Matt catches Joe and Christine kissing in the barn. Annie tells Christine that her father visited and she's had a chat with him. Christine's grateful when Annie says she can continue to stay at the farm if she wants to. She agrees to think about it. Dry tucks away Diana's excess furniture into their shed. He's left filthy and she offers him the chance to take a bath. Annie receives a phone call from Christine's father wanting an update. Sam overhears and realises she's staying longer when Annie tells him to send a parcel of her things over to the farm. Diana also ends up having to wash Dry's shirt. He quizzes her on Franklin and asks to borrow some of his clothes. Joe takes a phone call for Amos in The Woolpack. He's annoyed when he tells the woman that he has a cough. Sam, Annie, Joe, Matt, Henry, Christine and Dry all sit down to dinner together. Dry goes to take a look at the attic and asks Annie to consider his dinner at the farm part-payment for the work on the loft. Annie and Christine discuss Dry. Annie's pleased when Christine says she'd like to stay at the farm.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar, Backroom
  • Crossthwaites' Cottage - Living room
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room, Barn, Milking Shed, Field


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