2009 was Emmerdale's 38th year. At the start of the year the producer Anita Turner and executive producer Keith Richardson  were both still in charge of the programme, though Gavin Blyth and Steve Frost took over each respective roles from Episode 5245 (16th March 2009) onwards.

281 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included the returns of Cain Dingle and Charity Tate and the arrival of three new families - the Wyldes, the Bartons and the Sharmas.

Departures for the year included Jasmine Thomas being jailed for the manslaughter of Shane Doyle. After their affair was revealed, PCs Ross Kirk and Donna Windsor-Dingle both requested transfers - Ross to Newcastle and Donna to Essex. Edna Birch's sister Lily Butterfield leaves with Alan Turner's old friend, Eddy Fox for a trip around the world. While, behind the scenes, Luke Tittensor, who played Daz Eden for five and a half years was sacked after he was charged with GBH. He was promptly written out of the series which saw Daz thrown out of the village by his brother Andy after his relationship with Andy's sister Victoria was exposed by Aaron Livesy. Also, due to the death of his portrayer Clive Hornby in July the previous year, long-running character Jack Sugden was killed off-screen in February; suffering a heart attack while visiting his mother Annie in Spain. This saw the returns of Sheila Mercier for the first time in 13 years and Karl Davies, who at the time, was the most recent actor to play Jack's son Robert.


# No. Date Part Writer Director Viewing
15185Thursday 1st JanuarySamantha Doland De VauxDominic Leclerc
25186Friday 2nd JanuarySue MooneyDominic Leclerc
35187Monday 5th JanuarySue MooneyDominic Leclerc
Tuesday 6th JanuaryJohn ChambersTracey Rooney
55190Wednesday 7th JanuaryDavid McDermottTracey Rooney
65191Thursday 8th JanuaryLindsay WilliamsTracey Rooney
75192Friday 9th JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillHenry Foster7,820,00010
85193Monday 12th JanuaryBill TaylorHenry Foster7,920,0007
Tuesday 13th JanuarySteve HughesHenry Foster6,860,00015
105196Wednesday 14th JanuaryPeter KerryRob Rohner
115197Thursday 15th JanuaryPaul RoundellRob Rohner
125198Friday 16th JanuaryPaul RoundellRob Rohner
135199Monday 19th JanuaryLindsay WilliamsRob Rohner
Tuesday 20th JanuarySarah BagshawTom Poole
155202Wednesday 21st JanuaryBill TaylorTom Poole
165203Thursday 22nd JanuaryTim DynevorTom Poole
175204Friday 23rd JanuaryMark IllisMark McKillop
185205Monday 26th JanuaryMark IllisMark McKillop
Tuesday 27th JanuarySamantha Doland De VauxMark McKillop
205208Wednesday 28th JanuarySue MooneyTony Prescott
215209Thursday 29th JanuaryKarin YoungTony Prescott
225210Friday 30th JanuaryKarin YoungTony Prescott
235211Monday 2nd FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillTony Prescott
Tuesday 3rd FebruaryJohn ChambersNeil Alderton
255214Wednesday 4th FebruarySteve HughesNeil Alderton7,660,00013
265215Thursday 5th FebruaryBryan JohnsonNeil Alderton
275216Friday 6th FebruaryBill LyonsTim Dowd
285217Monday 9th FebruaryBill LyonsTim Dowd7,840,00011
Tuesday 10th FebruaryChris ThompsonTim Dowd7,230,00016
305220Wednesday 11th FebruaryLindsay WilliamsMichael Lacey
315221Thursday 12th FebruaryLindsay WilliamsMichael Lacey
325222Friday 13th FebruaryMark IllisMichael Lacey
335223Monday 16th FebruaryJulie ParsonsMichael Lacey
Tuesday 17th FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxLee Salisbury7,300,00013
355226Wednesday 18th FebruaryPeter KerryLee Salisbury
365227Thursday 19th FebruaryPaul RoundellLee Salisbury7,400,00012
375228Friday 20th FebruaryBill LyonsDuncan Foster7,670,00011
385229Monday 23rd FebruaryBill LyonsDuncan Foster
395230Tuesday 24th FebruaryBryan JohnsonDuncan Foster
405231Wednesday 25th FebruaryChris ThompsonDuncan Foster
415232Thursday 26th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak
425233Friday 27th FebruarySue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak
435234Monday 2nd MarchDavid McDermottPiotr Szkopiak
Tuesday 3rd MarchJohn ChambersPiotr Szkopiak
455237Wednesday 4th MarchBill TaylorMark McKillop
465238Thursday 5th MarchMartin RileyMark McKillop
475239Friday 6th MarchTim DynevorMark McKillop
485240Monday 9th MarchPaul RoundellAlan Wareing
495241Tuesday 10th MarchKarin YoungAlan Wareing7,330,00010
505242Wednesday 11th MarchSarah BagshawAlan Wareing7,100,00011
515243Thursday 12th MarchSarah BagshawAlan Wareing7,060,00012
525244Friday 13th MarchSarah BagshawHenry Foster6,570,00014
535245Monday 16th MarchKarin YoungHenry Foster
Tuesday 17th MarchSue MooneyHenry Foster
555248Wednesday 18th MarchJohn ChambersTony Prescott
565249Thursday 19th MarchChris ThompsonTony Prescott
575250Friday 20th MarchChris ThompsonTony Prescott
585251Monday 23rd MarchMartin RileyTony Prescott
Tuesday 24th MarchPeter KerryTim Dowd
605254Wednesday 25th MarchMark IllisTim Dowd
615255Thursday 26th MarchPaul RoundellTim Dowd6,930,0009
625256Friday 27th MarchBryan JohnsonDuncan Foster
635257Monday 30th MarchSamantha Doland De VauxDuncan Foster7,180,0006
Tuesday 31st MarchJulie ParsonsDuncan Foster6,680,00010
655260Wednesday 1st AprilTim DynevorLee Salisbury
665261Thursday 2nd AprilBill TaylorLee Salisbury
675262Friday 3rd AprilBill TaylorLee Salisbury
685263Monday 6th AprilChris ThompsonLee Salisbury
695264Tuesday 7th AprilBill LyonsJohn Anderson
705265Wednesday 8th AprilDavid McDermottJohn Anderson
Thursday 9th AprilSteve HughesJohn Anderson
725268Friday 10th AprilSteve HughesAlan Wareing
735269Monday 13th AprilBryan JohnsonAlan Wareing
745270Tuesday 14th AprilPaul AlexanderAlan Wareing
755271Wednesday 15th AprilPeter KerryAlan Wareing
Thursday 16th AprilChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
775274Friday 17th AprilJulie ParsonsPiotr Szkopiak
785275Monday 20th AprilJulie ParsonsPiotr Szkopiak
Tuesday 21st AprilPaul RoundellTracey Rooney
805278Wednesday 22nd AprilJohn ChambersTracey Rooney
815279Thursday 23rd AprilDavid McDermottTracey Rooney
825280Friday 24th AprilDavid McDermottTony Prescott
835281Monday 27th AprilSteve HughesSarah Sarkhel
845282Tuesday 28th AprilSarah BagshawTony Prescott
855283Wednesday 29th AprilSarah BagshawTony Prescott
865284Thursday 30th AprilTim DynevorHenry Foster
875285Friday 1st MaySamantha Doland De VauxHenry Foster
885286Monday 4th MayBill LyonsHenry Foster
895287Tuesday 5th MayBill TaylorHenry Foster
905288Wednesday 6th MayBill TaylorMichael Lacey
915289Thursday 7th MayMark IllisMichael Lacey
925290Friday 8th MayBridget DeaneMichael Lacey
935291Monday 11th MayMartin RileyMichael Lacey
Tuesday 12th MaySarah BagshawLee Salisbury
955294Wednesday 13th MayBryan JohnsonLee Salisbury
965295Thursday 14th MayJohn ChambersLee Salisbury
975296Friday 15th MayKarin YoungDuncan Foster
985297Monday 18th MayKarin YoungDuncan Foster
Tuesday 19th MaySue MooneyDuncan Foster
1005300Wednesday 20th MayChris ThompsonJohn Anderson
1015301Thursday 21st MayChris ThompsonJohn Anderson
1025302Friday 22nd MayBill LyonsJohn Anderson
1035303Monday 25th MayMark IllisJohn Anderson
Tuesday 26th MayPaul RoundellTracey Rooney
1055306Wednesday 27th MayLindsay WilliamsTracey Rooney
1065307Thursday 28th MayPeter KerryTracey Rooney
1075308Friday 29th MayTim DynevorAlan Wareing
1085309Monday 1st JuneJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing
Tuesday 2nd JuneSamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing
1105312Wednesday 3rd JuneBridget DeaneAdrian Bean
1115313Thursday 4th JuneMartin RileyAdrian Bean
1125314Friday 5th JuneBill TaylorAdrian Bean
1135315Monday 8th JuneBill TaylorAdrian Bean
Tuesday 9th JuneSamantha Doland De VauxMickey Jones
1155318Wednesday 10th JuneLesley Clare O'NeillMickey Jones
1165319Thursday 11th JunePaul AlexanderMickey Jones
1175320Friday 12th JuneBill LyonsMichael Lacey
1185321Monday 15th JuneStephen BennettMichael Lacey
Tuesday 16th JuneTim DynevorMichael Lacey
1205324Wednesday 17th JunePeter KerryHenry Foster
1215325Thursday 18th JuneDavid McDermottHenry Foster
1225326Friday 19th JuneSteve HughesHenry Foster
1235327Monday 22nd JuneSue MooneyHenry Foster
Tuesday 23rd JuneKarin YoungJohn Anderson
1255330Wednesday 24th JuneLindsay WilliamsJohn Anderson
1265331Thursday 25th JuneChris ThompsonJohn Anderson5,370,0009
1275332Friday 26th JuneBill TaylorClive Arnold
1285333Monday 29th JuneMark IllisClive Arnold
Tuesday 30th JunePaul RoundellClive Arnold
1305336Wednesday 1st JulyCaroline MitchellMike Adams
1315337Thursday 2nd JulyJulie ParsonsMike Adams
1325338Friday 3rd JulySarah BagshawMike Adams
1335339Monday 6th JulySarah BagshawMike Adams6,770,0006
Tuesday 7th JulyMark IllisTim O'Mara5,040,00013
1355342Wednesday 8th JulySteve HughesTim O'Mara6,170,0007
1365343Thursday 9th JulyTim DynevorTim O'Mara6,050,0008
1375344Friday 10th JulyPaul AlexanderAdrian Bean5,900,0009
1385345Monday 13th JulyJulie ParsonsAdrian Bean6,320,0008
Tuesday 14th JulyPeter KerryAdrian Bean6,160,00010
1405348Wednesday 15th JulyChris ThompsonNeil Alderton6,330,0007
1415349Thursday 16th JulyChris ThompsonNeil Alderton6,360,0006
1425350Friday 17th JulyKarin YoungNeil Alderton6,180,0009
1435351Monday 20th JulyBill TaylorNeil Alderton6,530,0007
1445352Tuesday 21st JulySarah BagshawRob Rohrer6,380,0008
1455353Wednesday 22nd JulyBill LyonsRob Rohrer6,160,0009
1465354Thursday 23rd July1Stephen BennettRob Rohrer5,920,00012
1475355Thursday 23rd July2Stephen BennettRob Rohrer6,920,0006
1485356Friday 24th JulySamantha Doland De VauxDiana Patrick5,970,00011
1495357Monday 27th JulyBridget DeaneDiana Patrick6,000,00011
1505358Tuesday 28th JulyDavid McDermottDiana Patrick6,520,0008
1515359Wednesday 29th JulyLindsay WilliamsDiana Patrick6,450,0009
1525360Thursday 30th July1Paul RoundellMickey Jones5,830,00012
1535361Thursday 30th July2Paul RoundellMickey Jones6,680,0007
1545362Friday 31st JulyLesley Clare O'NeillMickey Jones6,150,00010
1555363Monday 3rd AugustSue MooneyMickey Jones6,720,0007
1565364Tuesday 4th AugustPaul AlexanderMike Adams6,510,0008
1575365Wednesday 5th AugustLindsay WilliamsMike Adams6,270,00010
1585366Thursday 6th August1Sarah BagshawMike Adams5,950,00012
1595367Thursday 6th August2Sarah BagshawMike Adams6,760,0006
1605368Friday 7th AugustStephen BennettMike Adams5,960,00011
1615369Monday 10th AugustBill TaylorMike Adams6,880,0007
1625370Tuesday 11th AugustJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury6,010,00010
1635371Wednesday 12th AugustJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury5,620,00012
1645372Thursday 13th August1Karin YoungLee Salisbury6,070,0009
1655373Thursday 13th August2Karin YoungLee Salisbury7,040,0006
1665374Friday 14th AugustDavid McDermottLee Salisbury6,400,0008
1675375Monday 17th AugustBridget DeaneLee Salisbury6,050,0008
1685376Tuesday 18th AugustSue MooneyClive Arnold5,920,00010
1695377Wednesday 19th AugustSue MooneyClive Arnold5,280,00013
1705378Thursday 20th August1Andrew KirkClive Arnold5,780,00012
1715379Thursday 20th August2Andrew KirkClive Arnold6,450,0007
1725380Friday 21st AugustBill LyonsClive Arnold5,940,0009
1735381Monday 24th AugustJane PearsonClive Arnold6,310,0007
1745382Tuesday 25th AugustTim DynevorTim O'Mara6,210,0009
1755383Wednesday 26th AugustSarah BagshawTim O'Mara6,650,0006
1765384Thursday 27th August1Samantha Doland De VauxTim O'Mara6,270,0008
1775385Thursday 27th August2Samantha Doland De VauxTim O'Mara6,730,0005
1785386Friday 28th AugustPeter KerryAdrian Bean5,980,00010
1795387Monday 31st AugustPeter KerryAdrian Bean6,070,00011
Tuesday 1st SeptemberMark Illis
Caroline Mitchell
Adrian Bean6,220,00010
1815390Thursday 3rd September1Paul RoundellNeil Alderton6,410,0008
1825391Thursday 3rd September2Paul RoundellNeil Alderton6,830,0007
1835392Friday 4th SeptemberChris ThompsonNeil Alderton6,250,0009
1845393Monday 7th SeptemberChris ThompsonNeil Alderton6,570,0009
1855394Tuesday 8th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VauxDiana Patrick6,210,00010
1865395Wednesday 9th SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeillDiana Patrick5,790,00013
1875396Thursday 10th September1Peter KerryDiana Patrick6,120,00011
1885397Thursday 10th September2Peter KerryDiana Patrick6,700,0008
1895398Friday 11th SeptemberJane PearsonRob Rohner5,960,00012
1905399Monday 14th SeptemberPaul RoundellRob Rohner6,850,0009
1915400Tuesday 15th SeptemberPaul RoundellRob Rohner6,610,00011
1925401Wednesday 16th SeptemberSue MooneyRob Rohner6,470,00012
1935402Thursday 17th September1David McDermottMark McKillop6,250,00013
1945403Thursday 17th September2Bill LyonsMark McKillop6,840,00010
1955404Friday 18th SeptemberMark IllisMark McKillop6,150,00014
1965405Monday 21st SeptemberBill TaylorMark McKillop7,050,00010
1975406Tuesday 22nd SeptemberPaul AlexanderHenry Foster6,530,00012
1985407Wednesday 23rd SeptemberLindsay WilliamsHenry Foster6,500,00013
1995408Thursday 24th September1Sarah BagshawHenry Foster6,480,00014
2005409Thursday 24th September2Sarah BagshawHenry Foster6,770,00011
2015410Friday 25th SeptemberJulie ParsonsHenry Foster6,010,00016
2025411Monday 28th SeptemberBridget DeaneLee Salisbury6,970,00011
2035412Tuesday 29th SeptemberAndrew KirkLee Salisbury6,580,00013
2045413Wednesday 30th SeptemberCaroline MitchellLee Salisbury6,630,00012
2055414Thursday 1st October1Tim DynevorPiotr Szkopiak6,810,00016
2065415Thursday 1st October2Tim DynevorPiotr Szkopiak7,070,00012
2075416Friday 2nd OctoberStephen BennettPiotr Szkopiak6,560,00014
2085417Monday 5th OctoberKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak7,070,00013
2095418Tuesday 6th OctoberCameron McAllisterTim O'Mara7,120,00012
Wednesday 7th OctoberPaul RoundellTim O'Mara7,310,00010
2115421Thursday 8th October1Stephen BennettTim O'Mara6,830,00015
2125422Thursday 8th October2Stephen BennettTim O'Mara7,400,0009
2135423Friday 9th OctoberJane PearsonJudith Dine7,020,00014
2145424Monday 12th OctoberSue MooneyJudith Dine7,480,0009
2155425Tuesday 13th OctoberBill LyonsJudith Dine6,960,00013
2165426Wednesday 14th OctoberCaroline MitchellJudith Dine6,710,00014
2175427Thursday 15th October1Sarah BagshawNeil Alderton6,680,00015
2185428Thursday 15th October2Sarah BagshawNeil Alderton6,960,00012
2195429Friday 16th OctoberJulie ParsonsNeil Alderton6,570,00017
2205430Monday 19th OctoberAndrew KirkNeil Alderton7,530,0009
2215431Tuesday 20th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxMark McKillop7,000,00014
2225432Wednesday 21st OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxMark McKillop6,490,00018
2235433Thursday 22nd October1Bill TaylorMark McKillop6,810,00016
2245434Thursday 22nd October2Bill TaylorMark McKillop7,070,00012
2255435Friday 23rd OctoberPeter KerryMike Adams6,980,00015
2265436Monday 26th OctoberKarin YoungMike Adams7,540,00010
2275437Tuesday 27th OctoberBridget DeaneMike Adams7,090,00011
2285438Wednesday 28th OctoberPaul AlexanderMike Adams7,030,00012
2295439Thursday 29th October1Chris ThompsonChris Johnston6,870,00015
2305440Thursday 29th October2Tim DynevorChris Johnston6,930,00013
2315441Friday 30th OctoberLindsay WilliamsChris Johnston6,890,00014
2325442Monday 2nd NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillChris Johnston7,460,0009
2335443Tuesday 3rd NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak7,280,00011
2345444Wednesday 4th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak7,070,00012
2355445Thursday 5th November1Sarah BagshawPiotr Szkopiak7,280,00011
2365446Thursday 5th November2Sarah BagshawPiotr Szkopiak7,380,00010
2375447Friday 6th NovemberBill LyonsHenry Foster7,000,00013
2385448Monday 9th NovemberBill LyonsHenry Foster7,510,00013
2395449Tuesday 10th NovemberCameron McAllisterHenry Foster7,350,00015
2405450Wednesday 11th NovemberCameron McAllisterHenry Foster7,000,00019
2415451Thursday 12th November1Caroline MitchellLee Salisbury7,160,00017
2425452Thursday 12th November2Caroline MitchellLee Salisbury7,700,00011
2435453Friday 13th NovemberSue MooneyLee Salisbury7,580,00012
2445454Monday 16th NovemberPaul AlexanderLee Salisbury7,930,00014
2455455Tuesday 17th NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxDuncan Foster7,700,00016
2465456Wednesday 18th NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxDuncan Foster7,100,00020
2475457Thursday 19th November1Bill TaylorDuncan Foster7,150,00019
2485458Thursday 19th November2Bill TaylorDuncan Foster7,410,00017
2495459Friday 20th NovemberMark IllisDuncan Foster6,490,00022
2505460Monday 23rd NovemberMark IllisDuncan Foster7,540,00013
2515461Tuesday 24th NovemberJulie ParsonsAdrian Bean7,170,00015
2525462Wednesday 25th NovemberJulie ParsonsAdrian Bean6,900,00018
Thursday 26th NovemberStephen BennettAdrian Bean6,950,00017
2545465Friday 27th NovemberPaul RoundellAdrian Bean6,610,00019
2555466Monday 30th NovemberAndrew KirkAdrian Bean7,310,00014
2565467Tuesday 1st DecemberJane PearsonJudith Dine7,140,00016
Wednesday 2nd DecemberChris ThompsonJudith Dine7,770,00013
2585470Thursday 3rd DecemberTim DynevorJudith Dine7,140,00015
2595471Friday 4th DecemberKarin YoungJudith Dine6,680,00017
2605472Monday 7th DecemberLindsay WilliamsJudith Dine7,490,00010
2615473Tuesday 8th DecemberBill LyonsChris Johnston7,080,00012
2625474Wednesday 9th DecemberCameron McAllisterChris Johnston6,690,00015
2635475Thursday 10th December1Jane PearsonChris Johnston6,830,00013
2645476Thursday 10th December2Jane PearsonChris Johnston7,320,00011
2655477Friday 11th DecemberJulie ParsonsMike Adams6,790,00014
2665478Monday 14th DecemberLindsay WilliamsMike Adams7,300,0007
2675479Tuesday 15th DecemberPaul AlexanderMike Adams6,930,00011
2685480Wednesday 16th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillMike Adams6,800,00012
2695481Thursday 17th December1Sarah BagshawMark McKillop6,950,00010
2705482Thursday 17th December2Sarah BagshawMark McKillop6,990,0009
2715483Friday 18th DecemberPeter KerryMark McKillop7,270,0008
2725484Monday 21st DecemberBridget DeaneMark McKillop7,230,0006
2735485Tuesday 22nd DecemberAndrew KirkHenry Foster6,920,0008
2745486Wednesday 23rd DecemberMark IllisHenry Foster6,940,0007
2755487Thursday 24th DecemberMark IllisHenry Foster5,920,00010
Friday 25th DecemberStephen BennettIan White5,620,00011
2775490Monday 28th DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxIan White6,710,0007
2785491Tuesday 29th DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxIan White6,580,0009
2795492Wednesday 30th DecemberChris ThompsonMickey Jones6,610,0008
2805493Thursday 31st December1Bill TaylorMickey Jones5,880,00010
2815494Thursday 31st December2Bill TaylorMickey Jones5,870,00011

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Full year 161 937 TBA
2 Mark Wylde Maxwell Caulfield From January 157 157 N/A
3 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 156 821 TBA
4 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 155 TBA TBA
5 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year, except May 153 TBA TBA
5 Val Pollard Charlie Hardwick Full year 153 TBA TBA
7 Nicola De Souza Nicola Wheeler Full year 150 954 TBA
8 Natasha Wylde Amanda Donohoe From January 147 147 N/A
9 Carl King Tom Lister Full year 146 760 TBA
10 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Full year 145 808 TBA
11 Aaron Livesy Danny Miller Full year 144 179 TBA
12 Nathan Wylde Lyndon Ogbourne From February 143 143 N/A
13 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 140 TBA TBA
14 Leyla Harding Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi Full year 137 168 TBA
14 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 137 TBA TBA
16 Gennie Walker Sian Reese-Williams Full year 133 223 TBA
16 Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy Full year 133 791 TBA
18 Maisie Wylde Alice Coulthard From February 129 129 N/A
19 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 127 1212 TBA
20 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 125 TBA TBA
21 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 123 TBA TBA
22 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden Full year 122 367 TBA
22 Douglas Potts Duncan Preston Full year 122 274 TBA
24 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley From April 121 869 N/A
24 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop Full year 121 196 TBA
26 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher From February 115 TBA TBA
27 Katie Sugden Sammy Winward Full year, except July 114 TBA TBA
28 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 112 TBA TBA
29 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Full year 105 TBA TBA
30 Faye Lamb Kim Thomson From March 101 101 N/A
30 Ryan Lamb James Sutton From June 101 101 N/A
32 Eli Dingle Joseph Gilgun Full year 100 TBA TBA
33 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox Full year 92 TBA TBA
34 Sam Dingle James Hooton Full year 91 TBA TBA
35 Scarlett Nicholls Kelsey-Beth Crossley Full year 88 226 TBA
36 Lexi Nicholls/King Sally Oliver Until August 87 244 TBA
37 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Full year 85 TBA TBA
38 Jamie Hope Alex Carter Full year, except February 84 TBA TBA
39 Victoria Sugden Isabel Hodgins Full year 83 TBA TBA
40 Terry Woods Billy Hartman February to March, from May 81 TBA TBA
41 Moira Barton Natalie J Robb From July 77 77 N/A
42 Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine Full year, except August 74 TBA TBA
43 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones From February 66 257 TBA
44 Sarah Sugden Sophia Amber Moore Full year 63 243 TBA
45 Sally Spode Sian Reeves From August 62 62 N/A
46 Holly Barton Sophie Powles From July 61 61 N/A
47 John Barton James Thornton From July 60 60 N/A
48 Lily Butterfield Anne Charleston Until August 59 178 TBA
48 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper Full year 59 TBA TBA
48 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year 59 609 TBA
51 Charity Tate Emma Atkins From October 58 726 N/A
51 Viv Hope Deena Payne From July 58 TBA TBA
53 Adam Barton Adam Thomas From July 57 57 N/A
53 Lizzie Lakely Kitty McGeever From April 57 57 N/A
55 Will Wylde Oscar Lloyd February to September, from November 56 56 N/A
56 Nikhil Sharma Rik Makarem From September 55 55 N/A
57 Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson From September 50 50 N/A
58 Gabrielle Thomas Annelise Manojlovic Until June, from September 49 TBA TBA
59 Darren Eden Luke Tittensor Until April 48 TBA TBA
60 Hannah Barton Grace Cassidy From July 45 45 N/A
61 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Until August 42 TBA TBA
62 Jake Doland James Baxter Until August 40 115 TBA
63 Angelica King Sophie Firth and Rebecca Bakes From Augsut 37 37 N/A
64 Priya Sharma Effie Woods From September 33 33 N/A
65 Noah Tate Jack Downham From October 31 97 N/A
66 Adele Allfrey Tanya Vital Until March, May to July, from September 29 44 TBA
67 Lee Naylor Lewis Linford February to June 28 TBA TBA
67 Mick Naylor Tony Haygarth February to June 28 TBA TBA
69 Olena Petrovich Carolin Stoltz From November 26 26 N/A
70 Samson Dingle Charlie Pell Full year 25 TBA TBA
71 Jasmine Thomas Jenna-Louise Coleman Until March 21 TBA TBA
72 Donna Windsor-Dingle Verity Rushworth Until January 19 TBA TBA
72 Arthur Thomas Billy Harrower and Alfie Clarke January, March to June, August, from November 19 61 TBA
74 TJ Woods Connor Lee Febraury to September, from November 18 TBA TBA
75 Paul Lambert Mathew Bose Until Janaury 13 TBA TBA
75 Nick Henshall Michael McKell Until March and May 13 14 TBA
77 Ross Kirk Samuel Anderson Until Janaury 6 TBA TBA
78 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling June, July and September only 5 68 TBA
79 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling July and September only 4 71 TBA
80 Annie Sugden Sheila Mercier February only 2 1604 N/A
81 Anna De Souza Emma Davies Until Janaury 1 65 TBA
81 Jonny Foster Richard Grieve January only 1 TBA TBA
81 Robert Sugden Karl Davies February only 1 1150 N/A


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Who lives whereEdit

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Awards and NominationsEdit

British Soap Awards

TV Times Awards

British Academy Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 2000s

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