New Emmerdale titles
2018 is Emmerdale's 47th and current year. Production was overseen by Iain MacLeod until Episode 8231 (14th August 2018) when Kate Brooks took over the reigns.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
18030Monday 1st JanuaryPaul RoundellJohn Anderson6,520,00023
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryMaxine AldertonJohn Anderson6,600,00022
38033Wednesday 3rd JanuaryHelen ChildsJohn Anderson7,210,00016
48034Thursday 4th January1Samantha Doland De VauxMichael Lacey6,970,00019
58035Thursday 4th January2Dawn HarrisonMichael Lacey7,150,00018
68036Friday 5th JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillMichael Lacey7,340,00013
78037Monday 8th JanuaryKirsty HaltonMichael Lacey7,310,00018
88038Tuesday 9th JanuarySarah BagshawDuncan Foster7,500,00015
98039Wednesday 10th JanuaryPeter KerryDuncan Foster7,500,00015
108040Thursday 11th January1Chris GillDuncan Foster7,500,00015
118041Thursday 11th January2Jo SummerscalesDuncan Foster7,660,00013
128042Friday 12th JanuaryPaul CoatesPeter Rose7,360,00017
138043Monday 15th JanuaryIsobel CameronPeter Rose7,300,00017
148044Tuesday 16th JanuarySharon MarshallPeter Rose7,350,00016
158045Wednesday 17th JanuaryKarin YoungPeter Rose7,720,00011
168046Thursday 18th January1Caroline MitchellIan Bevitt7,620,00013
178047Thursday 18th January2Linton ChiswickIan Bevitt7,660,00012
188048Friday 19th JanuaryBill TaylorIan Bevitt7,500,00015
198049Monday 22nd JanuaryMartin FustesIan Bevitt7,150,00015
208050Tuesday 23rd JanuaryLinton ChiswickSimon Ferguson7,170,00013
218051Wednesday 24th JanuaryStuart BlackburnSimon Ferguson7,280,00012
228052Thursday 25th January1Bill TaylorSimon Ferguson7,170,00013
238053Thursday 25th January2Jo SummerscalesSimon Ferguson6,970,00017
248054Friday 26th JanuaryKarin YoungPaul Copeland7,030,00016
258055Monday 29th JanuaryJo MarisPaul Copeland7,470,00011
268056Tuesday 30th JanuarySarah BagshawPaul Copeland7,140,00013
278057Wednesday 31st JanuarySharon MarshallPaul Copeland7,190,00012
288058Thursday 1st February1Kirsty HaltonTim O'Mara6,940,00017
298059Thursday 1st February2Kirsty HaltonTim O'Mara7,070,00015
308060Friday 2nd FebruaryPeter KerryTim O'Mara7,080,00014
318061Monday 5th FebruaryHelen ChildsTim O'Mara7,410,0009
Tuesday 6th FebruaryDawn HarrisonJohn Anderson7,220,00012
338064Wednesday 7th FebruaryJane PearsonJohn Anderson7,180,00014
348065Thursday 8th February1Chris GillJohn Anderson7,480,0008
358066Thursday 8th February2Paul RoundellJohn Anderson7,180,00014
368067Friday 9th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing7,340,00011
378068Monday 12th FebruaryJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing7,410,00010
388069Tuesday 13th FebruaryBill LyonsAlan Wareing7,400,00011
398070Wednesday 14th FebruaryMaxine AldertonAlan Wareing7,130,00012
408071Thursday 15th February1Martin FustesMichael Lacey7,080,00013
418072Thursday 15th February2Isobel CameronMichael Lacey6,740,00017
428073Friday 16th FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxMichael Lacey7,060,00014
438074Monday 19th FebruaryPaul CoatesMichael Lacey7,250,0008
448075Tuesday 20th FebruaryAndrew KirkDuncan Foster7,160,00011
458076Wednesday 21st FebruaryJane PearsonDuncan Foster6,950,00013
Thursday 22nd FebruaryMaxine AldertonDuncan Foster6,540,00015
478079Friday 23rd FebruarySarah BagshawIan Barber6,880,00014
488080Monday 26th FebruaryKarin YoungIan Barber7,220,00012
498081Tuesday 27th FebruaryHelen ChildsIan Barber7,190,00013
508082Wednesday 28th FebruaryBill LyonsIan Barber7,590,0008
518083Thursday 1st March1Isobel CameronIan Bevitt7,450,00011
528084Thursday 1st March2Isobel CameronIan Bevitt7,520,00010
538085Friday 2nd MarchDawn HarrisonIan Bevitt7,570,0009
548086Monday 5th MarchBill TaylorIan Bevitt6,840,0009
558087Tuesday 6th MarchStuart BlackburnMatt Hilton6,710,00011
568088Wednesday 7th MarchPaul RoundellMatt Hilton6,780,00010
578089Thursday 8th March1Linton ChiswickMatt Hilton6,560,00013
588090Thursday 8th March2Linton ChiswickMatt Hilton6,070,00017
598091Friday 9th MarchJulie ParsonsJeff Naylor6,200,00016
608092Monday 12th MarchJo SummerscalesJeff Naylor6,640,00012
Tuesday 13th MarchChris GillJeff Naylor6,550,00014
628095Wednesday 14th MarchPaul CoatesJeff Naylor6,990,0009
638096Thursday 15th March1Caroline MitchellPaul Copeland6,660,00011
648097Thursday 15th March2Caroline MitchellPaul Copeland6,540,00015
658098Friday 16th MarchPeter KerryPaul Copeland6,590,00013
668099Monday 19th MarchJo MarisPaul Copeland6,960,000TBC
678100Tuesday 20th MarchPeter KerrySean Healy6,860,000TBC
688101Wednesday 21st MarchBill LyonsSean Healy6,860,000TBC
698102Thursday 22nd March1Jo SummerscalesSean Healy6,850,000TBC
708103Thursday 22nd March2Chris GillSean Healy6,910,000TBC
718104Friday 23rd MarchSarah BagshawAlan Wareing6,440,000TBC
728105Monday 26th MarchDawn HarrisonAlan Wareing6,830,00010
738106Tuesday 27th MarchCaroline MitchellAlan Wareing6,870,0009
748107Wednesday 28th MarchPaul RoundellAlan Wareing6,670,00012
758108Thursday 29th March1Jo MarisMichael Lacey6,810,00011
768109Thursday 29th March2Andrew KirkMichael Lacey6,640,00013
778110Friday 30th MarchBill TaylorMichael Lacey6,470,00015
788111Monday 2nd AprilLesley Clare O'NeillMichael Lacey7,140,0009
798112Tuesday 3rd AprilKirsty HaltonSarah Kendell6,940,00010
808113Wednesday 4th AprilStuart BlackburnSarah Kendell7,310,0008
818114Thursday 5th April1Martin FustesSarah Kendell6,430,00014
828115Thursday 5th April2Paul CoatesSarah Kendell6,330,00015
838116Friday 6th AprilSharon MarshallMickey Jones6,790,00011
848117Monday 9th AprilIsobel CameronMickey Jones6,900,0008
Tuesday 10th AprilMaxine AldertonMickey Jones6,480,00011
868120Wednesday 11th AprilJane PearsonMickey Jones6,660,0009
878121Thursday 12th April1Linton ChiswickIan Barber6,550,00010
888122Thursday 12th April2Helen ChildsIan Barber6,120,00014
898123Friday 13th AprilJulie ParsonsIan Barber6,480,00011
908124Monday 16th AprilSamantha Doland De VauxIan Barber6,560,0009
918125Tuesday 17th AprilLinton ChiswickJeff Naylor6,680,0008
928126Wednesday 18th AprilPeter KerryJeff Naylor6,170,00013
938127Thursday 19th April1Andrew KirkJeff Naylor6,010,00016
948128Thursday 19th April2Andrew KirkJeff Naylor6,060,00015
958129Friday 20th AprilKirsty HaltonJeff Naylor6,130,00014
968130Monday 23rd AprilCaroline MitchellJeff Naylor6,730,0008
978131Tuesday 24th AprilMartin FustesMatt Hilton6,670,0009
988132Wednesday 25th AprilMartin FustesMatt Hilton6,590,00010
998133Thursday 26th April1Bill TaylorMatt Hilton6,400,00013
1008134Thursday 26th April2Bill TaylorMatt Hilton6,4100,00012
1018135Friday 27th AprilBill LyonsMatt Hilton6,220,00014
1028136Monday 30th AprilJane PearsonMatt Hilton6,470,0009
1038137Tuesday 1st MaySharon MarshallTracey Rooney6,800,0008
1048138Wednesday 2nd MaySarah BagshawTracey Rooney6,240,00012
1058139Thursday 3rd May1Samantha Doland De VauxTracey Rooney6,330,00010
1068140Thursday 3rd May2Samantha Doland De VauxTracey Rooney6,220,00013
1078141Friday 4th MayHelen ChildsTracey Rooney6,140,00014
1088142Monday 7th MayJo SummerscalesTracy Rooney5,720,00016
1098143Tuesday 8th MayIsobel CameronSean Healy6,370,00010
1108144Wednesday 9th MayIsobel CameronSean Healy6,360,00011
1118145Thursday 10th May1Dawn HarrisonSean Healy6,310,00012
1128146Thursday 10th May2Dawn HarrisonSean Healy6,280,00013
1138147Friday 11th MayJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing6,600,0008
1148148Monday 14th MayLesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing6,060,00016
1158149Tuesday 15th MayStuart BlackburnAlan Wareing6,180,00015
1168150Wednesday 16th MayJo MarisAlan Wareing6,220,00013
1178151Thursday 17th May1Paul RoundellTim Finn5,930,00020
1188152Thursday 17th May2Paul RoundellTim Finn5,970,00018
1198153Friday 18th MayPaul CoatesTim Finn5,950,00019
1208154Monday 21st MayChris GillTim Finn
Tuesday 22nd MayJo MarisPip Short
1228157Wednesday 23rd MayLinton CiswickIan Aryeh
Pip Shirt
1238158Thursday 24th May1Martin FustesPip Short
1248159Thursday 24th May2Chris GillPip Short
1258160Friday 25th MayJane PearsonPip Short
1268161Monday 28th MaySarah BagshawMickey Jones
1278162Tuesday 29th MayMaxine AldertonMickey Jones
1288163Wednesday 30th MayDawn HarrisonMickey Jones
1298164Thursday 31st MaySharon MarshallSarah Kendell
1308165Friday 1st JunePeter KerrySarah Kendell
1318166Monday 4th JuneBill TaylorSarah Kendell
Tuesday 5th JuneCaroline MitchellJeff Naylor
1338169Wednesday 6th JuneBill LyonsJeff Naylor
1348170Thursday 7th JuneMartin FustesJeff Naylor
1358171Friday 8th JuneKarin YoungNeil Alderton
1368172Monday 11th JuneAndrew KirkNeil Alderton
Tuesday 12th JunePaul RoundellNeil Alderton
1388175Wednesday 13th JuneKirsty HaltonNeil Alderton
1398176Thursday 14th June1Jo SummerscalesMatt Hilton
1408177Thursday 14th June2Karin YoungMatt Hilton
Friday 15th JuneIsobel CameronMatt Hilton
Tuesday 19th JuneBill TaylorTim Finn
Thursday 21st JuneDawn HarrisonTim Finn
Friday 22nd JunePaul RoundellBrett Fallis
Monday 25th JuneIsobel CameronBrett Fallis
Tuesday 26th JuneMaxine AldertonSean Healy
1478190Friday 29th JuneJane PearsonSean Healy
Monday 2nd JulyBill Lyons
Linton Chiswick
Pip Short
1498193Wednesday 4th JulyPeter KerryPip Short
1508194Thursday 5th July1Martin FustesPip Short
1518195Thursday 5th July2Chris GillPip Short
1528196Friday 6th JulySamantha Doland De VauxNickie Lister
1538197Monday 9th JulyJo MarisNickie Lister
Tuesday 10th JulyJo Summerscales
Lesley Clare O'Neil
Nickie Lister
1558200Thursday 12th July1Sarah BagshawVicky Thomas
1568201Thursday 12th July2Julie ParsonsVicky Thomas
1578202Friday 13th JulyAndrew KirkVicky Thomas
1588203Monday 16th JulyPaul CoatesVicky Thomas
Tuesday 17th JulyBill TaylorDiana Patrick
1608206Wednesday 18th JulyKirsty HaltonDiana Patrick
Thursday 19th JulyLinton ChiswickDiana Patrick
1628209Friday 20th JulySarah BagshawClive Arnold
1638210Monday 23rd JulyDawn HarrisonClive Arnold
Tuesday 24th JulyMaxine AldertonClive Arnold
1658213Wednesday 25th JulyPaul RoundellClive Arnold
1668214Thursday 26th July1Lesley Clare O'NeillNeil Alderton
1678215Thursday 26th July2Lesley Clare O'NeillNeil Alderton
1688216Friday 27th JulyPeter KerryNeil Alderton
1698217Monday 30th JulyCaroline MitchellNeil Alderton
Tuesday 31st JulyIsobel CameronBrett Fallis
1718220Wednesday 1st AugustBill LyonsBrett Fallis
1728221Thursday 2nd August1Martin FustesBrett Fallis
1738222Thursday 2nd August2Martin FustesBrett Fallis
1748223Friday 3rd AugustJo MarisVito Rocco
1758224Monday 6th AugustChris GillVito Rocco
1768225Tuesday 7th AugustJulie ParsonsVito Rocco
1778226Wednesday 8th AugustAndrew KirkVito Rocco
1788227Thursday 9th August1Paul RoundellDavid Kester
1798228Thursday 9th August2Paul RoundellDavid Kester
1808229Friday 10th AugustSamantha Doland De VauxDavid Kester
1818230Monday 13th AugustJane PearsonDavid Kester
1828231Tuesday 14th AugustBill TaylorNickie Lister
Katherine Churcher
1838232Wednesday 15th AugustKarin YoungNickie Lister
1848233Thursday 16th August1Paul RoundellNickie Lister
1858234Thursday 16th August2Paul RoundellNickie Lister
1868235Friday 17th AugustPaul CoatesGeorge C Siougas
1878236Monday 20th AugustDawn HarrisonGeorge C Siougas
1888237Tuesday 21st AugustJane PearsonGeorge C Siougas
1898238Wednesday 22nd AugustAndrew KirkGeorge C Siougas
1908239Thursday 23rd August1Chris GillPip Short
1918240Thursday 23rd August2Chris GillPip Short
1928241Friday 24th AugustPeter KerryPip Short
1938242Monday 27th AugustBill LyonsPip Short
1948243Tuesday 28th AugustLesley Clare O'NeillDavid Beauchamp
1958244Wednesday 29th AugustKirsty HaltonDavid Beauchamp
1968245Thursday 30th August1Jo SummerscaleDavid Beauchamp
1978246Thursday 30th August2Isobel CameronDavid Beauchamp
1988247Friday 31st AugustJulie ParsonsDiana Patrick
1998248Monday 3rd SeptemberMartin FustesDiana Patrick
2008249Tuesday 4th SeptemberLinton ChiswickDiana Patrick
2018250Wednesday 5th SeptemberJo MarisDiana Patrick
2028251Thursday 6th September1Maxine AldertonClive Arnold
2038252Thursday 6th September2Maxine AldertonClive Arnold
2048253Friday 7th SeptemberSarah BagshawClive Arnold
2058254Monday 10th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VouxClive Arnold
Tuesday 11th SeptemberDawn HarrisonJeff Naylor
2078257Wednesday 12th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VouxJeff Naylor
2088258Thursday 13th SeptemberJo MarisJeff Naylor
2098259Thursday 13th SeptemberMartin FustesJeff Naylor
2108260Friday 14th SeptemberSarah BagshawDavid Kester
2118261Monday 17th SeptemberLinton ChiswickDavid Kester
2128262Tuesday 18th SeptemberJane PearsonDavid Kester
2138263Wednesday 19th SeptemberJo SummerscalesDavid Kester
2148264Thursday 20th September1Kirsty HaltonBrett Fallis
2158265Thursday 20th September2Caroline MitchellBrett Fallis
2168266Friday 21st SeptemberBill LyonsBrett Fallis
2178267Monday 24th SeptemberJulie ParsonsBrett Fallis
2188268Tuesday 25th SeptemberPaul CoatesGeorge C Siougas
2198269Wednesday 26th SeptemberKarin YoungGeorge C Siougas
2208270Thursday 27th September1Isobel CameronGeorge C Siougas
2218271Thursday 27th September2Isobel CameronGeorge C Siougas
2228272Friday 28th SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeillDurno Johnston
2238273Monday 1st OctoberPaul RoundellNickie Lister
2248274Tuesday 2nd OctoberAndrew KirkNickie Lister
2258275Wednesday 3rd OctoberPeter KerryDurno Johnston
2268276Thursday 4th October1Chris GillPaul Copeland
2278277Thursday 4th October2Chris GillPaul Copeland
2288278Friday 5th OctoberMaxine AldertonPaul Copeland
2298279Monday 8th OctoberLinton ChiswickNeil Alderton
Tuesday 9th OctoberPaul RoundellNeil Alderton
2318282Wednesday 10th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillNeil Alderton
2328283Thursday 11th October1Jo SummerscalesClive Arnold
2338284Thursday 11th October2Jo SummerscalesClive Arnold
2348285Friday 12th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxClive Arnold
2358286Monday 15th OctoberDawn HarrisonDiana Patrick
2368287Tuesday 16th OctoberDawn HarrisonDiana Patrick
2378288Wednesday 17th OctoberAndrew KirkDiana Patrick
2388289Thursday 18th October1Bill TaylorDiana Patrick
2398290Thursday 18th October2Bill TaylorDiana Patrick

Main CastEdit

(as of Episode 8285 (12th October 2018))

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Joe Tate/Tom Waterhouse Ned Porteous Until October 144 TBA 72
2 Charity Dingle Emma Atkins TBA 138 1994 3
3 Ross Barton Michael Parr TBA 135 725 5
4 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter TBA 130 2296 39
5 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb TBA 125 2079 13
6 Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley TBA 123 1779 4
7 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley TBA 119 2157 9
8 Lachlan White Thomas Atkinson Until September 109 408 34
9 Aaron Dingle Danny Miller TBA 108 1144 13
10 Faith Dingle Sally Dexter TBA 105 251 6
11 Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan TBA 100 564 17
12 Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick TBA 99 677 7
13 Victoria Barton Isabel Hodgins TBA 97 TBA 1
14 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop TBA 96 1012 49
14 Graham Foster Andrew Scarborough TBA 96 115 74
14 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock TBA 96 TBA 16
17 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper TBA 94 TBA 42
18 Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy TBA 93 1899 9
18 Rebecca White Emily Head TBA 93 265 8
18 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell TBA 93 TBA 29
21 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt TBA 92 TBA 19
22 Moira Dingle Natalie J Robb TBA 91 1265 12
23 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw TBA 88 2359 2
23 Tracy Metcalfe Amy Walsh TBA 88 435 9
25 Daz Spencer Mark Jordon TBA 87 132 65
26 Bernice Blackstock Samantha Giles TBA 85 1187 23
27 Doug Potts Duncan Preston TBA 80 801 41
28 Kerry Wyatt Laura Norton TBA 78 747 19
28 Liv Flaherty Isobel Steele TBA 78 219 50
30 Harriet Finch Katherine Dow Blyton TBA 76 458 23
31 Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry TBA 74 925 26
32 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden TBA 72 1415 31
32 Sam Dingle James Hooton TBA 72 TBA 37
34 Dan Spencer Liam Fox TBA 70 706 46
35 Priya Kotecha Fiona Wade TBA 69 770 43
36 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen TBA 66 TBA 30
37 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower TBA 65 TBA 52
38 Nicola King Nicola Wheeler TBA 64 2024 26
39 Lydia Hart Karen Blick TBA 63 145 43
40 Jimmy King Nick Miles TBA 62 1760 40
41 Frank Clayton Michael Praed TBA 61 196 35
42 Noah Dingle Jack Downham TBA 60 421 75
43 Sebastian White Lily Westmoreland TBA 58 72 72
44 Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel TBA 56 555 51
45 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell TBA 55 TBA 21
46 Sarah Sugden Katie Hill TBA 53 710 46
47 Jessie Grant Sandra Marvin TBA 47 54 84
47 Megan Macey Gaynor Faye TBA 47 728 35
49 Gabby Thomas Rosie Bentham From February 45 TBA 48
49 Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson TBA 45 1096 31
51 Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke TBA 43 403 43
52 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox TBA 42 TBA 31
53 Matty Barton Ash Palmisciano From June 40 270 N/A
54 Amelia Spencer Daisy Campbell From February 36 317 62
55 Isaac Dingle Harvey Brook,Bobby Dunsmuir and Elias Walker TBA 36 77 61
56 Gerry Roberts Shaun Thomas Until May 35 86 55
56 Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant TBA 35 432 57
56 Moses Dingle Arthur Cockroft TBA 35 132 76
59 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling TBA 33 170 80
60 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling TBA 32 168 80
61 April Windsor Amelia Flanagan TBA 26 226 63
62 Samson Dingle Sam Hall Until February, from June 20 342 73
63 Dotty Thomas Tilly-Rue Foster From February 17 68 64
64 Angelica King Rebecca Bakes February to April, from August 15 253 79
64 Jack Sugden Seth Ball Until February, from May 15 156 68
66 Amba Metcalfe Ava Jayasinghe February to April, from July 12 84 77
66 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson From February 12 1045 59
68 Leo Goskirk Harvey Rogerson Until January, April, from July 11 202 67
69 Elliot Windsor Luca Hoyle February to April, from July 10 95 80
69 Kyle Winchester Huey Quinn From March 10 121 71
71 Leyla Harding Roxy Shahidi Until January, from October 9 881 22
71 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones February only 9 773 56
73 Johnny Woodfield Luca Hepworth March, from June 8 80 83
74 Carl Holliday Charlie Munro Joyce March and April, from July 6 54 86
74 Chrissie White Louise Marwood Until January 6 459 15
74 Lawrence White John Bowe Until January 6 384 25
77 Eliza Macey Kyrena Robinson From March 5 70 68
77 Kim Tate Claire King October only 5 814 N/A
79 Ashley Thomas John Middleton February only 2 TBA 65
80 Adam Barton Adam Thomas Until January 1 971 17



To be added.

Who lives whereEdit

Main Street

Church Lane

Hotten Road

Cricketer's Row

Robblesfield Way

Connelton Lane

Who works whereEdit

Main Street

Church Lane

Hotten Road


Awards and nominationsEdit

National Television Awards

Television and Radio Industries Club Awards'

  • Soap of the Year: Emmerdale (Winner)
  • Best Actor: Ryan Hawley (Winner)

British Soap Awards

TV Choice Awards

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