Frank and Matt investigate the shop and discover the prowler is Charlie Nelson's dog. Sam decides to make his will and begins dividing up his possessions. Janie's upset when Frank has to cancel going to the pictures as he's behind on work. Annie goes to the hospital and has her sling taken off. Henry discovers a mouse in his room and complains to Amos. Janie invites Alison to the pictures in place of Frank. Matt decides to go fishing. Alison passes by and sees him. He gives her a lesson. Joe receives a letter from Carol saying that she's planning to go to Africa. Alison falls over in the stream whilst fishing and arrives back home soaking wet. Henry finds out and dashes off to make sure she's okay. Christine drops by with some pamphlets for Joe. Sam goes through his old coin collection. Christine says she has a friend who collects coins and could get a particular coin valued for him if he likes. Henry finds a gold sovereign in his collection and asks Sam if he has a licence for it. He claims he knew a man who got fined in Bradford for possessing one without a licence.


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