The atmosphere is still frosty between Frank and Janie. Alison has a cold following falling in the river. Henry sends her to bed when Janie offers to cover for her. Ben and Beattie arrive at the farm to collect a few things for the twins. Joe makes reference to the twins coming on Sunday and is surprised when Beattie doesn't know anything about it. Christine invites Joe to a Young Farmers Dance but he turns it down. Annie is upset when Matt breaks the news that he's decided that the twins are best off stopping with Beattie permanently as she can look after them full time. Henry helps Sam to write his will. Frank takes an afternoon off and takes Janie for a walk. He takes her to the place where they had their first date almost a year ago. He reminds her that he told her at the time that he wasn't an exciting person. She says they're not the same people they were then. They settle their differences. Christine visits Sam to inform him about the sovereign. She informs him that he only needs a licence if he's got more than four, and that the coin is worth almost two hundred pounds.


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