Henry is upset about seeing Alison and Matt together. Joe and Christine share a kiss in her car. Christine tells him that she's no longer working and is looking for something else. They agree to meet again tomorrow. Sam complains about Joe waking him up coming home. Joe ponders a conversion in the farmhouse loft to give each of them separate rooms. Mrs. Dawkins complains of the prices in the shop again. Alison makes Henry aware that she knows he's Amos's partner when he begins to talk about The Woolpack. He explains that he doesn't know how he keeps finding himself going into business with the villagers. He begins to explain why he chose to go into partnership with her but is spooked when a customer arrives. Alison's relieved. Sam is disgruntled to see a tent has been pitched on Emmerdale Farm land. Joe tries to get Amos to tell him who he's gone into partnership with in The Woolpack but he won't. He later asks Alison for her opinion, but she keeps quiet too. Annie receives news that the Prescott family from Bradford are moving into Beryl Crossthwaite's cottage.


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