Josh continues to try and track down Jack who is avoiding him. Ben and Beattie visit the farm to see the twins again. Reverend Ruskin criticises Jack's book as they enter a discussion about it. Annie is upset with Josh when he calls Jack a chicken for avoiding him. She tells him to be at the farm after the Harvest Festival and she'll make sure Jack is there. George takes the decision over Amy's shop and surprises Henry when Alison tells him that George has decided to sell the freehold to her. She informs him that George is signing it to her in particular as he doesn't want it turning into a supermarket, which he fears Henry would do. He's dubious when she tells him that he'll have to buy out Amy and in return he'll get a 49% interest in the business as George wants her to have the controlling half. The Harvest Festival celebrations get underway. Jack is annoyed with Annie for interfering in his business. He tells Josh he's backing out of the contract and doesn't want to make a movie anymore. He questions why Annie never read his book and she questions why he never offered her a copy. He realises that he shouldn't have come back to Beckindale and decides to leave again.


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