It's Boxing Day in Beckindale. Bill tries out his Christmas present to himself - a coffin. Lynn calls him sick. Joe is still mad with Kate. Jack takes him shooting and tries to calm him down by stating he's playing right into David's hands. Pete warns Bill not to mention his coffin to Kathy as she's calling round in case it reminds her of Jackie. However, the subject arises and Kathy talks about the night Jackie died with Lynn. Lynn confides in Kathy that she remembers the night as well and she knows that Pete lied about where he was and who he was with. Amos arrives back from staying with his brother Ezra. Seth practices Joe's part of Dracula for the village play. Amos leaves him annoyed when he says he can be Joe's understudy. Annie gives some advice to Kate, informing her of Joe's past relationships. Lynn is positive that Pete is having an affair but tells Kathy that she has got too much to lose by confronting him about it. Kate decides to go out for a ride. David waits for her and is pleased to discover that he's caused trouble between Joe and her. Joe discovers Kate has gone missing. Bill offers to lend Amos his coffin for the play as long as he can play Dracula; Amos refuses. Joe storms around to David's but discovers Kate isn't there. They argue and Joe attempts to grab hold of David but he pushes him to the floor and pins him down with his foot before telling him to go home. Joe later finds her at Dolly's playing with Sam. Mark and Rachel decide to name the puppy Lucy. Everyone arrives for the read through of Amos's play - Bill is the attendant, Joe is Dracula, Kate is a vampire, Rachel is a maid and David helps with props. Dolly announces she's having a fancy dress party on New Year's Eve. Joe and Kate argue again and he demands that she stop seeing David. Seth covers Joe's part when he's late arriving. David arrives to observe the read through and informs Rachel he doesn't intend to give up the fight for Kate.


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Pete Whiteley: (as Bill Whiteley lies in his coffin) "Good. He's gone. Now for his money."
Bill Whiteley: "All you think about me, in't it, me bank book?"
Pete Whiteley: "No grandad, there's the 'ouse as well."

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