George asks Laura why she's returned. Laura tells him she's heard rumours that he's planning to give Mark Proctor his money. She's not pleased when George informs her there's truth to the rumour. Henry arrives for the meeting at the farm. Joe tells him he's been chatting to Christine about getting an expert in to do a one-day service of the farm for twenty five pounds. Henry's mad that Joe's gone behind his back when he mentions his plans for cutting down Sparrow Wood, saying that he's already squared it with George. He calms down when Joe points out they were just enquiries but wants them to think about it further first, leaving Joe frustrated. Annie asks Henry to go steady with Joe. Alison suggests to Reverend Ruskin that they do a nativity play in the church for Christmas. Amos tells Henry he's been speaking to Jim Gimbel about another pub, the King of Prussia over in Robblesfield, who were owned by Gowler International, but sold the pub to a man from the South last week. Laura is annoyed that George didn't tell her about his plans for giving his money to Mark. He points out that she'd left him. Reverend Ruskin approaches Frank about producing a new memorial for those that died in the war from Beckindale. Frank's reluctant when he points out that Janie's uncle was one of the men mentioned on the old one and that he used to kill rabbits with his bare hands. Henry apologises to Joe but isn't keen again when Joe mentions selling Jameson's Farm. Beattie arrives at the farmhouse to collect some things for the twins. Annie picks up on the fact that Beattie seems to be coming down with a cold.


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