It's the day before Jackie's and Kathy's wedding, and also the day of the sale at Home Farm, which Sandie will be conducting. Alan is interested in buying furniture for his and Joe's new venture, but Joe is more hesitant. Amos also shows an interest in going to the sale. Eric arrives at Home Farm for the sale. He offers Alan his help in finding a new place to live, but Alan isn't interested. Jack and Jackie talk about the upcoming wedding. Jackie thinks about Pat, but Jack assures him she will be there in spirit. Tom visits Pat's grave with a bouquet of flowers. At the Home Farm sale Amos buys an electric type-writer, while Alan buys back his desk. He is forced to pay more than he wanted though when Eric bids against him. Joe and Ruth discuss their business plans. She is surprised to learn that Alan is involved too, but promises to give Joe her answer in the next couple of days. Kathy, Caroline and Deborah spend the evening at Emmerdale with Annie and Dolly. When they get home the cottage is freezing and Deborah says she hears strange noises from the roof. Caroline goes to the Woolpack with Alan, while Kathy and Deborah goes to bed. Suddenly a pipe bursts and the ceiling caves in. Seth, who walks past, hears their screams and alerts Caroline. She rushes home, followed by Alan, Nick and Seth. Kathy is devastated when she finds out the water has ruined her wedding dress.


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