stephen BennettTony Prescott
1763262Tuesday 10th September 2002Peter KerryTony Prescott
1773263Wednesday 11th September 2002Tim DynevorTony Prescott
1783264Thursday 12th September 2002John ChambersTony Prescott
1793265Friday 13th September 2002Bill LyonsTony Prescott
1803266Monday 16th September 2002Sarah BagshawPhilip Wood
1813267Tuesday 17th September 2002Bill TaylorPhilip Wood
1823268Wednesday 18th September 2002UnknownPhilip Wood
1833269Thursday 19th September 2002Paul QuineyPhilip Wood
1843270Friday 20th September 2002Mark IllisPhilip Wood
1853271Monday 23rd September 2002Mark IllisHaldane Duncan
1863272Tuesday 24th September 2002Margaret SimpsonHaldane Duncan
1873273Wednesday 25th September 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan
1883274Thursday 26th September 2002Ian FentonHaldane Duncan
1893275Friday 27th September 2002Dave SimpsonHaldane Duncan
1903276Monday 30th September 2002Janys ChambersDaniel Wilson
1913277Tuesday 1st October 2002Sarah BagshawDaniel Wilson
1923278Wednesday 2nd October 2002Karin YoungDaniel Wilson
1933279Thursday 3rd October 2002Matthew WestwoodDaniel Wilson
1943280Friday 4th October 2002Chris ThompsonDaniel Wilson
1953281Monday 7th October 2002Bill LyonsBrian Morgan
1963282Tuesday 8th October 2002Dave SimpsonBrian Morgan
1973283Wednesday 9th October 2002Margaret SimpsonBrian Morgan
1983284Thursday 10th October 2002Janys ChambersBrian Morgan
1993285Friday 11th October 2002Paul QuineyBrian Morgan
2003286Tuesday 15th October 2002Peter KerryTim Dowd
2013287Wednesday 16th October 2002John ChambersTim Dowd
2023288Thursday 17th October 20021Karin YoungTim Dowd
2033289Thursday 17th October 20022Chris ThompsonTim Dowd
2043290Friday 18th October 2002Tim DynevorTim Dowd
2053291Monday 21st October 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillTony Prescott
2063292Tuesday 22nd October 2002Bill TaylorTony Prescott
2073293Wednesday 23rd October 2002Stephen BennettTony Prescott
2083294Thursday 24th October 2002Mark IllisTony Prescott
2093295Friday 25th October 2002Matthew WestwoodTony Prescott
2103296Monday 28th October 2002Sarah BagshawOliver Horsbrugh
2113297Tuesday 29th October 2002Ian FentonOliver Horsbrugh
2123298Wednesday 30th October 2002Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
2133299Thursday 31st October 2002Andrew KirkOliver Horsbrugh
2143300Friday 1st November 2002Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
2153301Monday 4th November 2002Sarah BagshawDuncan Foster
2163302Tuesday 5th November 2002Peter KerryDuncan Foster
2173303Wednesday 6th November 2002Peter KerryDuncan Foster
2183304Thursday 7th November 2002Stephen BennettDuncan Foster
2193305Friday 8th November 2002Stephen BennettDuncan Foster
2203306Monday 11th November 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan
2213307Tuesday 12th November 2002Matthew WestwoodHaldane Duncan
2223308Wednesday 13th November 2002Janys ChambersHaldane Duncan
2233309Thursday 14th November 2002Janys ChambersHaldane Duncan
2243310Friday 15th November 2002John ChambersHaldane Duncan
Monday 18th November 2002Bill Lyons
Janys Chambers
Alan Wareing
2263313Tuesday 19th November 2002Tim DynevorAlan Wareing
2273314Thursday 21st November 2002Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
2283315Friday 22nd November 2002Paul QuineyAlan Wareing
Monday 25th November 2002John Chambers
Dave Simpson
Judith Dine
2303318Tuesday 26th November 2002Matthew WestwoodJudith Dine
2313319Thursday 28th November 2002Mark IllisJudith Dine
2323320Friday 29th November 2002Karin YoungJudith Dine
Monday 2nd December 2002Sarah Bagshaw
Margaret Simpson
David Kester
2343323Tuesday 3rd December 2002Ian FentonDavid Kester
2353324Thursday 5th December 2002Stephen BennettDavid Kester
2363325Friday 6th December 2002Bill TaylorDavid Kester
2373326Monday 9th December 2002Lesley Clare O'NeillTony Prescott
2383327Tuesday 10th December 2002Ian FentonTony Prescott
2393328Wednesday 11th December 2002Dave SimpsonTony Prescott
2403329Thursday 12th December 2002Janys ChambersTony Prescott
2413330Friday 13th December 2002Janys ChambersTony Prescott
2423331Sunday 15th December 2002Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
2433332Monday 16th December 2002Mark IllisOliver Horsbrugh
2443333Tuesday 17th December 2002Stephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
2453334Thursday 19th December 2002Stephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
2463335Friday 20th December 2002Bill TaylorOliver Horsbrugh
2473336Monday 23rd December 2002Paul QuineyDuncan Foster
2483337Tuesday 24th December 2002Peter KerryDuncan Foster
2493338Wednesday 25th December 2002Tim DynevorDuncan Foster
2503339Thursday 26th December 2002Chris ThompsonDuncan Foster
2513340Friday 27th December 2002Chris ThompsonDuncan Foster
2523341Monday 30th December 2002Margaret SimpsonPip Short
Tuesday 31st December 2002Karin Young
John Chambers
Pip Short

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