2007 was Emmerdale's 36th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director Viewing
14560Monday 1st JanuaryJulie ParsonsDavid Kester8,390,00016
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryPaul RoundellDavid Kester8,380,00017
34563Wednesday 3rd JanuaryBill LyonsDavid Kester8,980,00014
44564Thursday 4th JanuaryJohn ChambersTony Prescott9,340,00012
54565Friday 5th JanuaryJohn ChambersTony Prescott9,170,00013
64566Monday 8th JanuarySamantha Doland De VauxTony Prescott9,380,000 11
74567Tuesday 9th JanuaryPhilip MeeksTony Prescott8,960,00014
84568Wednesday 10th JanuaryPeter KerryHenry Foster8,700,00015
94569Thursday 11th JanuaryChris ThompsonHenry Foster8,960,00014
104570Friday 12th JanuaryMargaret SimpsonHenry Foster8,600,00016
114571Sunday 14th JanuaryMargaret SimpsonHenry Foster7,660,00018
124572Monday 15th JanuaryMargaret SimpsonTracey Rooney9,290,00010
134573Tuesday 16th JanuaryJohn ChambersTracey Rooney8,730,00016
144574Wednesday 17th JanuaryJohn ChambersTracey Rooney8,970,00014
154575Thursday 18th JanuaryLindsay WilliamsTracey Rooney9,070,00012
164576Friday 19th JanuaryBill LyonsMike Adams8,680,00017
174577Sunday 21st JanuaryPeter KerryMike Adams8,560,00018
184578Monday 22nd JanuarySteve HughesMike Adams9,320,0009
194579Tuesday 23rd JanuaryCaroline MitchellMike Adams8,790,00011
204580Wednesday 24th JanuarySarah BagshawDominic Macdonald8,760,00012
214581Thursday 25th JanuaryChris ThompsonDominic Macdonald8,570,00014
224582Friday 26th JanuaryChris ThompsonDominic Macdonald8,600,00013
234583Sunday 28th JanuaryPhilip MeeksDominic Macdonald8,170,00015
244584Monday 29th JanuaryMark IllisBrian Morgan9,120,00010
254585Tuesday 30th JanuaryMark IllisBrian Morgan8,270,00013
264586Wednesday 31st JanuaryTim DynevorBrian Morgan8,570,00011
Thursday 1st FebruaryPaul RoundellBrian Morgan8,150,00014
284589Friday 2nd FebruaryKarin YoungBrian Morgan8,310,00012
294590Sunday 4th FebruaryKarin YoungBrian Morgan7,520,00016
304591Monday 5th FebruarySue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak9,180,0009
314592Tuesday 6th FebruaryBill TaylorPiotr Szkopiak8,410,00014
324593Wednesday 7th FebruaryBill TaylorPiotr Szkopiak8,890,00012
334594Thursday 8th FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxPiotr Szkopiak9,010,00011
344595Friday 9th FebruaryJulie ParsonsPiotr Szkopiak8,870,00013
354596Sunday 11th FebruaryKarin YoungDi Patrick7,770,00017
364597Monday 12th FebruaryKarin YoungDi Patrick9,050,0008
374598Tuesday 13th FebruaryPhilip MeeksDi Patrick8,510,00010
384599Wednesday 14th FebruaryCaroline MitchellDi Patrick8,050,00012
394600Thursday 15th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillTony Prescott8,110,00011
404601Friday 16th FebruarySarah BagshawTony Prescott8,030,00013
414602Sunday 18th FebruaryPeter KerryTony Prescott7,410,00016
424603Monday 19th FebruaryPeter KerryTony Prescott8,920,00011
434604Tuesday 20th FebruaryChris ThompsonHenry Foster8,310,00013
444605Wednesday 21st FebruaryChris ThompsonHenry Foster8,630,00012
454606Thursday 22nd FebruarySue MooneyHenry Foster8,300,00014
464607Friday 23rd FebruaryBill LyonsHenry Foster8,220,00015
474608Sunday 25th FebruarySamantha Doland de VauxDominic Leclerc7,850,00017
484609Monday 26th FebruarySteve HughesDominic Leclerc8,520,00013
494610Tuesday 27th FebruaryBill TaylorDominic Leclerc8,540,00012
504611Wednesday 28th FebruaryBill TaylorDominic Leclerc8,470,00014
514612Thursday 1st MarchLindsay WilliamsAlan Wareing8,080,00018
524613Friday 2nd MarchPaul RoundellAlan Wareing8,380,00015
534614Sunday 4th MarchJohn ChambersAlan Wareing8,100,00017
544615Monday 5th MarchJohn ChambersAlan Wareing8,940,0008
554616Tuesday 6th MarchMargaret SimpsonDominic Macdonald8,270,00010
564617Wednesday 7th MarchJulie ParsonsDominic Macdonald8,250,00011
Thursday 8th MarchMark Illis
Tim Dynevor
Dominic Macdonald8,060,00013
584620Friday 9th MarchAndrew KirkDuncan Foster8,200,00012
594621Monday 12th MarchAndrew KirkDuncan Foster8,550,00010
604622Tuesday 13th MarchTim DynevorDuncan Foster7,830,00014
614623Wednesday 14th MarchLindsay WilliamsDuncan Foster7,830,00014
624624Thursday 15th MarchSteve HughesMickey Jones7,830,00014
634625Friday 16th MarchSteve HughesMickey Jones
644626Sunday 18th MarchSamantha Doland de VauxMickey Jones
654627Monday 19th MarchPhilip MeeksMickey Jones
664628Tuesday 20th MarchBill TaylorPiotr Szkopiak8,370,00011
674629Wednesday 21st MarchKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak8,540,00010
684630Thursday 22nd MarchLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak
694631Friday 23rd MarchSue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak7,950,00013
704632Sunday 25th MarchSarah BagshawDiana Patrick6,820,00016
714633Monday 26th MarchSarah BagshawDiana Patrick7,970,00012
724634Tuesday 27th MarchPeter KerryDiana Patrick7,940,00013
734635Wednesday 28th MarchJulie ParsonsDiana Patrick7,780,00016
744636Thursday 29th MarchCaroline MitchellTony Prescott7,910,00014
754637Friday 30th MarchCaroline MitchellTony Prescott7,900,00015
764638Sunday 1st AprilMark IllisTony Prescott
774639Monday 2nd AprilChris ThompsonTony Prescott
784640Tuesday 3rd AprilMargaret SimpsonHenry Foster
794641Wednesday 4th AprilPaul RoundellHenry Foster
804642Thursday 5th AprilPaul RoundellHenry Foster
814643Friday 6th AprilBill LyonsHenry Foster
824644Sunday 8th AprilBill TaylorTracey Rooney
834645Monday 9th AprilBill TaylorTracey Rooney
844646Tuesday 10th AprilLesley Clare O'NeillTracey Rooney
854647Wednesday 11th AprilMark IllisTracey Rooney
864648Thursday 12th AprilSarah BagshawAlan Wareing
874649Friday 13th AprilSarah BagshawAlan Wareing
884650Sunday 15th AprilPeter KerryAlan Wareing
894651Monday 16th AprilSamantha Doland de VauxAlan Wareing
904652Tuesday 17th AprilBill LyonsDominic Leclerc
914653Wednesday 18th AprilBill LyonsDominic Leclerc
924654Thursday 19th AprilJulie ParsonsDominic Leclerc
934655Friday 20th AprilJulie ParsonsDominic Leclerc
944656Sunday 22nd AprilTim DynevorDuncan Foster
954657Monday 23rd AprilSteve HughesDuncan Foster
964658Tuesday 24th AprilCaroline MitchellDuncan Foster
974659Wednesday 25th AprilCaroline MitchellDuncan Foster
984660Thursday 26th AprilChris ThompsonMickey Jones
994661Friday 27th AprilChris ThompsonMickey Jones
1004662Sunday 29th AprilAndrew KirkMickey Jones
1014663Monday 30th AprilSue MooneyMickey Jones
1024664Tuesday 1st MayPhilip MeeksGraham Moore
1034665Wednesday 2nd MayPhilip MeeksGraham Moore
1044666Thursday 3rd MayPaul RoundellGraham Moore
1054667Friday 4th MayPaul RoundellGraham Moore
1064668Sunday 6th MayLesley Clare O'NeilHeenan Bhatti
1074669Monday 7th MaySteve HughesHeenan Bhatti
Tuesday 8th MayPaul RoundellHeenan Bhatti
1094672Wednesday 9th MayPhilip MeeksDavid Kester
1104673Thursday 10th MayBill TaylorDavid Kester
1114674Friday 11th MayBill TaylorDavid Kester
1124675Monday 14th MayPeter KerryDavid Kester
1134676Tuesday 15th MayJulie ParsonsDavid Kester
1144677Wednesday 16th MaySarah BagshawJohn Anderson
Thursday 17th MayTim DynevorJohn Anderson
1164680Friday 18th MayCaroline MitchellTracey Rooney
1174681Sunday 20th MayCaroline MitchellTracey Rooney
1184682Monday 21st MayBill LyonsTracey Rooney
1194683Tuesday 22nd MayPhilip MeeksTracey Rooney
1204684Thursday 24th MaySue MooneyAlan Wareing
1214685Friday 25th MayMark IllisAlan Wareing
1224686Sunday 27th MaySamantha Doland de VauxAlan Wareing
1234687Monday 28th MaySamantha Doland de VauxAlan Wareing
Tuesday 29th MayLindsay Williams
Chris Thompson
Lee Salisbury
1254690Wednesday 30th MayChris ThompsonLee Salisbury
1264691Thursday 31st MayMark IllisLee Salisbury
1274692Friday 1st JuneSamantha Doland de VauxMark McKillop
1284693Monday 4th JuneSamantha Doland de VauxMark McKillop
Tuesday 5th JuneChris ThomsonMark McKillop
1304696Wednesday 6th JuneSteve HughesGraham Moore
1314697Thursday 7th JuneSteve HughesGraham Moore
1324698Friday 8th JuneJulie ParsonsGraham Moore
1334699Monday 11th JuneJulie ParsonsGraham Moore
Tuesday 12th JuneSarah BagshawMickey Jones
1354702Wednesday 13th JunePaul RoundellMickey Jones
1364703Thursday 14th JunePaul RoundellMickey Jones
1374704Friday 15th JunePeter KerryTim O'Mara
1384705Monday 18th JunePeter KerryTim O'Mara
Tuesday 19th JuneTim DynevorTim O'Mara
1404708Wednesday 20th JuneCaroline MitchellHeenan Bhatti
1414709Thursday 21st JuneBill LyonsHeenan Bhatti
1424710Friday 22nd JuneLindsay WilliamsHeenan Bhatti
1434711Sunday 24th JuneLindsay WilliamsHeenan Bhatti
1444712Monday 25th JuneMark IllisJohn Anderson
1454713Tuesday 26th JunePhilip MeeksJohn Anderson
1464714Wednesday 27th JunePhilip MeeksJohn Anderson
1474715Thursday 28th JuneSue MooneyJohn Anderson
1484716Friday 29th JuneSarah BagshawLee Salisbury
1494717Sunday 1st JulySarah BagshawLee Salisbury
1504718Monday 2nd JulySue MooneyLee Salisbury
1514719Tuesday 3rd JulySue MooneyLee Salisbury
1524720Wednesday 4th JulyBill LyonsHaldane Duncan
1534721Thursday 5th JulyBill LyonsHaldane Duncan
1544722Friday 6th JulyPhilip MeeksHaldane Duncan
1554723Sunday 8th JulyPhilip MeeksHaldane Duncan
1564724Monday 9th JulyMark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
1574725Tuesday 10th JulyMark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
1584726Wednesday 11th JulySamantha Doland de VauxPiotr Szkopiak
1594727Thursday 12th JulySamantha Doland de VauxPiotr Szkopiak
1604728Friday 13th JulyChris ThompsonMark McKillop
1614729Sunday 15th JulyChris ThompsonMark McKillop
1624730Monday 16th JulyJulie ParsonsMark McKillop
1634731Tuesday 17th JulyJulie ParsonsMark McKillop
1644732Wednesday 18th JulyTim DynevorMark McKillop
1654733Thursday 19th JulyTim DynevorMark McKillop
1664734Friday 20th JulyPaul RoundellMickey Jones
1674735Sunday 22nd JulyPaul RoundellMickey Jones
1684736Monday 23rd JulyLindsay WilliamsMickey Jones
1694737Tuesday 24th JulyLindsay WilliamsMickey Jones
1704738Wednesday 25th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillMickey Jones
1714739Thursday 26th JulyAndrew KirkMickey Jones
1724740Friday 27th JulyPeter KerryHenry Foster
1734741Sunday 29th JulyPeter KerryHenry Foster
1744742Monday 30th JulyBill TaylorHenry Foster
1754743Tuesday 31st JulyBill TaylorHenry Foster
1764744Wednesday 1st AugustCaroline MitchellHenry Foster
1774745Thursday 2nd AugustKarin YoungHenry Foster
1784746Friday 3rd AugustBill TaylorTim O'Mara
1794747Sunday 5th AugustPaul RoundellTim O'Mara
1804748Monday 6th AugustPaul RoundellTim O'Mara
1814749Tuesday 7th AugustLindsay WilliamsTim O'Mara
1824750Wednesday 8th AugustPhilip MeeksGraham Moore
1834751Thursday 9th AugustPhilip MeeksGraham Moore
1844752Friday 10th AugustSteve HughesGraham Moore
1854753Sunday 12th AugustMargaret SimpsonGraham Moore
1864754Monday 13th AugustMark IllisDominic Leclerc
1874755Tuesday 14th AugustMark IllisDominic Leclerc
1884756Wednesday 15th AugustChris ThompsonDominic Leclerc
1894757Thursday 16th AugustPhilip GerardDominic Leclerc
1904758Friday 17th AugustPeter KerryLee Salisbury
1914759Sunday 19th AugstTim DynevorLee Salisbury
1924760Monday 20th AugustJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury
1934761Tuesday 21st AugustJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury
1944762Wednesday 22nd AugustSue MooneyHaldane Duncan
1954763Thursday 23rd AugustSarah BagshawHaldane Duncan
1964764Friday 24th AugustSarah BagshawHaldane Duncan
1974765Sunday 26th AugustKarin YoungHaldane Duncan
1984766Monday 27th AugustBill LyonsPiotr Szkopiak
1994767Tuesday 28th AugustLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak
2004768Wednesday 29th AugustSamantha Doland De VauxPiotr Szkopiak
2014769Thursday 30th AugustSamantha Doland De VauxPiotr Szkopiak
2024770Friday 31st AugustAndrew KirkTom Poole
2034771Sunday 2nd SeptemberBill LyonsTom Poole
2044772Monday 3rd SeptemberSarah BagshawTom Poole
2054773Tuesday 4th SeptemberSarah BagshawTom Poole
2064774Wednesday 5th SeptemberBill TaylorNeil Alderton
2074775Thursday 6th SeptemberBill TaylorNeil Alderton
2084776Sunday 9th SeptemberLindsay WilliamsNeil Alderton
2094777Monday 10th SeptemberJulie ParsonsNeil Alderton
2104778Tuesday 11th SeptemberMargaret SimpsonJason Beresford
2114779Wednesday 12th SeptemberChris ThompsonJason Beresford
Thursday 13th SeptemberChris Thompson
Philip Gerard
Jason Beresford
2134782Friday 14th SeptemberPeter KerrySarah Punshon
2144783Monday 17th SeptemberKarin YoungSarah Punshon
2154784Tuesday 18th SeptemberKarin YoungSarah Punshon
2164785Wednesday 19th SeptemberMark IllisSarah Punshon
2174786Thursday 20th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VauxDominic Leclerc
2184787Friday 21st SeptemberTim DynevorDominic Leclerc
2194788Monday 24th SeptemberCaroline MitchellDominic Leclerc
2204789Tuesday 25th SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeillDominic Leclerc
2214790Wednesday 26th SeptemberSteve HughesHenry Foster
Thursday 27th SeptemberPaul RoundellHenry Foster
2234793Friday 28th SeptemberSue MooneyHenry Foster
2244794Monday 1st OctoberSarah BagshawLee Salisbury
2254795Tuesday 2nd OctoberSarah BagshawLee Salisbury
2264796Wednesday 3rd OctoberKarin YoungLee Salisbury
2274797Thursday 4th OctoberKarin YoungLee Salisbury
2284798Friday 5th OctoberTim DynevorPiotr Szkopiak
2294799Monday 8th OctoberPaul RoundellPiotr Szkopiak
Tuesday 9th OctoberCaroline MitchellPiotr Szkopiak
2314802Wednesday 10th OctoberSteve HughesHaldane Duncan
2324803Thursday 11th OctoberBill LyonsHaldane Duncan
2334804Friday 12th OctoberJulie ParsonsHaldane Duncan
2344805Monday 15th OctoberJulie ParsonsHaldane Duncan
Tuesday 16th OctoberPhilip MeeksTom Poole
2364808Wednesday 17th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxTom Poole
2374809Thursday 18th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxNeil Alderton
2384810Friday 19th OctoberPhilip GerardNeil Alderton
2394811Sunday 21st OctoberMargaret SimpsonNeil Alderton
2404812Monday 22nd OctoberBill TaylorNeil Alderton
2414813Tuesday 23rd OctoberBill TaylorNeil Alderton
2424814Wednesday 24th OctoberMark IllisJason Beresford
2434815Thursday 25th OctoberSue MooneyJason Beresford
2444816Friday 26th OctoberPeter KerryJason Beresford
2454817Sunday 28th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillJason Beresford
2464818Monday 29th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillMark McKillop
2474819Tuesday 30th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillMark McKillop
2484820Wednesday 31st OctoberSteve HughesMark McKillop
Thursday 1st NovemberSteve Hughes
Sue Mooney
Mark McKillop
Henry Foster
2504823Sunday 4th NovemberSue MooneyHenry Foster
2514824Monday 5th NovemberSarah BagshawHenry Foster
2524825Tuesday 6th NovemberSarah BagshawHenry Foster
2534826Wednesday 7th NovemberMargaret SimpsonDominic Leclerc
2544827Thursday 8th NovemberMargaret SimpsonDominic Leclerc
2554828Sunday 11th NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxDominic Leclerc
2564829Monday 12th NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxDominic Leclerc
2574830Tuesday 13th NovemberCaroline MitchellTracey Rooney
2584831Wednesday 14th NovemberCaroline MitchellTracey Rooney
Thursday 15th NovemberJulie ParsonsTracey Rooney
2604834Friday 16th NovemberBill LyonsTracey Rooney
2614835Sunday 18th NovemberBill LyonsTracey Rooney
2624836Monday 19th NovemberPeter KerryJudith Dine
Tuesday 20th NovemberBill TaylorJudith Dine
2644839Wednesday 21st NovemberTim DynevorJudith Dine
2654840Thursday 22nd NovemberTim DynevorJudith Dine
2664841Friday 23rd NovemberMark IllisJudith Dine
2674842Sunday 25th NovemberChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
2684843Monday 26th NovemberChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
2694844Tuesday 27th NovemberPhilip MeeksPiotr Szkopiak
2704845Wednesday 28th NovemberPaul RoundellPiotr Szkopiak
2714846Thursday 29th NovemberPaul RoundellPiotr Szkopiak
2724847Friday 30th NovemberKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
2734848Sunday 2nd DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillJason Beresford
2744849Monday 3rd DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillJason Beresford
2754850Tuesday 4th DecemberPaul RoundellJason Beresford
2764851Wednesday 5th DecemberPaul RoundellJason Beresford
2774852Thursday 6th DecemberBill LyonsNeil Alderton
2784853Friday 7th DecemberBill LyonsNeil Alderton
2794854Sunday 9th DecemberJulie ParsonsNeil Alderton
2804855Monday 10th DecemberSteve HughesNeil Alderton
2814856Tuesday 11th DecemberMargaret SimpsonTom Poole
2824857Wednesday 12th DecemberCaroline MitchellTom Poole
2834858Thursday 13th DecemberAndrew KirkTom Poole
2844859Friday 14th DecemberAndrew KirkTom Poole
2854860Sunday 16th DecemberChris ThompsonNickie Lister
2864861Monday 17th DecemberTim DynevorNickie Lister
2874862Tuesday 18th DecemberTim DynevorNickie Lister
2884863Wednesday 19th DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxNickie Lister
2894864Thursday 20th DecemberSue MooneyTony Prescott
2904865Friday 21st DecemberSue MooneyTony Prescott
2914866Sunday 23rd DecemberSarah BagshawTony Prescott
2924867Monday 24th DecemberSarah BagshawTony Prescott
Tuesday 25th DecemberLindsay WilliamsMickey Jones
2944870Wednesday 26th DecemberPhilip MeeksMickey Jones
2954871Thursday 27th DecemberPhilip MeeksMickey Jones
2964872Friday 28th DecemberBill TaylorTracey Rooney
2974873Monday 31st DecemberSue MooneyTracey Rooney

Main CastEdit

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Who lives whereEdit

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Awards and NominationsEdit

National Television Awards

British Soap Awards

Inside Soap Awards

British Academy Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 2000s

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