Jack gives Sarah's nosy neighbour an eyeful as he collects the milk from outside in her dressing gown. He mentions to Sarah he's planning to move into Matt's old place with Robert and wants her to consider joining him. Frank tries to get Zoe to talk to him about university and advises her not to quit. She advises him to think about giving Nick the gardener's job. Kate drops a turkey off for David and he reminds her that he's taking the kids out for a meal tonight and asks her to drop them off. Henry's relieved when Amos reveals he is planning to go over to his brother Ezra's in Whitehaven for Christmas. Joe is irritated when he discovers Kate has given David one of their leftover birds and that she's dropping the kids off for a meal with him later in the evening. Kim intervenes when Chris and Frank argue over the business again. Jack asks Dolly how she'd feel if he moved into the extension. She tells him she wouldn't mind. Chris flirts with Kathy in the pub and invites her up to Home Farm for a drink but she quickly declines. Rachel and Mark persuade Kate to join them for a while as she drops them off at the restaurant. Joe is concerned when Kate fails to join him for midnight mass. David persuades her to stay longer at the restaurant. Kate rushes off as she realises it's midnight. She arrives back home and apologises to Joe but he argues with her before telling her he feels like she's shutting him out. She tells him she doesn't want a child and he forbids her to see David.


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