Jackie wakes to find one of his sheep, about to lamb, missing. Joe is anxious for news over the NY Estates job. Alan is also anxious for news but remains confident he'll be successful. Amos and Henry come to visit Pat and the new baby. Pat decides to name him Robert Jacob Sugden. Henry's suspicious when Amos returns to The Woolpack alone and begins to add up the takings. Jackie and Kathy find the missing sheep in a terrible state. Annie tells Henry that she hopes Joe gets the job as it means he will have to move back to Beckindale for good. Jackie manages to deliver a healthy lamb. Henry decides to go back to using the old till as Amos continues to give people the wrong change. Joe is told he's got the Regional Manager job at NY Estates and is delighted. Annie is even more delighted at the news. Joe informs Jackie that his permanent return to the village means he'll be taking 3 Demdyke Row back, but tells him he can stay on if he behaves. Dolly gives Pat some old baby clothes of Sam's. Alan decides to use the birth of Robert as a way of fishing for information about the NY Estates job and makes his way to the farm. Matt and Dolly speculate there will be trouble ahead for Jack and Joe, noting if Joe is now working for NY Estates there will no doubt be conflict with the farm. Joe mistakes Alan's congratulations for his job success and Alan is disgusted to discover that he has not got the job.


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