Joe receives a phone call but when Sam goes to collect him he accidentally hangs up. Henry gives Amos advice on writing a letter to the brewery. Frank looks at the electrics in the church and notes how dangerous they are. Alison offers to look at Matt's shoulder when he complains of an ache in the shop. Joe arranges a meeting with Cuthbertson. Frank works on some sketches for the war memorial. Annie's concerned when Alison mentions Matt's shoulder problem. Reverend Ruskin is impressed with Frank's sketches for the war memorial. Janie thinks there should be a cross on it but Frank reminds her that it hasn't been made by a Christian. Henry and Amos are uneasy when Matt and Joe joke about how they should form a partnership at The Woolpack. Sam starts talking to Mr Cuthbertson when he arrives at the farm and the family are out.


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