It's a new year in Beckindale. Joe is talking to Annie about having to let the entire workforce go at Home Farm since NY Estates are pulling out. She tells him it's not his fault, but it doesn't help his mood. Jackie is in a better mood and looking forward to his wedding. Jack and Matt give him some advice about the ceremony. Kathy hasn't decided on which pattern to use for her wedding dress, and Caroline tells her she has to make a choice soon. Elsewhere in the village the news that NY Estates is leaving is on most people's minds. Jock is worried about his future, and so is Sandie. She's also nervous about holding the upcoming auction when NY Estates property will be sold off. Joe and Alan holds a meeting with the workforce before Christopher Meadows, regional manager for NY Estates, arrives. Jackie and Kathy have been looking into house prices and found that they are way out of their league. Jack suggests that they could live at Crossgill, which Matt and Dolly owns, and even though Dolly's not sure what state it's in she agrees to show it to them. When Christopher shows up Joe bluntly tells him that he feels NY Estates has handled this very poorly. Seth, Bill, Jock and Barry drown their sorrows at the Woolpack. When the other leave Jock remains, while his wife and daughter wait for him at home. Malcolm comes to discuss the wedding arrangements with Caroline. Kathy overhears him saying that he doesn't think Jackie is good enough for his daughter, being only a farm labourer. He asks her if she's really sure she wants to marry him, and she says she's absolutely sure. She also tells him that she'd rather not have a wedding reception than have one paid for by him since he doesn't approve of Jackie.


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