Tom begins getting suspicious as to whether Jackie is Jack's son, while Henry discovers that Joe could be charged with dangerous driving.


Jack and Marian have breakfast together. She worries about Henry finding out he stayed over. They share a passionate kiss. The Sugdens notice Jack has not been home. Tom arrives for work at Emmerdale Farm, he mentions that he has spotted Jack leaving Inglebrook House early in the morning. P.C. Ball questions Joe about the accident and if he was drinking, he ties Joe up in knots but Joe complains of a headache. Tom winds Matt up by lazying around the farm and shying away from the work. Henry questions Marian on if she's been seeing much of Jack, she says she likes him. Matt receives a letter saying he has not got the job in the factory. Jack visits Joe in hospital, he admits to Jack that he'd drank but was sober. He tells Jack that he will have the last laugh at his and Marian's expense but Jack doesn't know what he's talking about. P.C. Ball tells Henry that there is a chance that the case may go to court. Peggy comes to terms with the fact that Matt doesn't want to leave the farm and pushes Jack to make a decision on whether he's selling or not. They come to the decision that they need a form of transport. Matt hints that Tom may not be pulling his weight. Tom asks Jack to meet him and Ruth in The Woolpack for a drink that night. He tricks Ruth into thinking she's going out for the night with him, not realising his plan. Tom brings photographs of his three children along and shows them to Jack and Marian. Alone, he later compares a picture of his son Jackie with a photograph of Jack.


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