Annie gives Beattie some hot lemon. Matt and Joe witness Laura calling for Jack at the Mill. Janie's annoyed that Frank's planning to do work for the church potentially for free, just because he mentioned Reverend Ruskin wanted a local tradesman. Henry tells Amos he's been over to the King of Prussia to look at the place. He also passes on the news that they won't be cutting down Sparrow Wood to George, who in turn tells Henry that he thinks Joe's idea was a good one. Reverend Ruskin calls on Frank to find out if he's made a decision over the War Memorial. Joe visits George himself to tell him about the plans for Sparrow Wood no longer going ahead. He lets slip about seeing Laura calling at the Mill. Henry states that The Woolpack needs a barmaid. He also speaks to Christine about the assessment and tells her to send the Consulting Officer to the farm.


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