Matt, Dolly and Sam are back from their holiday, but there's still tension between them. Nick is looking for Clare, but Archie's sure she's left Beckindale for good. Kathy tries to make Nick face the truth, be he's sure Clare will come back. Annie invites Matt and Dolly to the dinner with Henry and Marian, but Matt doesn't want to go. Amos has given his big wardrobe to Donald and been given a smaller one that fits in his bedroom in exchange. When it arrives he's sure he hears bugs in it and burns it. Nick finally starts to realize that Clare was more interested in the money than she was in him, and when he runs into her sister Helen she confirms it. Alan asks Caroline out for a drink, but she says she's already made plans with a friend, conveniently leaving out that it's a male friend. But Alan sees them leave the house when he sits outside the Woolpack. Dolly goes to dinner at the farm by herself, while Matt goes to the Woolpack. Marian goes home with Dolly to meet Matt, but he's not there. They look at holiday photos and talk about their respective failing marriages.


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