Pat packs her things for the hospital and feels the baby kick. Joe prepares for his interview for the Regional Managers job at NY Estates, still not keen on Alan giving him a lift when he is also rivalling him for the job. Annie tells him she's proud of him. Caroline arrives for work and finds Alan asleep in a chair, clearly having been drinking the night before. She wakes him telling he'll be late for the interview and stalls Joe as he arrives. Matt is feeling the pressure of the lambing season at the farm and explains what it involves to Jackie. Caroline rings ahead to say Alan and Joe will be late as they head off to Lincoln together. Jack comforts Pat who becomes nervous at being a mother again so late in life. Joe arrives back from the interview telling his family he didn't think it went too badly. Pat goes into labour upstairs in the farmhouse and calls out for Jack. Annie tells Jack to call the midwife as it looks like the baby is about to be born at Emmerdale. Amos struggles to adjust to the new till in The Woolpack as Henry tells him they're down on money due to him giving out the wrong change. Jackie and Kathy have a drink and Jackie explains how much farming disgusted him when he first arrived in Beckindale, but now things have changed. At the farm, the midwife arrives and a baby boy is delivered to everyone's delight. Joe and Jack go downstairs to wet the baby's head. While down there, Jack and Joe share a moment as Joe explains that while feeling lonely in France, he had written to his ex-wife Christine saying that he never really gave their marriage a chance. He tells Jack he envies his life, while Jack tells him it's nice to see NY Estates hasn't eaten him up.


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