Someone calls the Woolpack in the middle of night and wakes up Amos. Kathy tells Jackie that she thinks there is something odd about Clare. She thinks Nick likes her more than Clare likes him and she's afraid he'll get hurt. Henry and Amos argue about the wardrobe being in the backroom and when Henry leaves he accidentally locks Amos inside for two hours. Jack offers to help Sandie buy Phil out so she can keep Mill Cottage, but Sandie wants to clear up her own mess herself. Kathy tries to talk to Nick about Clare but he won't listen. Annie has had a postcard from her cousin Laura in York inviting her to come for a visit. Annie's not keen though, despite Kathy assuring that they can manage without her for a few days. Jack talks to Phil against Sandie's wishes, but Phil tells him to mind his own business and stay out of it. Jackie does the same when Jack tells him. Henry gets a big surprise when Marian turns up, and Amos suddenly remembers the nightly phonecall. Nick tells Archie about his plan to go to London with Clare, but when Caroline hears about it she's not impressed. Marian says her husband Paolo is getting better after the accident last year but is still mostly confined to a wheelchair. She paints a bleak picture of her marriage and asks about Jack. Annie is delighted to see her, and invites her and Henry to dinner at the farm. Phil is slightly bitter about how his life has turned out and feels that the Sugdens are ganging up on him. Annie tells Jack to stay out of Sandie's business with Phil, but he's determined to help her, for Pat's sake. Nick gets a shock when the police turn up and ask about Clare. It turns out she has run away from home and her parents have been looking for her.


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