Joe and Henry show Christine around the farm. Annie mourns her grandmother's broken teapot. Frank agrees to take Saturday off to take Janie to the pictures. Alison invites them both to dinner on Sunday night. Janie confides in Alison that Frank doesn't seem like the man she married anymore. Christine invites Joe and Henry to her local The Black Horse in Littlewell tomorrow night. Joe apologises to Annie for breaking her best teapot and then hiding it. Matt admits to her that he was responsible for breaking it. Henry tries to interfere with the way Alison arranges the stock in the shop. Alison worries about the amount of business Henry is doing in the village, worried eventually that he'll form a big company and take the entire village over. Alison plans to introduce freezers to the shop so they can store items such as frozen peas. Annie expresses her dislike of the idea, telling her not to let Henry change things as the villagers won't like it. Henry is unconvinced when Sam and Joe like the idea of modernisation. Frank confides in Matt about the bad atmosphere between him and Janie at the moment. He visits them both for dinner. Alison interrupts them halfway through panicking that she has a prowler in the shop.


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