Jack struggles with the news of Pat's death. Annie tries to console him. News spreads of the loss around the village. Alan gives Seth the day off to spend time with Jackie. Amos and Henry ponder whether they should go up to Emmerdale. Amos believes that Henry at least should be there, saying Annie will need him. Jack wallows in his grief as he goes through Pat's possessions including the book she had bought for him, thinking about the things that were never said. Sandie snaps at him saying thinking about it won't bring her back. Joe gives Karen a lift to the train station as she departs Beckindale. Amos and Henry arrive at Emmerdale. Henry offers his support to Annie while Amos plays with Sam. Seth returns to work, telling Alan he doesn't think the time is right to see Jackie. Annie tells Jack that she's spoken to Donald and he says it's alright if they want Pat buried in the family plot in the churchyard. Jack takes the news badly and refuses to discuss it.


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Amos Brearly: "I remember when my own mother died. I'll never forget the women who lived at the corner house. Misses Cahoon they were. They'd been friends with my mother for thirty years and known me right from t'start."
Henry Wilks: "Aye?"
Amos Brearly: "I were walking back from school a few days later, I were only six, sobbing me heart out I was and I saw the Misses Cahoon coming the other way. D'ya know what they did, Mr Wilks? They crossed over t'road."
Henry Wilks: (sighs and shakes head) "Really?"
Amos Brearly: "I remember seeing 'em coming and thinking 'Oh good, there's the Misses Cahoon, they'll make sense of all this tragedy' and they gave me a sort of funny look and crossed over."

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