The Sugdens have to make room for a present from Jack - a deep freezer. Rehearsals get underway for the nativity play at the church and things are slowly starting to go wrong. The play gets underway and goes well, except the sheep causes the children to improvise when it refuses to move. Henry arrives at The Woolpack with a Christmas tree. Amos is touched when he hands him a Christmas present. Alison's put on the spot when Henry asks if she wants to spend Christmas dinner with him. She quickly suggests that they both join Amos at The Woolpack and she'll cook Christmas dinner for the three of them. Henry's quietly disappointed but agrees to make it a good celebration. Henry, Alison, Liz and Reverend Ruskin visit the farm on Christmas morning. Both Liz and Henry have brought them Christmas puddings. Ben and Beattie visit the Sugdens with the twins for Christmas. Annie receives a phone call from Jack in Mexico who wishes them all a merry Christmas.


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