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2003 was Emmerdale's 32nd year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
13344Thursday 2nd January 2003Andrew KirkPip Short
23345Friday 3rd January 2003Sarah BagshawPip Short
33346Monday 6th January 2003Sarah BagshawAlan Wareing
43347Tuesday 7th January 2003Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
53348Wednesday 8th January 2003Peter KerryAlan Wareing
63349Thursday 9th January 2003Ian FentonAlan Wareing
73350Friday 10th January 2003Karin YoungAlan Wareing
83351Monday 13th January 2003Andrew KirkJudith Dine
93352Tuesday 14th January 2003Stephen BennettJudith Dine
103353Wednesday 15th January 2003Dave SimpsonJudith Dine
113354Thursday 16th January 2003Tim DynevorJudith Dine
123355Friday 17th January 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillJudith Dine
133356Monday 20th January 2003Mark IllisTracey Rooney
143357Tuesday 21st January 2003Margaret SimpsonTracey Rooney
153358Wednesday 22nd January 2003Margaret SimpsonTracey Rooney
163359Thursday 23rd January 2003Janys ChambersTracey Rooney
173360Friday 24th January 2003Janys ChambersTracey Rooney
183361Monday 27th January 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
193362Tuesday 28th January 2003Paul QuineyOliver Horsbrugh
203363Wednesday 29th January 2003Fintan O'HigginsOliver Horsbrugh
213364Thursday 30th January 2003Tim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
223365Friday 31st January 2003Stephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
233366Monday 3rd February 2003Dave SimpsonJohn Anderson
243367Tuesday 4th February 2003Andrew KirkJohn Anderson
253368Wednesday 5th February 2003Peter KerryJohn Anderson
263369Thursday 6th February 2003Mark IllisJohn Anderson
273370Friday 7th February 2003Margaret SimpsonJohn Anderson
Monday 10th February 2003Chris ThompsonPip Short
293373Tuesday 11th February 2003Ian FentonPip Short
303374Thursday 13th February 2003Janys ChambersPip Short
313375Friday 14th February 2003Sarah BagshawPip Short
323376Sunday 16th February 2003Andrew KirkAlan Wareing
333377Monday 17th February 2003Mark IllisAlan Wareing
343378Tuesday 18th February 2003Andrew KirkAlan Wareing
353379Thursday 20th February 2003Sarah BagshawAlan Wareing
363380Friday 21st February 2003Sarah BagshawAlan Wareing
373381Monday 24th February 2003Andrew KirkTim Dowd
383382Tuesday 25th February 2003Stephen BennettTim Dowd
393383Wednesday 26th February 2003Paul QuineyTim Dowd
403384Thursday 27th February 2003Margaret SimpsonTim Dowd
413385Friday 28th February 2003Peter KerryTim Dowd
423386Monday 3rd March 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillTracey Rooney
433387Tuesday 4th March 2003Tim DynevorTracey Rooney
443388Wednesday 5th March 2003Mark IllisTracey Rooney
453389Thursday 6th March 2003Bill TaylorTracey Rooney
463390Friday 7th March 2003Bill TaylorTracey Rooney
473391Monday 10th March 2003Karin YoungPhilip Wood
483392Tuesday 11th March 2003Peter KerryPhilip Wood
493393Wednesday 12th March 2003Peter KerryPhilip Wood
503394Thursday 13th March 2003Stephen BennettPhilip Wood
513395Friday 14th March 2003Stephen BennettPhilip Wood
523396Monday 17th March 2003Tim DynevorJohn Anderson
533397Tuesday 18th March 2003Tim DynevorJohn Anderson
543398Wednesday 19th March 2003Sarah BagshawJohn Anderson
553399Thursday 20th March 2003Sarah BagshawJohn Anderson
563400Friday 21st March 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillJohn Anderson
573401Monday 24th March 2003Paul QuineyPip Short
583402Tuesday 25th March 2003Fintan O'HigginsPip Short
593403Wednesday 26th March 2003Bill TaylorPip Short
603404Thursday 27th March 2003Chris ThompsonPip Short
613405Friday 28th March 2003Chris ThompsonPip Short
623406Monday 31st March 2003Peter KerryAlan Wareing
633407Tuesday 1st April 2003Paul QuineyAlan Wareing
643408Wednesday 2nd April 2003Stephen BennettAlan Wareing
653409Thursday 3rd April 2003Stephen BennettAlan Wareing
663410Friday 4th April 2003Fintan O'HigginsAlan Wareing
673411Monday 7th April 2003Sarah BagshawTim O'Mara
683412Tuesday 8th April 2003Bill LyonsTim O'Mara
693413Wednesday 9th April 2003Ian FentonTim O'Mara
703414Thursday 10th April 2003Janys ChambersTim O'Mara
713415Friday 11th April 2003Janys ChambersTim O'Mara
723416Monday 14th April 2003Chris ThompsonDaniel Wilson
733417Tuesday 15th April 2003Chris ThompsonDaniel Wilson
743418Wednesday 16th April 2003Margaret SimpsonDaniel Wilson
753419Thursday 17th April 2003Margaret SimpsonDaniel Wilson
763420Friday 18th April 2003Bill TaylorDaniel Wilson
773421Monday 21st April 2003Bill TaylorPhilip Wood
783422Tuesday 22nd April 2003Tim DynevorPhilip Wood
793423Wednesday 23rd April 2003Tim DynevorPhilip Wood
803424Thursday 24th April 2003Andrew KirkPhilip Wood
813425Friday 25th April 2003Mark IllisPhilip Wood
823426Sunday 27th April 2003Mark IllisPhilip Wood
833427Monday 28th April 2003Bill TaylorJohn Anderson
843428Tuesday 29th April 2003Ian FentonJohn Anderson
853429Wednesday 30th April 2003Bill LyonsJohn Anderson
863430Thursday 1st May 2003Janys ChambersJohn Anderson
873431Friday 2nd May 2003Margaret SimpsonJohn Anderson
883432Sunday 4th May 2003Lisa HoldsworthJohn Anderson
893433Tuesday 6th May 2003Andrew KirkHaldane Duncan
903434Wednesday 7th May 2003John ChambersHaldane Duncan
913435Thursday 8th May 2003John ChambersHaldane Duncan
923436Friday 9th May 2003Karin YoungHaldane Duncan
933437Sunday 11th May 2003Karin YoungHaldane Duncan
943438Monday 12th May 2003Stephen BennettHaldane Duncan
953439Tuesday 13th May 2003Chris ThompsonBen Morris
963440Wednesday 14th May 2003Sarah BagshawBen Morris
973441Thursday 15th May 2003Paul QuineyBen Morris
983442Friday 16th May 2003Paul QuineyBen Morris
993443Sunday 18th May 2003Mark IllisBen Morris
1003444Monday 19th May 2003Mark IllisBen Morris
1013445Tuesday 20th May 2003Stephen BennettTim O'Mara
1023446Wednesday 21st May 2003Stephen BennettTim O'Mara
1033447Thursday 22nd May 2003Lisa HoldsworthTim O'Mara
1043448Friday 23rd May 2003Ian FentonTim O'Mara
1053449Monday 26th May 2003Andrew KirkTim O'Mara
1063450Tuesday 27th May 2003Andrew KirkTim O'Mara
1073451Thursday 29th May 2003Chris ThompsonDaniel Wilson
1083452Friday 30th May 2003Chris ThompsonDaniel Wilson
1093453Sunday 1st June 2003Karin YoungDaniel Wilson
1103454Monday 2nd June 2003Karin YoungDaniel Wilson
1113455Tuesday 3rd June 2003Janys ChambersDaniel Wilson
1123456Wednesday 4th June 2003Janys ChambersDaniel Wilson
1133457Thursday 5th June 2003Bill TaylorDuncan Foster
1143458Friday 6th June 2003Margaret SimpsonDuncan Foster
1153459Sunday 8th June 2003Margaret SimpsonDuncan Foster
1163460Monday 9th June 2003John ChambersDuncan Foster
1173461Tuesday 10th June 2003Sarah BagshawDuncan Foster
1183462Wednesday 11th June 2003Bill LyonsDuncan Foster
1193463Thursday 12th June 2003Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1203464Friday 13th June 2003Lisa HoldsworthOliver Horsbrugh
Monday 16th June 2003John ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
1223467Tuesday 17th June 2003Sarah BagshawOliver Horsbrugh
1233468Wednesday 18th June 2003Sarah BagshawOliver Horsbrugh
1243469Thursday 19th June 2003Ian FentonHaldane Duncan
Monday 23rd June 2003Peter Kerry
Bill Taylor
Haldane Duncan
1263472Tuesday 24th June 2003Peter KerryHaldane Duncan
1273473Wednesday 25th June 2003Janys ChambersHaldane Duncan
1283474Thursday 26th June 2003Stephen BennettJudith Dine
1293475Friday 27th June 2003Bill TaylorJudith Dine
Monday 30th June 2003Mark Illis
Karin Young
Judith Dine
1313478Tuesday 1st July 2003Paul QuineyJudith Dine
1323479Wednesday 2nd July 2003Stephen BennettTim O'Mara
1333480Thursday 3rd July 2003Fintan O'HigginsTim O'Mara
1343481Friday 4th July 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
Monday 7th July 2003John ChambersTim O'Mara
1363484Tuesday 8th July 2003Bill TaylorDaniel Wilson
1373485Wednesday 9th July 2003Karin YoungDaniel Wilson
1383486Thursday 10th July 2003Karin YoungDaniel Wilson
1393487Friday 11th July 2003Josephine BurkeDaniel Wilson
1403488Monday 14th July 2003Sarah BagshawDuncan Foster
1413489Tuesday 15th July 2003Sarah BagshawDuncan Foster
1423490Wednesday 16th July 2003Mark IllisDuncan Foster
1433491Thursday 17th July 2003Mark IllisDuncan Foster
1443492Friday 18th July 2003Bill LyonsDuncan Foster
1453493Monday 21st July 2003Peter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
1463494Tuesday 22nd July 2003Peter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
1473495Wednesday 23rd July 2003Margaret SimpsonOliver Horsbrugh
1483496Thursday 24th July 2003Margaret SimpsonOliver Horsbrugh
1493497Friday 25th July 2003Chris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
1503498Monday 28th July 2003Janys ChambersPip Short
1513499Tuesday 29th July 2003Janys ChambersPip Short
1523500Wednesday 30th July 2003Lisa HoldsworthPip Short
1533501Thursday 31st July 2003Lisa HoldsworthPip Short
1543502Friday 1st August 2003Andrew KirkPip Short
1553503Monday 4th August 2003Paul QuineyJudith Dine
1563504Tuesday 5th August 2003Paul QuineyJudith Dine
1573505Wednesday 6th August 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillJudith Dine
1583506Thursday 7th August 2003Stephen BennettJudith Dine
1593507Friday 8th August 2003Stephen BennettJudith Dine
1603508Monday 11th August 2003Stephen BennettDavid Kester
1613509Tuesday 12th August 2003Peter KerryDavid Kester
1623510Wednesday 13th August 2003Chris ThompsonDavid Kester
1633511Thursday 14th August 2003Chris ThompsonDavid Kester
1643512Friday 15th August 2003Bill LyonsDavid Kester
1653513Monday 18th August 2003John ChambersHenry Foster
1663514Tuesday 19th August 2003John ChambersHenry Foster
1673515Wednesday 20th August 2003Sarah BagshawHenry Foster
1683516Thursday 21st August 2003Sarah BagshawHenry Foster
1693517Friday 22nd August 2003Mark IllisHenry Foster
1703518Monday 25th August 2003Mark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
1713519Tuesday 26th August 2003Josephine BurkePiotr Szkopiak
1723520Wednesday 27th August 2003Andrew KirkPiotr Szkopiak
1733521Thursday 28th August 2003Lisa HoldsworthPiotr Szkopiak
1743522Friday 29th August 2003Lisa HoldsworthPiotr Szkopiak
1753523Monday 1st September 2003Margaret SimpsonDuncan Foster
1763524Tuesday 2nd September 2003Karin YoungDuncan Foster
1773525Wednesday 3rd September 2003Karin YoungDuncan Foster
1783526Thursday 4th September 2003Bill TaylorDuncan Foster
1793527Friday 5th September 2003Bill TaylorDuncan Foster
1803528Monday 8th September 2003Ian FentonOliver Horsbrugh
1813529Tuesday 9th September 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
1823530Wednesday 10th September 2003Bill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1833531Thursday 11th September 2003Stephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
1843532Friday 12th September 2003Stephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
1853533Sunday 14th September 2003Karin YoungPip Short
1863534Monday 15th September 2003Karin YoungPip Short
1873535Tuesday 16th September 2003Margaret SimpsonPip Short
1883536Wednesday 17th September 2003Sarah BagshawPip Short
1893537Thursday 18th September 2003Sarah BagshawPip Short
1903538Friday 19th September 2003John ChambersPip Short
1913539Sunday 21st September 2003John ChambersTony Prescott
1923540Monday 22nd September 2003Janys ChambersTony Prescott
1933541Tuesday 23rd September 2003Janys ChambersTony Prescott
1943542Wednesday 24th September 2003Mark IllisTony Prescott
1953543Thursday 25th September 2003Matthew WestwoodTony Prescott
1963544Friday 26th September 2003Matthew WestwoodTony Prescott
Monday 29th September 2003Chris ThompsonDavid Kester
1983547Wednesday 1st October 2003Josephine BurkeDavid Kester
1993548Thursday 2nd October 2003Peter KerryDavid Kester
2003549Friday 3rd October 2003Andrew KirkDavid Kester
2013550Sunday 5th October 2003Andrew KirkDavid Kester
2023551Monday 6th October 2003Janys ChambersAlan Wareing
2033552Tuesday 7th October 2003Janys ChambersAlan Wareing
2043553Wednesday 8th October 2003Ian FentonAlan Wareing
2053554Thursday 9th October 2003Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
2063555Friday 10th October 2003Chris ThompsonAlan Wareing
2073556Sunday 12th October 2003Lisa HoldsworthAlan Wareing
2083557Monday 13th October 2003Lisa HoldsworthTracey Rooney
2093558Tuesday 14th October 2003Stephen BennettTracey Rooney
2103559Wednesday 15th October 2003Stephen BennettTracey Rooney
2113560Thursday 16th October 2003John ChambersTracey Rooney
2123561Friday 17th October 2003John ChambersTracey Rooney
2133562Sunday 19th October 2003Karin YoungTracey Rooney
2143563Monday 20th October 2003Peter KerryHenry Foster
2153564Tuesday 21st October 2003Bill LyonsHenry Foster
2163565Wednesday 22nd October 2003Margaret SimpsonHenry Foster
2173566Thursday 23rd October 2003Bill TaylorHenry Foster
2183567Friday 24th October 2003Bill TaylorHenry Foster
2193568Sunday 26th October 2003Mark IllisHenry Foster
2203569Monday 27th October 2003Paul QuineyPip Short
Tuesday 28th October 2003Tim DynevorPip Short
2223572Wednesday 29th October 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillPip Short
2233573Thursday 30th October 2003Matthew WestwoodPip Short
2243574Friday 31st October 2003Matthew WestwoodPip Short
2253575Monday 3rd November 2003Josephine BurkeTony Prescott
2263576Tuesday 4th November 2003Paul QuineyTony Prescott
2273577Wednesday 5th November 2003Matthew WestwoodTony Prescott
2283578Thursday 6th November 2003Matthew WestwoodTony Prescott
2293579Friday 7th November 2003Sarah BagshawTony Prescott
2303580Monday 10th November 2003Sarah BagshawTony Prescott
Tuesday 11th November 2003Tim Dynevor Mark Sendell
2323583Wednesday 12th November 2003Stephen BennettMark Sendell
2333584Thursday 13th November 2003John ChambersMark Sendell
2343585Friday 14th November 2003Lisa HoldsworthMark Sendell
2353586Monday 17th November 2003Lisa HoldsworthMark Sendell
Tuesday 18th November 2003Andrew KirkAlan Wareing
2373589Wednesday 19th November 2003Bill LyonsAlan Wareing
2383590Thursday 20th November 2003Christine MurphyAlan Wareing
2393591Friday 21st November 2003Karin YoungAlan Wareing
2403592Monday 24th November 2003Karin YoungAlan Wareing
2413593Tuesday 25th November 2003Mark IllisTracey Rooney
2423594Wednesday 26th November 2003Mark IllisTracey Rooney
Thursday 27th November 2003Holly Lyons
Bill Taylor
Tracey Rooney
2443597Monday 1st December 2003Bill TaylorTracey Rooney
Tuesday 2nd December 2003Margaret SimpsonTracey Rooney
Philip Wood
2463600Wednesday 3rd December 2003Peter KerryPhilip Wood
2473601Thursday 4th December 2003Stephen BennettPhilip Wood
2483602Friday 5th December 2003Stephen BennettPhilip Wood
2493603Monday 8th December 2003John ChambersPhilip Wood
2503604Tuesday 9th December 2003John ChambersPhilip Wood
2513605Wednesday 10th December 2003Bill LyonsDaniel Wilson
2523606Thursday 11th December 2003Christine MurphyDaniel Wilson
2533607Friday 12th December 2003Andrew KirkDaniel Wilson
2543608Monday 15th December 2003Holly LyonsDaniel Wilson
Tuesday 16th December 2003Sarah BagshawPip Short
2563611Wednesday 17th December 2003Lisa HoldsworthPip Short
2573612Thursday 18th December 2003Lesley Clare O'NeillPip Short
2583613Friday 19th December 2003Tim DynevorPip Short
2593614Monday 22nd December 2003Margaret SimpsonHenry Foster
2603615Tuesday 23rd December 2003Matthew WestwoodHenry Foster
2613616Wednesday 24th December 2003Bill TaylorHenry Foster
Thursday 25th December 2003John ChambersHenry Foster
2633619Friday 26th December 2003Chris ThompsonHenry Foster
2643620Monday 29th December 2003Janys ChambersTony Prescott
2653621Tuesday 30th December 2003Janys ChambersTony Prescott
2663622Wednesday 31st December 2003Karin YoungTony Prescott

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Awards and NominationsEdit

National Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 2000s

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