Kate arrives home on foot to face Joe, she tells him she doesn't love David. Joe wants her to stop seeing him. Alan drunkenly tries to chat Dolly up and Nick drunkenly tries to chat Zoe up; neither get anywhere but Nick wangles a lift from Chris back home. Rachel realises that David was responsible for letting the sheep out at Emmerdale. Chris and Zoe go back to Nick's for a drink. Chris is slightly disappointed when Kathy decides to go to bed rather than join them, he slips out leaving Zoe with Nick. Rachel is cool with Kate and informs her that it was David who let the sheep out. Nick asks Zoe to stay the night, but she tells him it wouldn't be right seeing as he's the new gardener at Home Farm. Kate and Joe agree to put everything behind them when she agrees to stop seeing David. She tells Joe it was David who let the sheep out. The following morning, Sarah and Jack receive a letter saying they are being taken to court for harassment. Sarah is adamant that she won't move into the cottage next to the farmhouse. Nick visits Home Farm about the gardener's job and is thrilled when Frank gives him a start date. Sarah has no luck flat hunting and eventually has to agree to move into the cottage with Jack and Robert, but she insists she will not do any farm work and wants the connecting door between the farm and cottage bricked up. Annie doesn't approve of them living in sin.


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