There is a huge shock for Henry when he is out walking and finds the dead body of Harry in the river near the bridge. He hurries back to the village and phones the police from The Woolpack. Amos makes Henry a tea as he is in shock. Meanwhile Seth asks Alan how his weight loss is getting on, with Alan unaware that Seth has been tampering with the scales. Henry tells all at Emmerdale Farm and Matt is stunned by the news that Harry is dead. He now thinks he killed him. The police are soon at the scene of the dead body. Matt goes to assist them with their enquiries. He gets in the police van to go to the station.


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  • Final appearance of Godfrey James as Harry Mowlam, despite appearing as a corpse in this episode.
  • The credits at the end of this episode rolled over a scene of the police officers working on the crime scene.
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