Jack asks Matt how Dolly would feel being godmother to Robert. Matt encourages him to ask her. Joe teases Jackie over Kathy, noting that she seems to like him and it looks like he feels the same. Jackie invites her to Hotten for the day. When they arrive back in the village later in the day, Jackie invites her round to Demdyke but quickly ushers her out when he notices Annie cleaning the place. Amos is honoured when Jack asks him to be Robert's godfather. Alan tells Karen that he feels the hammer fell on their stock a bit too soon for his liking. She ignores Jack when he arrives, blaming him for the fallout with NY, though Joe seems to be falling for her. Joe's intrigued when Karen mentions that the owner of the market, Mr Golding, is in bad health and has no family members to leave the market to. Joe later makes a call to his boss. Pat asks Dolly to be godmother to Robert and she happily accepts. Matt tells Dolly they can't take a holiday as they're too busy on the farm. He explains that he's tried to bury himself in work but is still unhappy and he doesn't see the point in going away if he's just going to be unhappy there. Dolly accuses him of shutting everyone out and tells him to forget what happened with Harry and move on. Matt storms out.


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