Henry pushes Dry to get started on the attic conversion. Sam kicks up a fuss when he finds out they're planning to use his tools and refuses. Annie suggests the company pay for them. The landrover breaks down again and Matt is forced to inform Alison that their trip to Hotten tomorrow may have to be cancelled. Alison receives a letter from Janie saying she and Frank are settling into their flat in London but are annoyed by the amount of noise. Matt ponders borrowing Henry's car tomorrow but Alison asks him not to, considering it thoughtless considering their history. Matt questions whether she ever reciprocated Henry's affections and she tells him no. Diana is worried that her carpet does not fit but Dry assures her the carpet will spread. He tells her he's taking Alison out to lunch. Matt expresses his disappointment to Annie when Furnival's ring and inform him the landrover won't be ready for days. He explains about his plan to take Alison into Hotten but asks her not to tell anyone. Amos rips his best trousers whilst trying to repair them. He calls on Annie for practical assistance on fixing them. Henry offers to lend him his suit.


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