Alan is recovering after last night. Caroline arranges an appointment for him at the doctors. After asking after him, Amos says to Harry that Walter has gone to Worthing to visit his sister. Alan confronts Seth and afterwards Seth asks for a slight sub on his wages. Alan tells him to get out. Annie says how Jacob was always down The Woolpack celebrating when their three children were born. Matt notices something wrong with the sheep Harry has staying at Emmerdale and discovers five of them need treating. Derek and Keith drive Harry to a remote country lane, letting him believe they are going to The Malt Shovel. As Harry gets out they rough him up and tell him to keep quiet about their dealings and not to throw his weight around. Harry catches Matt bundling the sheep into the back of the truck to be taken for injecting for magnesium. Harry says he has had enough of him and the others like Henry and Alan. As Matt drives off Harry shoots a bird saying he does not mind, but won't forget.


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